Advice on Gemini males please

  • please keep me posted with your man...wishing you the best of luck!! and have a great weekend 🙂

  • Aww thank you and if ever you feel the need please take a flight out to me. Like you say am not that far away and I think it would be lovely to meet you. You're more than welcome and I have the room.

    You too have a great weekend and somehow have a feeling I won't hear from my Gem man - pfft his loss.

    Stay in touch VOC has been great chatting with you. Am here anytime you need me

    Cyber hugs xxx

  • The stars btw were kisses . D'oh, this site!!!!

  • VOC, how are you?

    Sorry not been in contact sooner but am typing this from a hospital bed so will try and give condensed version of what has happened with my Gem man since last week.........

    Well, I didn't take your advice of contacting him last Thursday to ask 'well? are you seeing me this weekend or not?' Decided instead after not hearing from him in the same evening to delete his number and also all his texts so there was no way should I have had a weak moment to contact him. Actually made me feel quite good to do that and helped me to move on. Saturday night I received a text from someone saying 'hi, how are you' and I just replied saying 'am doing good thanks' not having a clue who it was as I delete a lot of my numbers and then peeps just resurrect themselves. Got response with something like 'I know you're good and you know how to take care of yourself, me I'm ok but not too good' I turned to my son and said I haven't a clue who this person is so my response was 'who is this' and yes, of course the response was stating his name with a 😞 attached to it. I thought OMG!!!! Obviously with his upset emoticon attached to his name meant, well, he was upset.

    I toyed for a while with the idea of replying or just leaving it and my son said 'mum, call him, if you're going to reply then don't by text and explain over the 'phone why you deleted him'. So I called and explained and he seemed to understand why I did what I did. Came across as very keen and even said that I should have prompted him to come for the weekend and he wants me to almost 'push' and that it makes him feel wanted but I explained to him that it works both ways and I need it to be reciprocated.

    Anyhoos (still trying to condense this post) there was good texting the next couple of days and then I'm taken into hospital. He hasn't even asked what is wrong with me!! WTF??? He's sent about max 3 texts a day asking how I am and am I home yet. One text was even telling him that they may be operating on me - no response!!!!! It's like he doesn't give a sh!te and yet he professes to really like me???? Not even an offer to come visit although he does live a fair distance, but still.............? Not even a phone call, only texts.

    Hopefully I'm being discharged today. Am not sure if he's a guy with illness phobias or what?

    Am I being unreasonable when I do get to speak to him to tackle him about all this or should I just delete him once more and make it final this time? Does he not realise that his behaviour is quite upsetting and when one is in hospital one doesn't need extra upset.

    Keep me posted on you please VOC and hope you're hanging on in there

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