TheCaptain can you help with a reading please?

  • Hi, I'm in desperate need of some answers with my relationship and work.. Can you please help?

  • Sarah, you have to tell me more about your situation - and the birthdates of you and the other person in the relationship. What is the problem with your relationship and your work? What sort of answers do you need?

  • Thank for responding. I know how everyone wants your attention so i appreciate you reaching back. As for my relationship i am a virgo woman born august 24, 1980. He is a gemini male born june 6th, 1980. Lately ive suspected he's had an interest in one of his female friends. He swears its just friends but my intuition tells me differently. Also im curious about my career path for 2012. I feel confused and fearful of what might come. Am i in the right career path and wil it be a bright one?

  • Well, what is your current career path and how does it make you feel? Do you have other career dreams you want to pursue, because 2012 for you is all about YOU and taking action to get all that you want!

    I don't feel your partner is cheating on you YET but he is looking around for some mental stimulation and excitement, more than anything. He feels you don't really understand him at times and he does find you hard to get close to, so maybe you could loosen up a bit and confide in him more about yourself and your feelings. Communication is very dear to every Gemini. You want more privacy in your relationship than he does because he loves to socialize. So be flexible about going out and partying from time to time. Compromise - he can share quiet times with you if you join him in such social forays. And don't get so wrapped up in your work that you forget about him. You must strike a balance between your work (or worrying about it) and your relationship.

  • Well as for my career i started a small cake business from home about 2 yrs ago but now im tryin to venture into working with an actual bakery. Does that seem likely to happen soon? and will i eventually open a business in the future or just work to a company. As for my relationship were both social butterflies. Just the last few monhs i notice him hanging wih this girl. we always make time for each other. Hes the workaholic and always makes time for me but when he wants guy time she always happens to be around. Though he says their just friends its hard to believ. Im Just confusedon how to handle the situation. Should i not worry?

  • I actually feel you would make more profit working for yourself - a bakery would just pay a regular wage. But you need to promote your business widely to bring in the clientele - maybe you could specialize, (eg, children's birthday cakes) just to be different from the bakeries.

    The problem with that of course is that you would have tod evote a lot of time to your business and your relationship would likely suffer. But I feel you will not have your own business by working for a bakery. You will just stay there.

    With your relationship, you just have to trust your partner until you have definite proof otherwise. If you treat him suspiciously, he will come to resent it, especially if he is innocent.

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