I'm a libra, how do I get a Scorpio man?

  • I have a friendship with a Scorpio man, but I know it's a little more than just a friendship, but I want it to be a romantic relationship. How do I make this work?

  • How does he feel?

  • He sends mixed signals. Sometimes he will be really attentive and flirty and othertimes he will act distant. He just had me fly out to visit him for the weekend and it was passionate and fun, but when it came time to talk serious relationship questions I chickened out because I'm not sure how he is feeling because of being so hot and cold.

  • Then you just have to ask him what he wants. What have you got to lose - you only have a half-baked unsatisfying relationship as it is now. On the face of it, he just seems to want what he can get out of it for himself. Unless he can convince you that there could be more, then there is nothing in it for you. He is taking more than giving.

  • That's a good point. You're right, I do need to just suck it up and ask him because my feelings for him are growing and I don't need him wasting my time or my feelings. Thank you.

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