My son

  • My eldest son has had a rocky time in his life. Is it ever going to end. His BD 5/16/85. Do you see him getting a good job. Will he have to move away to get one. Thank you

  • marsc135

    Your son will have to do an attitude change to follow the road to success.

    Yes, he has had some ups and downs in his life and he has allowed them to give him a to negative mindset, He needs some schooling and I feel he is good working with his hands like on car engines and can work in a cock pit where race cars are and yes if he takes this profession on he will travel a bit until he finds a partner and will open a business of his own. I feel warm weather where he ends up settleing the dust and starting a family of his own. This will take time and I get 1-3 years here for him to really get where he wants to be. I hear the name Pat around him as a helper in his work area. Travel comes in around him strongly, so let him go to spread his wings to fly to his distiny.

    I'm Shuabby a clairvoyant reader who comes here from time to time to read for those in need.

  • Hi Shuabby, Your close but his name is Pat. Unfortunately he has never worked on a car, he never had the any ambition or the know how. you are right about the attitude change. He is an excellent cook. He would like to finish his degree, but he dosen't have the money right now

  • marsc135

    He still may meet a man named Pat that works on cars and he himself will learn how to. He is a cook and I feel French food around him. I only give what spirit gives me at the time and I always appreiate feedback even if it is six months from now, as I love to hear how spirit has moved someone life forward. Pat needs to look into a grant to finish his degree.


  • I will look into grants Thanks again Shuabby, many blessings to you.

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