Symbolic Bridge burning?

  • When I was in a 10 year relationship with my "ex," he built this bridge for the ditch to get to the mail a big pond bridge which was too humped to go over safely - you had to tread very carefully! - and painted grey (when my house is cream). Then he expected me to be forever grateful for this pretty, non functional bridge. Lately I have felt a real shit in energy regarding him - mostly that I am so glad it did not work out. So, today I backed into the bridge, which was rotting out anyway - accidentally - but found without the poles that you could see out the windows and yard so much better!~ almost as if the bridge had been a barrier, like a moat or something? So I got my now boyfriend and some friends of his to haul it to the trash and just moved the flat made on landscape timbers to the spot - you can't even really see it, it just blends in.

    Then I started wondering about burning bridges, and letting go and times to move on,and changes, and all that....

    so if anyone has any thoughts or insights, I'd love to hear them. Kind of like the outside manifesting what's on the inside in this case?

    Can I truly finally be FREE???!!!! All things will crumble to dust in time? Because it took 4 guys to move that bridge into position, and I kind of thought it would just be there forever.....

    or should I take the time to mourn the passing of something pretty and girly castle-like?

    I'm torn, but mostly relieved. Anyone who wants to discuss, feel free - and I put this here because Astra pulled the Fool for me recently - and indeed, it seems I'm starting a whole new journey, hmmm?

    Love and Light to All,


  • Wow that is pretty good sign that you are moving on Jlina!!! never regret any learning experience

    just learn from it. enjoy your release of the past & the path for your new journey

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