I dont understand women

  • i dont get women. my old girlfriend still texts me as she wants to be friends. we dont get together which is good. we exchanged texts to catch up and she said shes sort of dating someone. i said im with someone too. after going back and forth, she said shes not dating, just has a close friend and the reason why she said she was dating was to see of i was too. whats her deal? will she try to come back to me? im married but friendship is all i want. thanks.

  • Hiya

    I think she tries to play with you. On off on off. So it´s time to do something drastic. It´s time to cut her off. She´ll be mad but what can you do? You´re a MARRIED MAN now! You owe it to your wife to cut that plaything off once n for all. Who knows u may get tempted.

    To me it sounds miss play on off hopes u will get tempted, its a game to her. I sense miss on off playgames thing won´t settle 4 friendship, it will b 4 Am calls cryuing demanding ur full attention.

    Im sorry pilotguy but u must cut her off completely. make it clear u+re married happily. if she doesnt get the message, ask her never to call text mail u again. if that doesnt help, time 4 a new phone number.

    you owe it to urself n ur wife. Take the high road.


    ps NOT all women r like miss plaything on off, my hunch is she properly had no siblins, sole single child, spoiled rotten all her life, as in that i want that i get., U may b the guy to say it ends here, all in all ur choise. best of luck!

  • Don't let her in. She on some level wants you back, why else would she want to find out if your seeing someone. It isn't always okay to be friends with your ex. You know her best ..think this through. Good Luck.

  • Hi pilotguy - did you actually tell her that you were MARRIED? OR did you just say that you were "with someone". OR did you say you were "seeing someone" or that you had a :girlfrined".

    Did you actually tell her that you were "living with someone". The reason I ask is because many years ago I had someone I knew pay a lot of attention to me. We talked a lot on the phone and we became very good friends. I was pretty sure he had a girlfriend of some sort but he never mentioned her - or when he did it was like "my - uh - girlfriend" - never by name or anything. After about 6 months of talking and emailing - I find out that his girlfriend that has lived with him for several years reads his email, spies on his phone bill, has people she questions about his whereabouts, etc. (ie a real strange - insecure person). Had I known he had a girlfriend that lived with him, I never would have emailed him and probably would not have placed as much trust in him as I did. Maybe he really did want to be my friend and that's why he didn't tell me until an issue surfaced, or maybe he was embarrassed about her behaviour - either way - it wasn't made clear from the start.

    So what I am saying is - make it very clear what your situation is and that it IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE ANYTIME IN THIS CENTURY and that you hope she is able to find someone that she is a happy being with as you are wife your wife.

  • Well tell her that your married and only want friendship and that should settle it.

  • Be upfront with her to begin with that way eliminates misunderstandings

  • Also dont forget your wife and make sure she is ok with you being friends with your ex. Marriage and partnerships come first and coz there are two you both must make the decision together whether or not you would like both to be friends with previous ex/s.

  • Also if you and wife have children and you get the feeling that your children dont like both your's or your wife's ex's then dont have anything to do with them at all. Children seem to have inbuilt radar detectors for weeding fuckwits so listen to them carefully and keep your family together.

  • cease contact with her asap!!! It will damage the relationship with your wife or even worse you could lose your wife

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