Why didnt you tell ME. He was never worth it.???


    Things have been hell sense Nov. 25 off and on with the Man Libra 10/14/1982 . he wante to rush into a relationship he would say the most disrespectful things.. I just got sick of being mistreated and changed my number. not to long after new years. I gave him the new number days because I felt guilty for the way I walkked away. so I reached gave him the new number. We have had sevral arguments and

    this last one I a few days snapped because I wanted him to feel how I felf everytime he called me out my name, said I was sexing another man and anytime I did not pick up or call back right away I was called out of my name Even when I was NOT purposely ignoring him . Rently he told me he has a daughter he claim he didn't know about/, sent picture of some half dress girl when I told him to walk away and let my mr right make me happy/ called me a bitch. hoe nasty fat.......need I say more So after all this I sent a picture of a body part that was way bigger than his . He sent one last message but I didnt keep nor opened it..

    Last I sent a text saying,,,,,,,, Does your woman know you still text and call when I asked you to walk away does she know you calling me every 2 days

    ask for foregiveness after hurting me

    why are wasting time on me when you should give all your time and energy on her

    Now you have what you want so you can move on and I am nolonger in your thoughts RIP,


  • I have experienced that.

  • Hi Beleza,

    Sometimes we arent ready to accept that we have to walk away from a relationship that is hurting us. Sometimes we waste years of our lives being involved with someone who will never love us with the honesty, integrity, and respect that we need and deserve as a human being.

    I am comforted to see that even in your pain you are realizing that this man will continue to hurt you as long as you let him back into your life.

    Block his number. Dont feel guilty for standing up for truth and honesty. Your feeling guilty is what allowed you to fall back into the circle of playing his fool. You are now taking the lead in what you expect of a man, and dont back down.

    You are worth having a man who will respect you and love you.

    Betrayal is not love. If this person is being unfaithful to his other woman...he will be unfaithful to you if you lowered your standards to take it on. See him for what he is. A man who wants to play games with other peoples lives while he satisfies himself.

    You deserve to be happy. Yes you do.. Now walk away in your mind and heart and DO NOT let him back in. Not even under the disguise of freindship..because he will use that to get to you.

    So....what are you doing in your life that makes you happy?

  • Thank you patch love for this advice. I needed it and now I know that he was a lie from the begaining ! Right now I dont the money to do anything I love, art classes travel and I need a job that I can tolerate have fun and will make me finacially independent. Im not in a good place and have n oy been for years. Thank you for your time!

  • Hi Beleza,

    Maybe start with a job that you can feel good about and have fun. And just go with that for a while. Once you're in a better mental space, you can think more about what you want to do, rather than just a job you can tolerate. When you feel better about life, opportunities will present themselves. Gradually, you will be able to start doing things that you love.

    Sorry if that sounds simplistic. I empathize with your situation. I've been there. I'm not in a job I love but it allows me to do some of the things I love, but I do not have true financial independence yet (working on it).

    You will get there - just take it a day at a time.

  • I thank you so much for your advice! It is very helpful and only thimg I can do is try.

  • Yes!! Try and try again!!!


    You are worth it! Keep the focus on what you want for your future. Picture it in your mind...and keep it front of you at all times. Keep taking the steps to advance towards your dreams.

    It doesnt take alot of money to write down your dreams and thoughts Draw on paper....any paper. You can be creative in the space you have now until you have the means to go further.

    You sound wonderful!! I see light in your mind.

    Blessings to you Beleza

  • Thank You So Much!

  • Hi Beleza dear,

    How are you? Let us know.

  • Yes, please. I was sorry my comments weren't more. My ex is a Libra and he almost destroyed me. It took counseling, many tears, many frustrating moments, and a lot more, to even start my healing process.

    I hope you are well!!

  • Sorry ut took so long. I walk away feeling disapionted cause I felt I was not giving enough info about him when I first wrote about this man back befire 2012. Im ok now but thimg,could be better. Im am getting away and I hope I cone back home with a new outlook on my life. This was hurt and abused as a child in many ways, history domestic violence, has slipt personality no meds to keep him in tact.His whole fam seems to be troubled.....i thought my family was off the chain. Now he is locked up or back in a mental hospital.....from what I was told. In the end karma kicked his ass cause he didnt keep his thing in his pants trying hurt my feelings. I do wonder does he feel guilty but then again he mentally crazy and may not have a conchience.

  • Thanks for checking on me XOXO

  • Beleza,

    What made you choose a person with such a troubled history?

    I smiled at your wording

    " I thought my family was off the chain"

    Ive never heard that expression, and it made me chuckle

    for a moment

    Then I began thinking...

    that you may have seen your own share of troubled history...and drew close to this person because you recognized the familiar.

    Before you venture into another relationship Beleza...look within yourself....and be sure to address any lingering memories that disturb you.

    I ask angel Raphael to be with you at this time and help you resolve deep issues within your heart and soul, to be whole and happy within yourself before sharing an intimate relationship with another.

    Dream dear Beleza, of what you want for yourself. It costs nothing to dream...but helps you to focus on what you are choosing.

  • He talks to you that way because he's an insecure bully and he can because you let him. You are a easy victim for him because you think that you are doing the right thing by fighting him back at his own game. All you are doing is giving him what he wants, and that is more opportunity to bully you and blame you for his flaws.

    Don't be a victim. Just cut off communication with him immediately. And stop accepting such bottom of the barrel men in your life. Step up your confidence and get better quality men.

  • Uha he back in jail or mental institution months aaaago!

  • Hi patch love. Time told me a lot about this guy Nov-Feb I didnt know history until a CO friend got a bgcheck on him. And for some reason I have to save, and share with those who dont have it as good as I do or did. I have both Educated/Successful and Wild : teen preg, fighting, lots of children per-couples so on but some have change for the better but both like to party. Im no better than anyone just blessed not j

    have been so shelterd and know that education and wanting something better !

  • Beleza, thank you for sharing.

    Im glad that you have the enforcement from your parents to absorb learning to your benefit.

    It seems from your visiting here that you are venturing to another avenue of learning, that of a spiritual nature. It is my opinion that that tapping into the energies of our unknown world holds blessing that conventional education is unable to surpass.

    I believe it will be helpful for you to focus on methods that strengthen the core of your inner self with a calming effect, which in turn will help you focus on things of an external nature with more clarity and reason.

    I hope you have a lovely day.

  • I agree with you and was thinking of crafting a binder book with pictures, motivational poems, colors, thing I love......positivity book or something to help strengthen my inner self! Do you have any suggestions or would the binder be a pretty good start?

  • Awesome idea!

    Your ideas are perfect and inspirational.....truly. Very very nice Beleza.

    A Binder is a good idea...Hobby Lobby has alot of scrapbooking type materials including book binders.

    I would love to read some of your poetry.

    Excellent ideas.

    I would like you to do something please.

    Go back and read your first posting in this thread.....and come back and look at your last posting...

    You have grown so much dear Beleza....I am so proud of you.

    Your soul is beginning to shine as it is meant to, beautiful in it its flowing natural state.

    Love and Blessings to you.


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