Question for Watergirl/Blmoon please

  • Hallo Watergirl and Blmoon,

    a while back I asked Watergirl if healing was my way forward and you could not pick up much and passed me on to Blmoon who confirmed that it was a time for staying with my inner child, for being Mummy and not for starting new ventures. I wonder if you could tell me if healing or something along those lines still does not show up for me. I am busy planning my move to ireland for the summer and my husband will be still working away and not really present in our lives except for paying the bills, which is nothing to be sneezed at indeed it's just the emotional support is missing. LOL sidetracked. I work parttime as a translator now and again to earn some extra money and I wonder if this is what I should stick to or should I lean more towards the reiki and reflexology and healing stuff. Or just stick with my inner child. I would be grateful for some advice or insight. I don't really trust myself enough to get started on the reiki so it would help to know if I need to take the leap of faith and get stuck in or channel my energy in to a more suitable cause.

    Thank you both so very much.


  • Hey Paddi - I'm off to go p*ee in a cup and have a chunk of my hair snipped out (drug test for a job), but will be happy to do a reading for you later this afternoon or this evening. Toodles!

  • Hello again 🙂 I am going to do a reading for you in the morning when I am fresh, but felt the need to share a few things with you first (which may or may not help!)

    First - and possibly irrelevant - are you moving to Ireland in the summer or just going FOR the summer and then returning to Holland?

    That said, I think your healing "path" will reveal itself over time. What I mean to say is that it will change, grow, develop over time. So to start, what are you most attracted to or drawn to? My energy healer/psychic started out doing massage. That is when she started to get visions for people - while she was in their energy field massaging them. Then she branched out into Reiki. However, she was working on people who had already manifested their spiritual wounds into something physical. She worked on a lot of people with terminal illness, and would advise them on the spiritual wound which caused it - telling them how to heal it so that they could be healed physically. The problem was most people didn't take her advice and died. Usually it was deep-seated anger and resentment toward a parent that they just did not want to let go of. It was too depressing for her so she decided to work on people BEFORE they got to that point. That's when she got into chakra balancing. She does the same thing now - can identify their spiritual wounds and counsels them on how to work through it. But now she is doing this in order to prevent a physical illness instead of combat it. Also, she said that even if they do not take her advice, she at least knows that when they leave her table that they are cleansed, balanced and feeling good - at least for a few weeks! This woman could have done a lot of things with her gift....she can channel, she is a medium and has performed house clearings for people who have earth bound entities in their home, etc. She just enjoys the chakra balancing the most so that's what she stuck with. So think about what you really want to do other than just "healing". Do you want to work with people who are physically sick? If so, terminally ill with cancer, etc. or just physical aches and pains? Or do you just want to work with spiritual healing? I think once you find a place to start it will unfold naturally. And I also think that moving to Ireland was a first step which is why that is all that came up for me before and the questions about your healing path were blocked.

    Just something to think about....I will do a reading in the morning! Sorry, I did one for BlueMoon and felt like I did not have enough energy for another afterward. I had a lot of energy to clear beforehand after being in that diagnostic clinic for a few hours today - almost as bad as being in a hospital!

  • Hi Watergirl, hmmm food for thought. I am moving moving to Ireland. I have found a school for the girls and they have been accepted there and I have been emailing back and forth with the school director. I know which area I want to live close to the school and I am waiting for a house to come up for rent there. There has been no obstacle put in my way so far do I assume I have the Universe on my side.

    As for the healing, well I started sending distance healing when I was 13 but I never knew if it was felt because I had no contact with the people I sent it to. I forgot about it till about a year ago when Jlinaangel started that healing thread that ended in disaster but proved to me that Ican indeed balance chakras from afar. I had been circling round reiki for ages but was told to heal myself first. Then a while ago a tarot reader I know suggested Diane Stein's books and then another friend and guardian angel suggested getting the symbols per distance so I did that. It is a universal energy and open for all so why pay a fortune. I have not yet actually ever done a hands on treatment, all of them are distance. I have 2 guides that help me. When I got the symbols for Reiki II I had a vision that I was being accepted in to a group of people and they were all saying congratulations you are one of us now. I have not done Reiki III yet, I feel I must join a group or class for that.

    And recently I got in to reflexology.

    I think my direction is spiritual healing, chakra balancing, distance healing. I can also communicate with spirits and it makes me feel good to be able to bring comfort to grieving people. However it is very draining work. I thought about doing the tarot reading thing because it is a good way to mske money as there are so many of us with love problems but I feel it is exploitation, making money outof someone else's misery. Healing is different.

    So there you go. I need to find another outlet other than just this forum and maybe that is my starting point.

    I am looking forward to what your reading brings, but whenever no rush I know how exhausting it is.

    I hope your job interview went well.



  • Hey Paddi - sorry I didn't get to this yesterday (I was still "clearing" - lol). I am being called outside for a walk right now and then I'm going to treat myself to lunch and a movie so I'll be back later!

  • Hi again Paddi 🙂

    What mostly came through for you was focusing on your move for right now and getting yourself and your family settled in your new home. Kind of like a "one step at a time, grasshopper!" message (lol). In focusing on your path as a healer, I got energy work...chakra balancing/reiki kind of combined. I think as you focus on your move....get there....get settled... etc. you should just keep up with meditation and being open to the path opening in front of you. It feels like some synchronistic events may occur once you get back to Ireland.



  • Oh, that I think of it a lot of the cards about your healing work involved emotional loss as well so mediumship should not be ruled out! Like I said, these things have a tendency to evolve organically so be open to how it unfolds as you go about the process of setting up your new home 🙂

  • Thx Watergirl my mediumship is kinda rusty at least I have not been active for a while, and what doescome through is not always what people want, but like Blmoon says, you have to trust thst what you are being shown is for a higher good. It is all about trust. More so than energy readings.

    xxkids are enrolled in school, scanning the rental markets, released some yucky memories that resurfaced, full steam ahead...well baby steps then


  • BTW are you okay? Lots of unrest and impatience pouring off your words. Breaktime maybe?


  • I'm ok 🙂 Although now you made me nervous (lol)!

    Waiting on the results from my drug test and background check for the job. I know I don't have anything to worry about, but I was still anxious about it Friday and thru the weekend. Maybe that's what you are sensing. Just wanting to get the show on the road, so to speak. And today - after being incredibly lazy all weekend - I forced myself into a surge of energy so I am busy doing things around the house that I left undone over the weekend 🙂 I do feel like the dam is about to burst and my life will be getting pretty busy very soon, but maybe that's wishful thinking! All that being said, I have felt pretty calm and detached today about the job thing. Hopefully, they will get the results this week and we can finalize the deal.


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