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  • Hi there - hope you are doing well 🙂

    This morning I awoke to a song in my head between about 4am and 5am. I have come to understand that these are usually messages from my guides. This time it was "Celebrate me Home" by Kenny Loggins. I'm not sure exactly what the message is this time around and was hoping you might be able to "tune in" (pardon the pun!) to it and maybe help me out??

    Here is a link to the song:

    And here are the lyrics:

    CELEBRATE ME HOME, Kenny Loggins

    Home for the holidays

    I believe I've missed each and every face

    Come on and play my music

    Let's turn on the love light in the place

    It's time I found myself

    totally surrounded in your circles

    my friends

    Please celebrate me home

    Give me a number

    Please celebrate me home

    Play me one more song

    that I'll always remember

    And I can recall

    Whenever I find myself too all alone

    I can sing me home

    Uneasy highway

    Traveling where the Westerly winds can fly

    Somebody tried to tell me

    but the men forgot to tell me why

    I gotta count on being gone

    Come on woman, come on daddy,

    Be what you want from me

    I'm this strong, I'll be weak

    Please celebrate me home

    Give me a number

    Please celebrate me home

    Play me one more song

    That I'll always remember

    I can recall

    Whenever I find myself too all alone

    I can make believe I've never gone

    I never know where I belong

    Sing me home.

    Please celebrate me home

    Give me a number

    Please celebrate me home

    Play me one more song

    And celebrate me home



    Celebrate me home

    Well I'm finally here

    But I'm bound to roam

    Come on celebrate me home

    And as I was typing this I received a phone call from a job I wanted -- had the 3rd interview last Friday with the COO of the resort and his #2 man. Left completely bewildered as to whether it went well or they hated me! Could this be the "home" reference???

    Thank you....


  • I get that this is a "yearning" dream as well as a reminder to not settle or be seduced or talked into an "idea". As I got to the end of the lyrics I felt an intense change in volume as if the end spoke close to your nature----that no matter who you worked for there would always be the travelor--adventurer in you that needed more--gets bored easily so remember that you prefer growth rather than safe hohum. A job that has a wide opportunity for change is for you---options. To find that you must have a close vibe or tie with the top people or at least one ali. Someone you can bounce ideas off of and someone who trusts you enough to try new things and entrusts you to be adventurouse with. For that job to remain home it needs to apeal to that bound to roam aspect that keeps you coming back. The trade off is that a job like that means a bit more chaos--uncerteinty at times--some fear but you have come to a good place of moving past emotions. You are stronger and see past the moment's crisis and mostly you are more seasoned to deal with others energy pulls and pushes. You have more disciplined power. The music theme is meaningful and again reminds you of your need to join with others who are IN HARMONY with you. This singing you HOME is right on. Don't just look at the job---really tune into the energy of the power people. If you genuanly feel an at home connection with a power figure in that buisness--you are home and anything can be solved or worked out and their is growth. Trust gut instincts not just surface wishfull thinking as you meet people in the job search. And if you do land somewhere wrong---do not wait too long and allow yourself to get used to it. Altho--I do not see you having that problem

    I really sense your've raised the entitlement bar--broke or not---you will sniff out a tyrant--say been their done that AND bought the tee shirt--God help me--I'm out of hear. In that sense the little music sarenade is actually a celebration of spirit on your behalf! BLESSINGS!

    PS---You may return me a card reading---I keep feeling poked! Not in a mean way but as if Spirit wishes to inspire me to get angry enought to do something different. I feel I'm being "pushed" towards a more selfish direction of power. My cards have all come up positive and strong----yet for days some outside situation has poked me to a temper tantrum. Not the kind that sticks with you in a bad way but both makes you laugh at your own crazy moment AND suddenly makes you think realistically about personal responsability and wanting to have a non negotionable talk with the people who are weighing me down. I've also considered maybe I just have unspent anger looking for release. But really my gut tells me to not just carry the sword--USE IT!

  • ps--just read POETICA'S thread--energies for Feb 20012----pretty much somes it up!!!! Perhaps my expierience is cosmic as well as personal and we should all "run with it" while the energy lasts!

  • I'll get back to the song and the job later...wanted to reply to you first.

    First of all, YES, January has pushed most of us through a clearing and releasing of old pent up energies - childhood wound related or just old wounds - all heart chakra clearing. Personal power ("goddess" energy) has been prominent in the process. I think because the heart chakra stuff needed to be cleared in order to open up our third chakras. It is my personal belief that if the heart chakra is opened up too much that it overshadows and stifles the 3rd chakra. Think of the woman who gives, gives, gives and then feels unappreciated after all is said and done. Her heart chakra got so big that she literally snuffed out the light in her 3rd chakra!

    Anyway, I pulled cards for you and this is what came through:

    It feels like you are dealing with someone in particular, but it could be people in general, that are acting foolishly - some sort of hubris or overconfidence or just not realizing their limitations in some way. This is challenging you to not step in and be the hero or savior in a way - like you can see what's going to happen down the road and they don't so you want to step in and save them from it. Make sense? Very strong message not to overreach here. This person or people are unfolding in their own way and time and you need to remind yourself (or better, you are being reminded!) that you can't do it for them - sometimes the hard lessons are necessary to be experienced or the lesson is not learned. I am getting a strong sense of you wanting to encourage, but that there is a fine line between encouragement and enabling at times. Strong mother type nurturing energy that needs to be controlled or curtailed. This is a male energy - your son? - who is not aware of themselves at the moment. You want to shake him and make him aware!! Once again, I am getting that you need to step out of the way and let Spirit lead - let nature take its course so to speak and be patient with the process. Your best course of action for the higher good of all concerned right now is to detach - be resilient. Allow him to experience what he is creating in his life right now. Really strong message of detachment. Just know that nothing you do right now is going to make a difference no matter how much you push, cajole or even beg. Take a break!!! Near future aspect is a little fuzzy to me - I am getting an unexpected visitor. If this is about your son and he is out of the house, he may attempt to return. But I think the message is to stick to your guns and the boundaries you set and not let him back in.

    Hope this helps! Let me know...

  • Argh - I have so much to say but I'm too tired! Will post again tomorrow. Let me know if my reading is off and I will re-do if necessary. I spent a few hours in a diagnostic clinic today - it was sooo crowded and several people had really bad attitudes - I felt really nauseated after a while. I cleared when I got home and before I did your reading, but if it feels "off" at all let me know!

  • Yes the son is as seen but not so much presently (my man has been a real tool)--though you are right he has already tried slipping back in as if nothing changed but expected that and it's easier dealing with him because he is gone and I'm detached. The run ins with anger has mostly been with strangers. Dumb stuff. Yesterday the electric guy came out to turn me off--I'm like you kidding me? I'm like wooo let me call them see what's gone wrong. It's been like 30 years since anything like that happens! Anyway he said no mam you must write a check now--I say is there a charge? Let me just click online he is a blank wall and says mam you have 3 minutes to respond now --we allow three minutes!!! WOW I'm like are you freaking kidding me? I'm in my holey nightgown yelling at him and he starts walking towards the meter!!! I said hold on let me call them--nope three minutes are up!!! So I wrote the damn check all the while yelling at him---and as he walked off I screamed--oh, have a nice day!!!! I was so angry---flame throwing angry. I called Electric and vented on her but got a supervisor who was very understanding. Actually, haven't figured out where things went wrong as a notice comes and goes on the fridge. Aparently someone else got my notice--we have locked mailboxes. About two weeksago had a trooper stop me and tell me my tags had been expired 8 months! I never forget such things so went off on him--of course no proof and remembered my car got broken into months before and they took of all things my change and my car book which is where the registration would be--then he wanted to site me for no proof of insurance because the card had my husband's car not mine--I called my ins on the spot---I was again sooooo angry--he kep saying mam I'm going back to my car--he actually looked intimidated--a cop? He came back and said forget the insurance and I said just give me the ticket and he said is there anything else I can do for you--I looked at him like he had three heads and said duh? NO! Again I was very angry--and at the same time aware--did I just do that? give the MAN attitude---I mean even if you get a real tool--you never ever not be nice to a cop---street smarts 101. Last week I had a auto service guy give me some bull I knew was a lie and altho I had been nice all during the weeks of dealing with him suddenly I got in his face with exposing his lie and his voice changed and luckily he ended the call quikly as that same anger was rising. THAT kind of poking. I'm po'd at my man right now and your post sounds like you picked that up as I had words with him today

    then I do detach as otherwise he owns me and I practice what I preach. I'm still ticked at him but will be putting that energy somewhere more productive. And you heard right--I did tell his doc last month that I'm too old for holding it all up and if he went south---I would put him in the hospital and go on a vacation. Weird thing about my outbursts with the strangers lately---I felt like there was something I didn't know and my outburst served them--weird but the electric guy--later I felt he needed to change jobs really bad! Even the trooper---later I felt that I was part of something for his benefit as well as mine that was not revealed. Weird.

  • I get a yearning. A yearning from you but also a presence that wants to come into your life. This presence, I feel, is with you. I'll pray for it's meaning and purpose for you.

  • Are you talking to me or Watergirl

    it felt nice either way! Loving intentions are like that. Like Scarlet--tomorrow is always another day and so it is---my man has returned from crazy. It again passes----I have my emotional reaction then step away and amazing how that happens--most things work out themselves if we let them. Watergirl picked up that universal reminder---I believe it works for us all---no matter what state of angry hurt or sad we may be in at the moment---it's always best to let it have it's day but then let go----if the energy lingers transform it into a goal another need. And I loved the yearning yearning thought as desire ---true intense desire often must be pushed on us---like a cosmic fire lit under our as s. What do I yearn? really yearn. Less responsability and more creativity--to just create create create! The Muse misses me and I mis the Muse. I hear you but hearing is not enough--action is desire realized. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Ladies,

    Daliolite - I will respond to you separately in the next post 🙂

    Blmoon - That is too funny as I have had some very similar experiences lately. Locked mailbox and not getting my mail and even though I sent a letter to my HOA (since they will never talk to you on the phone!) they never responded to my letter and just fined me for something that was FALSE. Then I even exchanged emails with them months later on a different issue (changes being made to my landscaping) and she did not bring this other issue up. Since I never received the fine in the mail I did not know about it, mind you. Anyway, they sent it to their attorney's office and I got a notice of FORECLOSURE!! I was like, are you effing kidding me????? Over $50? Anyway, I felt "poked" as well, but in my case it was containing my anger and getting more with honey than vinegar. I have never had a problem letting loose with the anger so for me the lesson is the opposite than yours I think :0. The other funny coincidence is I renewed my car registration on line - supposed to receive the new tag in the mail. Didn't receive it. Waited a month. So I finally went down to the DMV and waited in that long-a*ss line to get my tag. The next day it was in my mailbox!!! Fortunately, the insurance and what-not can all be accessed on the computers in the cop cars now so I wouldn't have had the same issue you did.

    And I was right - had more issues with my energy last night than I realized. Had such a fitful sleep and woke up with a raging headache. Being in that H,R. office yesterday for over an hour - all the different people coming and going - and then in that awful lab for 2 hours so I could p*ee in a cup. It was sooo crowded - too close for comfort - and such a mix of negative energy. To top it off I did not eat well yesterday - missed my oatmeal in the morning then got so hungry in the late afternoon that I ate things I shouldn't have. It just exacerbated my sensitivities yesterday. When I asked where all this outside chaos was coming for you I kept getting strong male figures, but reversed. Yet I couldn't pinpoint who it was so I pulled more cards about what the issue was for you and got lots of mothering type cards. I am using some new decks so I don't have pictures to upload, but the two that stand out were: 1) Two giraffes - mother and child. The mother was nudging the younger one and the position of their necks formed a heart. 2) A deer and her fawn. Once again, the motherly nudging. The fawn on trembling legs trying to walk - encouragement from the mother. Now that I think of it, the card with the two giraffes was called "Encouragement." Anyway, it just felt like you were pushing someone out of the nest in a way so that's why I thought it might be your son. But in listening to your stories and your thoughts about them afterward, it sounds like maybe you were playing a role in their growth and just were not aware of it at the time. That's why I kept getting detachment and letting people's paths play out on their own I think. The detachment was coming through like going within - the barrier between your own inner peace and their chaos. Not sure if that makes sense to you. I do remember along with that strong sense of detachment a don't worry about it thing - like you don't have the big picture, but you're not supposed to. That does make sense in light of the power guy, cop, etc. Oh! And the wanting to take people and shake them by the shoulders -- too funny! The only thing that isn't clear was a feeling of clearing old emotional stuff - like heart chakra stuff which affected personal power. Do you have any childhood or old wounds that are about abuse of power related to men? Maybe that was just what was going on for the other people...

    So I'm still tired today and I have a bowl of chicken tortilla soup calling my name. I'll be back later 🙂

  • Hey Dal,

    If you were commenting to me and not Blue Moon, let me know what you get. It's interesting because two weeks ago someone else told me that there was someone lurking about me (in a good way!). She said it was a male and a soul mate - but one from a different plane or lifetime that wanted to connect with me. But she also said he was from the faery realm! I was like, huh? Then just forgot about it until your post 🙂

  • WOW! that is too right on for me too! After answering the post I kept getting urged to go outside even though I did not feel like it----I but heard a voice say that the fairy realm missed me!!!! I often pull that card but didn't bother with the cards just felt it like a nagging. You are so right about the cards you pulled--I am ODing on responsability and I think these recent bits of "mischief" were the fairy realm poking me to let up--that being so on top of it all--so responsable has made me very boring!!! I've lost something in the process of keeping it ALL together and what's the worse that can happen? S hit happens and you clean it up and life goes on and I believe I was forced into facing my ATTACHMENT to being perfect about buisness. AND that last remark about a childhood wound?!!! WELL!!!! I too had a over the top energy sponge day--I so hate that feeling!! I do mamage it mostly but yesterday I was one full sponge as I was detached from my job and while I was s hit happened and it trickled down to me!! Of course I told my boss exactly what was wrong on her end but had to help clean up that energy mess. The last few weeks my dreams are all the same--busy busy busy--like work---cleaning that fixing this---constant caretaking!!! Well---yesterday I did drag my tired but t out in the yard listened to the fairies and then planted myself in the recliner and no TV just napped with the heating pad and anyone who even spoke to me got a nasty bark. Before bed I said a prayer that was more like a command---that enough of these busy dreams that last night I would have a REAL dream connected to spirit. OK--here's the childhood wound---But first in my dream a very good writer friend who is also psychic--a male---but no attraction romantically--he's more of a protector---he came to my house and it was a great visit---even though he is reclusive and does not visit people---the weird thing was my house was not clean or perfect and it didn't matter---I was aware that he was calling me to get writing the energy off of him was very nurturing--that I was ignoring my talent and felt a great project is NOW. THEN I'm near one of my childhood homes from my teen years but all around it are smaller nice comfy little homes and I'm amazed that they were always there--people were living in some and welcomed me in and I'm like wow I really own ALL THIS! And I pointed to the main house and said to others--there's were I once lived--it's haunted! I thought to myself--why did I stay there--why didn't I live in one of the other houses I owned. Before I woke up my writer spiritual friend popped in again and we walked together outside the houses which now seemed more like an estate and in the middle was a "garden area" a small fountain and even though it was not well groomed it felt so good--I woke up feeling wow this is all mine! I'm half expecting to go to the mail box later and probably find a note in the mail from my friend as we are like that together. My childhood wound? Lack of nurture---overwhelming responsability----an inability to realise my power----being held down or trapped in a small world.. I know all this but as I tell others it never goes away--we must manage and remain AWARE and I cut myself off from my fairy helpers who DO indeed talk to you wisely when you go outside into nature.. Weird too about being outside in the courtyard in my dream as it felt like the day before in my yard--I didn't want to go outside because I didn't want to face how much work was needed. THAT'S the fairies complaint----forget the perfection--come join us!!!!

  • That is so funny! Feeling much better this morning when I awoke, but also getting a strong "call" to go outside. Yesterday I thought I "should" go outside to help clear my energy, but it was sooooo windy! The kind of wind you have to brace yourself against in order to walk - and wind gives me a headache and I had already woken up with one so I stayed inside. Today it's sunny and clear so I am going for a walk. It's my cleaning day, but I am putting that off 'til tomorrow as after my walk I will be treating myself to lunch somewhere and then going to the movies. Haven't done that in AGES! Going to the movie theatres that are connected to my potential new place of work. They have a theatre complex downstairs and when you exit from that point you enter an outside shopping promenade called "the District". That's where I will be grabbing lunch. Anyway...more later....gotta go BREATHE and play a little 🙂

  • I just went to the movies--never go either and my boss gave me a gift card for xmas--felt guilty because two years ago she gave me one and I never used it---have no idea where it went. I saw the movie the Desendents with george Clooney----YUM YUM!

  • OH MY GOD!!! I went to the same movie!!!

    Just got back. It was between the Descendants and that 9-11 movie Incredibly Loud and (something) Close. I knew both were sad, but thought the George Clooney one would be less-so. I enjoyed it - thought it was well done. And that was the first movie I have gone to see in YEARS.

    Yet another parallel in our lives these days 🙂

  • Yes, that was intended for Watergirl. What you're friend told you I can relate to. Will try a 3-card soon for you. Back later. Would still like to post one of my pictures. Will try that also.

  • 🙂

  • Okay, so I'm finally back to talk about the family thing (celebrate me home)...

    It actually wasn't a dream - it was that inbetween state where I am aware that I'm in bed and technically asleep but on my way to waking up. And it struck me because it got so loud that it almosted jolted me to that totally awake state. But then I couldn't remember the lyrics. The only lyrics I could consciously remember were the "Please, celebrate me home" line. So I looked up the lyrics online and the first line "Home for the holidays" confused me at first. But then I realized it was about that feeling of coming home. Being surrounded by family and friends who love you and know you. That part about "uneasy highway" struck me as well as life has been hard for the last few years (actually a good decade!). So there was a sense of being the weary traveler and coming home to a place that is warm, comfortable and filled with love.

    So what's important to mention is that this is one of the things I have been focusing on. Wanting to find a place to work where there was that sense of family and camaraderie again. So yes, there is an element of yearning there. When thinking about what I wanted in a job, that's what repeatedly came up for me because I have not had that in a very long time. So instead of focusing on a specific job, I was focusing on that feeling (among other things, of course). And somehow I was led back to a job that just so happens to be the last time I felt that way at work. All along I have been pulling soulmate, family, unconditional love, type cards when asking about this job. And the day I heard this song just so happens to be the day I got the call to move forward with the drug and background test (which is supposed to be the final hurdle before finalizing the offer). I have been asking and praying for some synchronicity in my life so I decided to take the song as a synchronistic sign that I was on the correct path with this job. That being said, it's been a week since I pee'd in a cup and I have not heard anything either way so the anxiety is starting to build.

    What's funny is I keep pulling cards for myself that are related to home and family. One is actually called "Home" and shows a picture of a front door in the trunk of a large tree 🙂 But also family and celebration cards like the 3 of Cups and 4 of Wands.

    The girl that gave me the message about the soulmate from the Faery realm....she has given up her apartment and is about to travel around the world. In raising money for the trip, she has been doing mini one-card readings for anyone who donates $5. I thought she was being courageous and it sounded great to just go with the wind like that so I wanted to support her and donated - then got the "faery man" message 🙂 This week I donated another $5 and she pulled a card for me today. This week was supposed to be romance mini-readings since Valentine's Day is coming up, but my card of course was not about romance 🙂 It was a family card again (lol) and what came through for her was "this is about finding your soul family - not just romance, but friends and people who you feel AT HOME with" Yes, those were her actual words...What a crack up!

    Ta-ta for now,


  • Ok, I'm getting several energies here on this 3-card. This is an emotional time for you. Many creative talents. Within all of this, there is an energy to branch-out on your own. Almost get the feeling like you feel like--to heck w/it all I'm doing something else. That is the child in you. You have a very creative child on the inside and a more cool and collected adult on the outside. You have reached your emotional plateau. Whatever struggle you encounter, I'd like to say, will be overcome. You are a truth-seeker. You are the best judge of your own circumstance. Don't let anything or anyone lead you astray or against YOUR grain. That's all I've got. I'll continue to offer prayers for you.

    Page of coins--present

    10 of rods--sit

    ace of cups--challenges

  • I'm gonna try and post one of my pictures...

  • Hey Dal - Thanks! Yes, my anxiety built to a crescendo last night and I did get rather emotional. Feeling better now, though 🙂 Still having trouble uploading your pictures??? Did you try the resizing sites? I really want to see!!!!

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