Excited for Neptune in Pisces!

  • Anybody have anything they'd like to note about Neptune moving into Pisces?

    I get enthusiastic reading about it because there is so much that could change! I'd love to hear other forum-goers takes on the transit 🙂


  • I am really excited about this Neptune in Pisces transit!

    I don't know much about Astrology, but to have the ruler of Pisces at this time is fortunate because that just means the dreaminess and creativity of the planet and the sign will be impactful!

    Personally, I'm trying to pick up my writing and artist career, so I'm more than happy that I'm able to live this transit.

    Also, I'm a Scorpio so to have Neptune in a fellow water sign is nice too.

    Happy days, or rather, happy fourteen years!

  • Having Neptune in a sign of the same element is very impactful, also! The writing and artistry will get deeper, I bet... growing up, I wasn't the expressive, artistic type of pisces (Neptune/Mars/Venus/Saturn/Uranus in Capricorn). But I'd love to try so I bet this will be an ideal time to test the waters :]

    I'm excited to see more transcendance and the like!

    The changes will be vast, they say, and they will probably not be light weight...

    But the UNITY will be wonderful!


  • I am Leo sun Scorpio and Neptune rising

    very much looking forward to this transit happy that it's in my life time

    the new moon just passed especially was a stellium in pisces : new moon, sun, neptune conjunct each other add to that Chiron

    overwhelming experience, past hurts like dark water pouring all at once in one night

    I woke up with chest and solar plexus pain

    after some cleaning and meditating, the pain is gone and I can function as usual

    what a great healing and dreaming experience 🙂

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