Feel in Shambles, can someone help

  • Hi Everyone,

    I currently made a decision to move in with my bf after being broken up for 4 months, we got back together and after 3 months again moved in. I feel totally in disarray and I am so unhappy and disillusioned with the way it turned out. I thought these first few months living together were going to be good. Instead I feel neglected, bored, like I am stuck and not growing spiritually or learning anything from him. I feel anxious and not "right". I don't know if this is just a stage and I should keep trying or talk to him or if my gut is right and this is not my life path. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hi SusieScorp - I feel your last statement is the right one...your gut says it all!


  • Thanks ScorpWolf... sometimes following your gut is the hardest. Thanks for the insight!

  • You're welcome!


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