• Hi Dani Bo

    I'm back again re: my stepdaughter Heather(6-30-77) & her husband Richard(3-18-66),

    Like what I said before everybody is mad at the guy. I'm the only one on his side, I'm being quiet

    though &

    dont say any of my opinions. I know better to be quiet.

    The guy works hard and have given everything she ever wanted and we were all shock when he walked out on her. He's still doesnot want to talk to her. He doesnot even visit their 1 1/2 year old daughter. He is probably thinking maybe she is going to change. Knowing her she is not going to change. Maybe just for a short while to get him back then she will be back to her old ways. What do you think is he thinking of divorce? Is he planning something behind her back?

    Also their house that they left in Virginia is for sale.Will that house be sold soon? His company

    transferred him to Calif.

    Thanks a million again for your help and many blessings

  • Hi Dani Bo

    See my above post please. Also, I forgot to ask you how long is he going to do this NO communication at all? You can never solve anything if you dont do any communications.

    Thanks a million again

  • hey there I will get to your questions tomorrow! 🙂

  • Hi Dani Bo

    Pls. see above posts, also I forgot to mention = I hope he has not met someone. Maybe its just a friendship right now but if he feels good about it he might decide to leave the marriage and pursue it ????? You never know sometimes when a guy have all that free time away from wife he will then realized how much peace he has without her or could be the opposite then he will definitely go back to her. I just cant believe

    this is happening to her. She had it so good. Its hard to find a guy that works hard and with a good pay nowadays. When things are good we cant really take things for granted. We have to keep on working on our relationships. Even if its your husband we never

    know exactly what they are thinking. Men and women are like night & day.

    Many blessings to you again and sorry for all the questions just wondering how this thing will turn out.

  • Hello there 🙂

    I know I said I would be able to do the reading tonight, but I have a rather important exam this wednesday. Can I do it that night or thursday-ish? I will not forget! I have written your reading down in my agenda. Thanks for being patient with me!

  • Dear Dani Bo

    Sorry I didnot mean to rush you. I just sent you another one cause I thought of another thing to ask.

    I should have added in my post ANYTIME so please next time you get a post from me ANYTIME YOU HAVE THE TIME.

    I do appreciate your response anytime you are free from all your schooling work is fine with me.

    I can wait whenever you are ready. NO RUSH AT ALL after all my step daughter is talking like crazy.

    She thinks she knows it all and said he will come to his senses. If I were her I will be worried

    cause they have a 1 1/2 year old daughter and she is due on April. Could you imagine she will give birth to their new baby and he wont come around. I will be scared if I was her. Of course I cant tell her anything. She thinks she knows it all. Before her husband walked out on her they always looked so happy & loving. I thought they have it all. I guess no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

    What do you think SHE is thinking now? I dont believe anything anymore she says.Sorry I have so many questions.


    I hope I didnot confuse you.

    THANKS A MILLION AGAIN & MANY BLESSINGS- I pray daily and I will include you in my prayers to succeed in your schooling.

  • Okay, so I'm going to try and see if I got all your questions answered. I apologize if I left a few out 🙂

    1. Is he thinking about divorce? - FIVE OF WANDS

    This card does show some conflict, but it's not all bad. The men in this picture appear to be more play fighting then actually fighting to harm one another. I think that yes, maybe the thought has popped up into his mind, be he is conflicted because he knows that he will be leaving behind a wife and two children, and he really doesn't want to do that. He's bothered. He doesn't know what he wants at the moment. No final decision has been made, but I'm sure he's at least thought about it.

    2. will their house be sold soon? -KNIGHT OF SWORDS

    Knights ride fast, and the knight of swords rides the fastest. Yes, their house will be sold VERY soon!

    3. How long does he plan on not communicating? - QUEEN OF WANDS REVERSED

    Wands are usually fast paced, and aren't typically known for being patient. That being said, he might take a little more time to himself, but he's not going to make his wife and family wait around for that much longer. He knows what pain he's causing, and he doesn't want to keep inflicting it for that much longer. At least, that's what it appears that he is planning.

    4. Has he met someone else? - THE WORLD

    This card does not indicate a firm yes or no. It leaves you up to decide, as this card really is about fate and uncertainty. There is no way to really tell if he's really met someone special in his time apart from your stepdaughter. This card is a more "time will tell" sort of thing. No one knows (we are not allowed to see) besides this guy, and this guy alone.

    5. What is your stepdaughter thinking about this? - KING OF SWORDS

    She is using her logic over his emotions in this situation. I think this card or another sword came up in her feelings previously. She wants to look at this as strategically as possible (as what's best for her and her children) rather than getting emotionally drained by this whole ordeal. She's being logical, which seems to be helping her at the moment.

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