Please help me find my white phone?

  • Hello Everyone,

    I seem to be the mistress of carelessness - I have another lost item that needs finding (thank you again to all who tried to help me find my student ID - I didn't find it but I got another one).

    I lost my white phone. It had a full keyboard that you can pull out. My service provider for the phone is Sprint.

    The last time I saw it was yesterday in the cafeteria. I came downstairs to my dorm room (the main cafeteria is in my dormitory) to work on Computer Science homework. 2 hrs later I got up to go to my computer science class and I couldn't find it.

    Last night I checked the cafeteria lost-and-found and it wasn't there.

    Thank you so much to anyone who can figure out where it is.

  • Call Sprint--they will track it down.

  • Thank you BImoon, for trying to help - but thankfully, it turned up!

    Best Wishes,


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