Cancer Man Taurus Woman Love reading please

  • I have been seeing a Taurus woman for about 4 months. The relationship has been going great. Not a disagreement and and nothing but positive good feelings. I have fallen in love with this girl and her kind and compassionate nature. Last week she all of the sudden got cold feet. It took a week or so for her to tell me. Being a Cancer male I sensed something was different and could feel her pulling away. She previously was married for 22 years and her husband left her abruptly. She has been divorced for 2 years and has 3 small children. I have two children too that we just recently introduced to each other. We have been very careful about the introduction of the children and the meetings have been on neutral ground and were positive. She has told me that she is experiencing fear in the fact that she has feelings for me and can see our relationship going far. I have told her that she can take the time she needs and I will wait for her...although I did not promise for how long. She says she realizes what she has with me and is unsure why she feels this fear. I am trying to go to a place of peace and trust that universe will guide me in the right direction.

    Her- 5/16/74

    Me 7/5/70

    Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

  • Hello CanMalewithTaurFemal.

    Im a Taurus and Im married to a Cancer Male. She didn't get cold feet, her fear is positive. Sometime when we Taurus Female feel that it's to good to be true, that their is actually someone out there we can connect with, puts us in a place to analysis the person in fear we may find what we are not looking for..........Whats is your fear if your trying to go to a place of peace..? Have you stop contact with her..?

    I wouldn't allow fear to stop me from contacting a person. I say if the relationship feels right, then you both will be ready for whatever level.......Take your time both of you.

  • Hello CMwithTF,

    I am a Taurus woman with my moon in Cancer. Although I am not psychic or a tarot reader, I am somewhat intuitive. Also, I believe you've answered your question in a comment within your post. That being, "She previously was married for 22 years and her husband left her abruptly". Knowing myself along with some of the other Taurus woman comments on this board, when we fall for someone, it is really hard...we love them to the nth degree. Perhaps, she has fallen for you as you state you have for her, but because of her past experience, she is fearful of that happening again. Not only for herself, but also considers how that would impact her children. I can't begin to speak for her or anyone else, but for me, it would just take loving patience and some time and as I became more at ease, my fears would fall away. I of course, don't know if that is her specific concern, but hopefully, this gives you some insight.

    Blessings and light,


  • Thank you both for your response. I have not broken off contact. I basically have told her that I am here for her and not going anywhere. My place of peace is just trusting that destiny will take its course. She is worth the wait and the vulnerability associated with that course of action. I want to give her the time she needs to come to terms with her heart. I have a very sensitive heart which I hide behind my tough shell but I have been open with her and my feelings which is sometimes difficult for me. I believe she is a Taurus Sun with Taurus ascendant. My problem is that my ascendant is Gemini and that tends to give me a nervous energy to manage. I really appreciate the insight you both have provided. I promise to keep updating as things progress. 🙂

  • Cancer man , I think I can help but Ive got to go! Ill be back later to see if I can try to give you some advice. : )

  • Thanks earthangel!

  • Best wishes to you both CMwithTF! It is great that you feel connected enough to share your heart with her, and she probably loves that. 🙂 Again, it is probably just going to take some time, patience and love, then her fears will fall away.

    Blessings and light,


  • I have already done your astrological compatibility here -

    But looking closer at the relationship, I see that your partner desperately wants to be her own person. Her identity was swallowed up in her role of wife, homemaker, and mother previously - now she wants the freedom to be herself and do as she wants, to find out what makes her happy as an individual. It's been so long since she felt liberated from responsibility and giving her immature husband what she thought he needed. She fears losing her identity - her real self - again if she gets deeply involved with you. Give her the space she needs to sort herself out. If you come on too possessively or needy, she will fear that the past is repeating and she will run. She needs to build up her sense of trust in you after being abandoned by soneone she loved. You tend to have a need for order, so be aware that this woman will not fit exactly into the plan you have for your life, so you must be prepared to compromise and accommodate her wishes, too. Only a truly equal, honest, sharing partnership will work here.

  • Hi CancerMale, I think it is very obvious here , for us Taurus woman you Cancer men are like a dream come true for us , especially for ones coming out of a horrible relationship. For us Taurus when something seems to too good to be true , our first reaction is it probably is, so we take a step back and try to analyze everything . We are so practical that we dont let ourselves be swept off our feet , we may initially because you cancer men are soo appealing to our senses that we cant help it but we live in our heads and it is a constant battle between what our mind says and what our heart tells us otherwise. She was burned badly, and you have onlybeen datingher for four months so please be patient , dont in turn put your guard up because it wont ever work she is waiting for the first "evidence" that you are not the right person and once an opinion is formed in her mind , it doesnt ever really change . So be her rock , please don't try to protect yourself from getting hurt, I personally dont pick up on any signals my Cancer man was trying to give me , and I didnt allow myself to look any deeper into them , I convinced myself if he doesnt directly come out and tell me that I have been the person he has been waiting for his whole life and that I was the only one he would ever need , then why reveal anymore of myself than I already had? Us Taurus women are very independent and I personally dont like to be vunerable or show any sign of weakness. I am saddened that my relationship with my Cancer Man is over, I put alot of the blame on myself , I pulled away maybe around the same time 4 or 5 months , I was scared to death , I had only been in one previous relationship that wasnt completely over , so of course I questioned his motives , wondered what he was truly after. My husband calls me Goldilocks, he says everything always has to be "just right" . He thinks my expectations are hard to meet , but I think they are fairly simple, we are slow to give ourselves completly , but once we do it will be worth the wait! I can promise you that! I give my all and if my partner gives me just a fraction of what I give him , it would be enough!

  • Thank you Captain and earthangel- that helps. We spent time together tonight. I had a hard time not trying to ask about things. Once I got past it we basically just spend time enjoying each other. I do however feel the need to give her the time to think. I am questioning whether or not I give her next week to think things over and we just dont speak to give her a clear mind. We usually spend every other weekend together due to our kids being with the other parents. Do you think this would help or hurt? I would be untruthful if I didnt say it hurts to think that after all the great times we have had that now she is trying to figure out what she wants. She asked for a few more days. So I guess would me telling her we hold off talking next week and get together next weekend, would it make her pull farther away or would it do just that and give her the time she needs to figure out what she wants?

  • Sorry for the redundant questions.

  • You've got to bear in mind this woman's past. Stuck in a longterm marriage that sounded painful and difficult, she is now enjoying being out of it. Basically her life as an individual has been on hold for over twenty years and, apart from her children, she has nothing much to show for it. You have to allow her the space to think for herself, after twenty years of compromising to someone else. Tell her you understand she needs time to think and just let her know you are there for her when (and if) she is ready. Ask her if she needs a complete break for a while and you just go on with what you have to do with your life. You have to accept that she might not be as ready for as deep an involvement as you are - she may not ever be again.

  • Captain I really appreciate your wisdom. That is exactly what I have decided to do. I basically have told her I want to give her the time and space she needs. She said she does not want a complete break, just time to think. This forum is an excellent place and I am thankful for the insight! It really helps.

  • Yes , the Captain is very wise. I on the other hand am only speaking from my personal experience with my crabby man. I knew her answer would be that she did not want a complete break, because when I had also asked my Cancer friend for some time , he firstly got very defensive and said "Fine !, I wont bother you anymore!" And thats exactly the opposite of what I wanted to hear , I wanted him to prove his strength to me , I wanted to hear him say - I'll wait , however long it takes , dont worry im here for you , I also wanted him as a friend just to be there. I wanted him to feel how deep my love was for him and I hoped it was enough for him to believe in us and just wait. But he pulled away more and it gave me reason to doubt him , and once that seed is planted , (for me anyway) it was unrepairable, at that point we spent the remaining of the remainder of our relationship(1 & 1/2 yr) with our guard up that none of us ever budged to make it work . 😞

  • He made me want to give up on him. I wanted to keep being inspired....

  • I miss him very much , he (cancer guy) was the only other relationship I had ever had , after only being with my husband and having a very awful experience , (also a twenty+ year relationship) Too bad he wasnt mature enough to look at the "big picture" and instead of focusing on his hurt , see where I was coming from .

  • The guidance is priceless. I love this girl and truly realize that I need to just wait and see what the unverse has in store for us. I plan to just continue our friendship and leave all of the emotion out of it. When she is ready to open up I will be there.

  • Good for you !

  • But a little emotion is good, don't leave it completely out, see thats where you miss the point , thats the reason we fall in love with you because you allow us to experience emotions that are buried deep for us , an d then to go and just completely shut them out ? Be the same charming person she fell in love with , dont put too much thought into how you should behave , if you remain consistent , you will see a turnaround on her part. We are just very slow , but once it gets going again , hard to turn it off, there will be enough love to keep the fires burning for a lifetime!!

  • Should have clarified..I plan to act like nothing is wrong. Not be cold or withdrawn. Thanks earthangel 😉

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