Need Cancer/Gemini male perspective...Please!!

  • Have been in a long distance relationship with a Cancer male June 22nd, more so Gemini traits. I am a leo female for a year. We see each other every four months or so for about 2-3weeks at a time.When we are together it is amazing. We use to communicate constantly, texting 5-6 times a day and daily calls lasting up to 2 plus hours. He has never been one to intiate calls, but rather asks me to call him. I have noticed a significant decrease in communications from him...and it takes him what seems forever to reply to texts. But if I don't send him a text, he'll text me within 24hrs. Our conversations are still 30 mins to an hour long and all seems well. I know that he is going through some finanical problems with the ex-wife and it is stressing him out, but doesn 't seem to want to talk to me about it. We are both planning on moving to the same country in Africa in August. At the moment he's in England and I'm in Canada. We met on a flight to Africa were we are both orginially from. I am heading to london in two weeks to see him,but i will be staying at my brothers, cause it wasn't until after I bought the ticket that he texted me to say we should rethink trip, which I couldnt do as I had already got ticket. At which point he mentioned problem with ex wife..I am so on edge...trying not to put any pressure on him, but am hoping once in london he'll invite me to stay with him instead. Oh yes...his sister is also supposed to be coming to london around the same time. His family knows we're seeing eachother but we have met yet. Help...whats going on..or am I just being needy..

  • Hey! Honestly, the fact that this is a long-distance relationship makes it very hard on both him and you. Maybe you guys should take a break and wait until you both move to Africa and see how the relationship develops there. What do you think?

  • Honestly, the thought makes me nauseaous. I think I'd rather suffer along with minimal contact than have no contact. But it is a good suggestion. Will definately think on it. Thanks.

  • Being a cancer with a gemini rising- with long distance relationships that I have been in- the reality of the distance tends to become a problem. He may just be unsure or just busy with life. I tend to agree with dailyref- that giving him space and if he like any other cancer he will miss you and come crawling sideways back. We ALWAYS do. Dont make yourself so available and you will be surprised at the turnaround.....and if he doesnt you have your answer on what you need to do.

  • I don't know Cancers but if he is more Gemini then looking at my Gemini friend, she doesn't reply emails or texts right away. I know a Gemini male who also wants me to contact him first.

    I did a few times and he didn't reply, so I never contacted him anymore. It was a lot of fights anyway and although there was a plan made to live together someday, he kept complaining about long distance (we are 8 hrs different time zones) so I dropped him. I know it sounds selfish but I think he will do better with someone closer. and yes, he also started communicating less at the time.

    I'd suggest you find something else to occupy your time and mind. We Leos get excited too easy sometimes when we are in love, but remember your life as an individual doesn't end when you are in relationship. Make new friends, enjoy your time in England with or without him, and attend to your future and needs because those will still be there whether you are in relationship or not anyway. Hope you enjoy your stay in England! I know exactly where to go there 🙂 historical places, old (very old) castles...not to mention tall dark handsome strangers :):)

  • I've been in london a week and all i've gotten is one not so nice text with him all of a sudden comparing me to his ex wife. Then comparing our relationship to my previous one.Saying I loved my ex now i hatee him, which is true, but we have a totally different relationship. Followed by him saying that I think of him as a novelty and that i'll soon be bored with him and that will be that.

    Just dont get why he wont see me.

    I understand the stress hes under but emotionally i need to see him, even though i want to give him space, at this point i'd settle for a phone call. How pathetic am I.

  • My best advice for you is this, being in a relationship with a Cancer male for over 2 years now, a cancer cannot but help themselves when it comes tot heir partners moods. What I mean by that is this, your constant state of mind, the emotions that you project, will consume them. They have such a hard time dealing with their own emotions, they have even harder time dealing with their partners, especially it they are negative, needy, weak, upset, argumentative, and so on.

    I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my guy is drawn to me because of my CONSTANT good nature. I am easy to be around and with. I am not demanding, I am patient, kind, thoughtful and considerate, blah, blah, blah! lol

    About 3 weeks ago, I was in a tough emotional place. My guy said a couple of different things that I took the wrong way. I know I did, bc I could see his mannerisms while he was saying them. However, the more hurt I became, I lashed out, by text. Bad move on my part. However, he responded, shockingly in a positive way. He apologized, which shocked me, then we talked the next day face to face, the comment he made that struck me the most was this.." It is so hard to have deep conversations via text bc it is hard to connect..."

    That said a lot to me. He's right. I think this is especially true in a newer relationship. It takes time to truly get to know someone.

    I also could not imagine the strain it would put on our relationship simply by not being able to see one another regularly.

  • not pathetic. you are just so much in love and he is not at all.

    he hasn't got over his ex, it seems, comparing you with her.

    that's his Cancer side, they always keep coming back to past lovers.

    if he hasn't got over her, he will never see you for who you really are, never love you for you.

    I hope you will find someone that is ready for new relationship.

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