Taurus man/Aries woman dilemma!

  • I'm Taurus, she's Aries. We flirt like crazy, we make effort to spend time together at work every day. I'm captivated by her. Gave her a Valentine's gift at work. Our time spent together is full of lively, intense conversation and loads of direct, unwavering eye contact. All this has been going on for around 6 months. I've never felt so attracted to a woman before. I know she certainly likes & finds me interesting. We flirt yet I subdue myself because she is married. I don't know if she wants it to go further or not. What can I do? As a Bull I can't stop from determinedly pursuing her! Help!

  • If shes married then back off and find someone who's not already taken.

  • Not the answer I'm looking for!

  • Okay then go have the affair, cry when she lies to you and tells you she will leave her husband for you but then does not. After that when you have wasted years being her obedient servant you will realize that you have wasted all that time wanting someone who will never truly belong to you. If by chance she does leave her husband for you then she will eventually leave you for someone else too. Then you can regret what you had done to the poor man she left so she could be with you.

    Is that more of what you want to hear or would you rather I lie and say that you will tell her how you feel and she will leave her husband for you, you will get married and live happily ever after.

    Pardon my boldness here but if she were YOUR wife, would you want another man encroaching on your marriage and have her leave you for him because he feels about her the way you feel about her right now? I am only making a point.

  • Lol. Its a well known fact that water signs and earth signs actively chase after fire signs because they crave that opposite element. But a Taurus guy is not a good match for an Aries woman that is not fully engaged in him. Aries women are extremely independent and aren't attracted to people that don't fascinate them. If she's flirting with you, but isn't as engaged in you as you are with her, chances are that she'll only keep you at a distance. If her marriage were to fail, she STILL wouldn't be with you. Aries women are known for pursuing their love interests. They're rams so that's what they do. As a Taurus guy, you can't help but be naturally drawn to her. That's fine but flirting back and forth for 6 months is not a message that its going to go anywhere.

    Aries women are very direct. If she wanted to sacrifice her marriage to have an affair with you, she would have. You're also going to get a ridiculous amount of horrible karma for trying to lure someone out of a marriage. If this Aries woman DID by chance pursue something with you, your karma would come in the form of her becoming bored with you and cheating on you.

    Save yourself the heart ache and go after someone who's actually single.

  • Believe me, the Ram is fully engaged in me. We have a magical time together always. She's opened up a lot with me. And she is fascinated. Taurus & Aries can make a strong and deep connection and strike a balance together.

  • This kind of relationship is not easy to cut off just that ..provided the thread starter has wake up..

  • Wake up? How so?

  • Really?? She is MARRIED!! She has no intentions of changing anything....she is just using you for a thrill...

  • Hi Fenrtizstorm.

    I knew i had to pop in for a reason tonight .

    As a Arian woman my self, at same time we are still individual people, i can tell you this most Arians are loyal if they are happy and content, fiercely independent, but dont mind a little been take over in the right context.

    Lets put the main bit aside for the moment OK, myself love Tureen men, but they can take so much time and patience, they really have to be the right one to be worth that effort.

    It's a lot of the sexual connection that intriges us, that is needed, so if this norm Arian lass wanted you, i know she would not have waited six months,

    She would have lured you had you well and truly by now, she's do the halve of oh what if should i?,, no i really truly cant, but im get a sick pleasure from the attention im getting from this guy.

    She's bored, dont think it even sexual, if she would made move by now.

    Lets get to the bigger issue, She is married, is that what you really want, to be the bit on side of another woman's just bit on side, if ever amounted to that?

    Or even a marriage breaker?

    It's not like you have even spoken on this,, its just a game, trust me Arian and and Tureen are perfectly capably of doing that..

    Dont knock others , just because they have not given what you want to hear, you started topic for a reason, try to be objective and honest with yourself, look at the bigger real picture hear, because you will end up the loser, with egg on your face so to speak,, sorry im not try to be horribal.

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