Free Card Deck to Give Out

  • Hi,

    I have a free tarot card deck to give out. I brought it a few years back. I was going to learn about readings and all but never got a chance or commitment to do so. I opened the deck but never really used it. I no longer needed this deck. If anyone wants it, I can ship it out for free. Please email me your name and address to

  • dear lightsmile

    Which deck is it...I mean what kind? I have the Riderwaite and Marseilles.

    And just a suggestion...maybe if you keep it for a while longer you might find it useful?

    Anyway thats a generous offer

    Love and Light

  • Hi suramya,

    It is the origional rider waite deck. I had it for serveral years. I don't know how to do readings with it. If someone else have a better use, I am more than happy to give it away rather than sitting here.

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