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    Situation As It Is

    The Magician

    Briefly: Unusual magical powers that has the ability to bring you anything that your heart desires.

    Full Meaning:

    This is a card of unusual magical powers that has the ability to bring you anything that your heart desires. You only have to wish for something and it is right there in front of you. You may need to be highly discriminating lest you wish for the wrong thing, person or job or whatever, because once possessed, it may no longer be desired. Events seem to unfold at a rapid pace with this card and you may find some difficulty keeping up with the speed with which changes occur in your affairs and situations. Many decisions will need to be made during this time and it is up to you whether you adapt and go with the flow as many of your choices now will put you on a new path and then you will enjoy many new and different life experiences.

    The Magician can do anything. The Magician can have any position he wants, the person he desires or anything his imagination can conjure up. If he wishes to be the President of a country or the Prime Minister of a country, he can do that. All he has to do is desire it and wish for it and make it happen. If he seeks the most desired woman in the land, he can have her, marry her, have children with her. Nothing is beyond his power, which has no boundaries and no limitations. He can have wealth, title, power, prestige, love, glory, fame, anything at all that he wants or feels he needs. He has mystical and magical qualities and a power that is so subtle, it sometimes appears to go undetected. His powerful abilities are beyond comprehension and understanding by the average human being. He is unfathomable, unreachable, unless he wants you closer by his side.

    If this card should represent you, then you are being made aware of what your real and true talents are and that this is a favourable time to pursue your dreams.

    Should this card represent someone else, it may be wise to consider what it is that this person wants from you. Do they want you in their life, or out of their life. It is their wish that will come true, not yours, unless you too are also a Magician.

    Course of Action to be Taken

    Nine of Pentacles

    Briefly: You are coming into a position of prominence.

    Full Meaning: The picture on this card shows a very attractive, if not beautiful, looking woman who is dressed in lovely threads and wears a string of pentacles hanging around her lovely neck. She wears a detailed head dress over her hair, and she has a turquoise attached to the front of this with a spray of plumes coming out of the top. She has a beautiful ruby and diamond ring on her right hand and on her left hand she wears a leather glove. Sitting on this hand is a rather exotic looking bird, which is obviously a pet of hers. She looks serene, content and happy. Her eyes are dark and hypnotic, her lips are full and inviting. She wears lovely pearl earrings and her whole presence is one of luxury and adornment. She is surrounded by foliage and grapes. If you are this woman you are coming into a position of prominence. If you are a woman and this is not you, it could be a new friend on your horizon, one who will stand by you in times of need. If you are a male, this woman could become a pivotal figure in your future and may even end up being your wife.

    New Situation that Will Evolve

    Ace of Pentacles

    Briefly: You will be surprised to learn that one of your greatest financial wishes is about to come true.

    Full Meaning: This card shows a large pentacle in the middle which is symbolic of material wealth and abundance. If you should receive this card in your layout, and it is representative of a future event, then you will be surprised to learn that one of your greatest financial wishes is about to come true. This can bring financial stability to those who have never had it before in their life.

  • Ace of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles and the Magician, sounds good to me! 🙂

    Your interpretations please, thanks!

  • Self-employment or some sort of side business you can do out of the home is what I am getting...

  • You know I've been hoping for that! Thanks! 🙂

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