Would love and appreciate a finance reading!

  • This is to anyone that has that special gift of seeing things clearly.

    I am in an awful financial situation right now. I have many many issues that are causing the financial problems. I also have a couple of, shall we say, "unfinished business" that my lawyer is handling for me. This is causing me great stress in a period that stress could not have come at a worse time. Not that there is ever a "good time" for stress!

    The reading I would love to have is how does my financial house look in the near future? Am I going to see an end to this very stressful situation?

    The issues causing the financial problems are beyond my control mostly because I was not allowed to return to my job after 4 surgeries on my hands and elbows. I have permanent ulnar nerve damage because of my job. The company I worked for would not find me a different position because I have permanent work restrictions that prevented me from going back to the same position. I was not able to find a job that I could physically do that I was also qualified for so I am currently attending school for a different career. I should, if I continue to do well, finish school possibly by December of this year. I am very excited about school and currently have a 4.0. I am excited about having a career and not just a job. So I know that in the future that part of my life will be much improved!

    I really appreciate your time and energy you give to me.

    Lots of love and light, van5521

  • Van, I think you need a whole life reading, not just a finance reading. Give me your full birthdate and I will see what may be holding you back form happiness and fulfillment as well as what 2012 ia all about for you..

  • Thecaptain

    I really appreciate you taking the time and energy to do this for me. My birthdate is December 26,1968 @ 12:25am in Buckhannon WV.

    Thanks again!

    Lots of love and light van5521

  • 2012 for you, Van, is all about knuckling down and putting your nose to the grindstone, so that 2013 can have very positive results. You may even see these good results in the last three months of this year if you put in the hard work and determination. It can be a year of steady financial gains if you are sensible and careful. If you skip steps, cut corners, or try to take any shortcuts this year, things will not go well for you however. With focus and discipline, you can have everything you want.

    You can be very critical of yourself at times (and of other people) and you must learn to release any exacting attitudes in order to approach life in a more open, relaxed manner. Try to be less of a stern taskmaster. An over-emphasis on work and its many tasks may prevent you from achieving a necessary childlike sense of awe and wonder in the world and a need for play. You need to take regular breaks from working in order to awaken your more fun-loving side. You may find life a difficult journey unless you learn the difference between striving for perfection and exhausting yourself and your energies in a neverending series of responsibilities and details. Though likely to be well-organized, you can cause yourself and others no end of grief with your sometimes tyrannical insistence on order. It is essential for you to stay in touch with your earthier and more sensuous inclinations, and to make that time for play. A healthy balance of work and fun is important for you to be balanced and happy yourself. You may have been denied the usual pleasures of childhood and weighed down with too much responsibility early on in life. Perhaps you identify too strongly with your work - when you lose a job, it can make you feel such a failure personally. But you can always get another job - or a career as you are now doing. Don't get so obsessed with success that you lose sight of the intimate connections with people that you really need for sustenance. If you can bring yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labours (for that is the real reason to work) and adopt a more accepting attitude towards yourself and others, you can experience a major spiritual breakthrough.

    You need a profession where you can 'do your own thing' according to your own impulses and without being limited by other people's input. In the past you may have felt that it would take someone else to make you feel successful. But you can be the leader, the innovator, the pioneer if you can be granted the independence to follow your own good instincts and initiative. You can be a powerful force and inspiration for others too. Don't put on a mask and play to the crowd - don't get typecast into a job that isn't really you. If you weren't so ambivalent about success and fame - about being publically recognized and having to juggle your position in the world with a need to nurture your family, you could go so far in life. You have a powerful mind, bordering on genius, yet you allow yourself to be stuck in jobs where you don't reach your full potential, just to satisfy others or because you are too critical of yourself. Let your light shine!

    It is your destiny to create wealth through service, to step forward in positions of benign leadership and authority in your family, in your community, or even for example in the areas of industry or politics. When you let yourself 'be' yourself, you can create so much wealth as to end up as a philanthropist, generously sharing your wealth with some humanitarian cause. Many with your particular profile pull themselves up by their bootstraps to become self-made millionaires. Money will always be a central theme in your life journey. You have all the necessary potential for success - you just have to listen to your own intuition and not get swallowed up by self-doubt or dependency. Find in yourself the power and support you seek to obtain from other people. Don't sabotage your own efforts through any inner conflict or ambivalence towards being successful and well-to-do. You are not bad, mad or powerless in your situation. You just have to believe that you can make it better.

  • thecaptain

    I really appreciate your time and energy and all your words hit me with a very powerful force. Much of what you have said is already true about me and hopefully my future will be bright. Thanks again because I really do appreciate it.

    lots of love and light van5521

  • You're very welcome! 🙂

  • Do ju lutem te me permiresoni Karmen se kam probleme financjare.


  • I don't understand, sorry.

  • jam e kenaqur me tarot horoscop

  • I don't speak your language, sorry, Doloreza.

  • Pershendetje nga Doloreza jam shenja e ujorit 17 /02/1957 dua te di te ardhmen ne familje

    ne dy djemte 9 nentor 1982 dhe 29 gusht1984 faleminderit.

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  • Van I am so happy to see that school is going well. I have been wondering how you are.


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