What am I doing wrong???

  • You are so bang on...have not been feeling the love these last two months...will have required convo when we finally get to met up in london hopefully. Only time will tell. So I just need to have the patience. As I said before will keep you posted. Am sure you'll hear from me whilst in london one way or the other. Heres praying for happy endings.

    Thanks so much again. It is amazing how much better I feel after reading your posts.

  • You're very welcome. 🙂

  • So Are you going to ring him and meet him etcetc?

  • Well...I have decided that I'll send him atext either sunday night or monday, as I leave tuesday, just saying that I get to london at 1:15pm on the wednesday, and give him my brothers home number. Then I hope I am strong enough to sit back and wait for his call. If I dont hear from him by sunday night, that is once am in london, then I'll call him and let him know that i'd like us to meet and that we obviously need to talk. Whadya think??? Any advise is more than welcome.

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