Lost love

  • I posted recently about losing a dog...and well it led to other changes in my life. I've been highly emotional lately because I've been stressed and worried, so much so that I've been taking it out on my significant other. I blew up on him quite horribly the other day and he left me. I'm just wondering if you can sense how he is feeling right now, does he still hate me and will he come back

  • Maybe you could sit down and talk. Make the first peace offering. I get the feeling here that this isn't the first time.

  • Glanced over some cards for you. Truthful dealings w/people. Right now your in this battle alone. You will have to talk your way out of this. Maturity needed when relating to people. Were you truthful with him on some level. I'm getting truth when dealing with him. I think it'll go over ok. May reach an emotional peak from all this. You are going to learn from this.

  • yes we've argued before but not like this...this was the worst ive ever been and i dont know how we will rise up from this

  • Do you have friends in common. Possible help thru a friend.

  • i see. well does he want to get back together on some level? or will he eventually want to get back together in the future?

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