Shuabby - trying to choose between two gentlemen - please help?

  • Dear Shuabby,

    Hope you are well. You did a reading for me once and I'm in need of some guidance again. If you don't mind, I'd really appreciate your help.

    The situation is the following... I have a strong connection and bond to an older Gemini gentleman. I'm in love with him and I love him. I feel this connection on a cellular level, as if every individual cell wants to merge with his. He feels like a part of me. I like who I am with him. I feel that he makes me be my 'best me'. I think we are exceptional. Unfortunately he has responsibilities, which, although I understand, I may not necessarily agree with all the way, ie. I don't think you should sacrifice your personal life for your children and stay in a partnership just on account of the kids. However at the same time I understand that the love of a parent is so strong that he would sacrifice just about anything for his little ones. Tricky.

    Over the past year our friendship has developed and our connection has grown a lot. I feel that he sees and understands who I really am and gets a kick out of just the mere fact that I exist (which is completely mutual, needless to say).

    The other gentleman is a capricorn closer to my age. He has recently broken up and out of the blue is showing an interest in me. We always have a fun time together and we never run out of things to talk about. I'm not entirely sure that this friendship would/should also translate into something more. But I have no doubt he is a good person and a good catch. And it's quite possible that if it wasn't for the first guy, I would be much more responsive to guy #2's advances. At the same time, he's only recently broken up from a long term relationship, so I think he's probably pretty confused at the moment and doesn't have his head on straight. Under the circumstances and given all three of us know each other, I don't want to be his rebound girl. Although not convinced I want anything serious either. But I do like him. He's charming and I would probably give him a shot if not for the first gentleman.

    I'm not sure now how to handle this situation. I worry that, while the first man feels like my true love and counterpart, I'm not sure if he's there yet (or if he'll ever be) and I don't think me forcing the issue would be a good idea - but things as they are would make me essentially a lonely woman with no chance of having something real. So even though, at the moment, my heart is with the first man, should I make a concious effort to move on?

    I guess the question is, with regards to the first gentleman: will universe ever give us a chance to really be together? How would he react if I started seeing the second gentleman? Understanding his feelings better, I think I would be better equipped to handle this situation.

    With regards to the second gentleman: could I have something real with him or is he just looking for a good time? I feel he is, understandibly so, not very stable right now - to which extent is it affecting him and is it better to just leave it for now?

    Thank you for your time. I don't want to abuse your gift, so please let me know what I can do in return, ie. make a donation to your charity or smth similar.

    Lots of love,


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