What's with Cancer Men?

  • I have been reading so many posts about cancer men on here. What's with cancer men? Why do they make you feel so great when you're with them but so suckish when you're not with them? Who has successfully married a cancer man or had a successful relationship with a cancer man?

    Do they want to be chased? What do they want?

    I no longer want a cancer man. It's too much trouble, but I do want to know about them.

  • @ Dailyreflection,

    Cancer sign is one of the most complex,difficult emotional watery frustrating of all the signs in the Zodiac, Am not sure, if both Cancer sex' share the same emotions !!! But, I can say this with an honest open heart, I am a sensitive emotional Cancer woman, I married a Taurus / Bull, I Think the both of us have met their match..LOLOLOL.. We both want to Win.... We hate too be the underdog.... LOLOL i came into this life with a trunk full of emotion & also recently discovered i have spiritual gifts of an empath and was also told i am highly Intuitive, OYE...Scary Combo..LOL I have not yet come across or have known any other Cancer man, But, I have met mannnnnnnnny other cancer women, they each have their likes & dislikes , Not a one is excatly the same....!!!!!

    Dear, DailyReflection, I'm sorry that you are giving up on your Cancer man, i know deep within him lies a Huge & loving Good heart full and understanding, I'm sorry,i don't have all of the answer for you, !!!!! I want to say PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP ON HIM- BECAUSE THE REWARDS THAT ARE WAITING FOR YOU... OUTWEIGH ALL OF THE HEADACHES OF THE PAST.....

    But, i do know this much, SPEAKING FOR MYSELF- that all Cancer babies come into this world with a trunk full of work lessons & quorks.... LOL But somewhere in that mix of deep emotions lies wonderful generous & unstopible at seeking his soul mate....!!!!!!!

    much love & light

    i will ask my angels/ guides to send you peace clarity of mind & open heart....

    Please, give this relationship another try- listen with your heart ...!!!!

    xoxo Mille !!!

  • Hi Dailyreflection,

    Just in case you fall for a cancer guy again. There are 3 kinds of cancer. See the ff:

    BORN June 22 & July 2

    First one ruled by the moon -Sensitive & Creative

    You are generous and will do anything for anyone.You gain an enormous sense of satisfaction from giving. You are a true giver. You crave a sense of security & love & desire close family relationships that you can nurture and be nurtured by. Main flows are tends to be domineering, talks a lot,

    over sensitive as you have a difficult time being objective when it comes to emotional issues.

    Born July 3 & July 12

    ruled by the planet Pluto

    personality mystery,secrecy & psychic ability

    Extremely private person and donot like to reveal too much of yourself to anyone. You keep secrets well. Noone knows him fully.Donot allow your heart to overrule your head. Have an analytical mind that affects your judgement. Your head usually wins out.

    Main flaws have a tendency to have a jealous streak

    Born July 13 and July 23

    ruled by the planet Neptune

    Intuitive, empathy & optimism

    A dreamer,compassionate, can easily understand the feelings and emotions of others.

    You have a fascination for the unusual,extraordinary & unconventional. You adore the idea of being in love and being romanticised.This sometimes leads to disappointment with relationships that fall short of the romance ideal because of your positive optimism this disappoint soon diminishes and you move on to other romances.

    Enjoys your own company, need to have your own space & some freedom and like to have time alone.

    I have a cancer friend that married a taurus guy. He eventually left her saying she was not too challenging enough for him. He said she was just one kind. Hm,Hm,Hm

    Just remember men & women are like night & day.

  • Hmmmm @ Magickal... that is amazing... I Think i align to all of 3 cancer signs... each one has a small piece of the Cancer Babe in me ..!!! Thank you for posting this.. It has helped me to know me better... Some other Cancerean will find it also as helpful....!!! xoxox

  • Maybe I can help- I am a July 5th Cancer. If you meet a Cancer who has not experienced true love and lost it...multiple times we can be very difficult. I will tell you though when we fall we fall hard and as long as we know you have our back when times get tough we will be unwavering in our loyalty. I fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it had a mother who tended to be cold with her affection. I was able to keep my sweet side but always had fears of abandonment. So anytime I was in a vulnerable situation I would run. Always thinking the worst outcome was to occur. Its a self preservation reaction and really doesnt give people a chance to show you that their intentions are pure. Sabotaging what could have been a great relationship usually was the result. It took a number of bad relationships a divorce (from an Aquarius- just an fyi- those two signs dont work!) and subsequent dating to realize I was usually the problem. Either wanting things to go too fast or too slow, never letting the relationships energy flow to its natural energy. To answer your question we do want to be chased, but we like a challenge. It is a silly game. I dont claim to be so evolved but I did realize the person I wanted to be with and that was a hard lesson to learn. If your cancer male is ready for the real relationship that can give him all he needs to be happy, it wont hurt you to be with him. HTH

  • Hi, I have been reading a few posts here and I’m sure we all have our different stories with the Cancer men. If anyone could give me some solid advice on mine that would be great. I’m not the one to jump into relationships or to believe in fairytales really, but when something ‘’different’’ comes around, I will definitely reckognise it. So I met this Cancer guy in a hostel in Berlin when I moved there. I was just staying until I was able to move into my new flat and he was just travelling and in town for 4 days. We were in the same room and by random chance started talking. Anyway long story short, he asked me if I wanted to hang out the next day and so we did. At first I was just enjoying his company and we had a lot of fun together. I had a feeling he might want to kiss me but wasn’t sure until he actually asked J Needless to say, we didn’t spend a moment apart during the next 4 days pretty much living one of those fairytales that I never really believed in before. We clearly got carried away being too attracted to each other and before I knew it, we were having these conversations about him moving to Europe so that we could give this thing a go. After he left to continue his travels, we spoke every single day and facetime-d aswell and we were trying to see how we could see each other again before he had to go back to the states. Anyway, it finally drained us both I guess and he brought up the conversation about what to do next. He pretty much said that going back home without being able to move to Europe considering all of those complicated visa issues would be too hard for both of us. We decided to stay friends and after that there were fewer and fewer texts until the daily photos of him in different places in Europe and ‘’I miss you’’ messages stopped. I guess being a pretty rational person, I could see him losing interest eventually if we didn’t see each other but still I wonder, what he thought about it all.

    Anyway, thanks for reading the longest story ever. I guess, it’s still in my heart a little if I think about it still..

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