Long Distance Relationship Cancer male-Leo female

  • Need help?? My guy isa Cancer June 22nd but more Gemini traits and is a twin to boot. I find that he doesn't seem to beable to communicate well, and rarely initates contact. But when we're together or when we talk it's great. Not sure if I'm expecting to much or am to needy. We've been together for a year now. He is totally amazing, but I feel like he can't totally let me into his life. He is so damn logical , and it doesnt help that he's a lawyer also. Am I banging my head on a brick wall here????

  • What are the exact birthdates?

  • Mine is August 14 1970 and Maitland is June 22 1972.

  • This relationship can sweep both partners off their feet in a storm of passion. Its mood is romantic, intense, and compelling. The focus here may well prove to be the realization of fantasies and imaginative impulses. You Sahara will usually seek and demand admiration and attention, yet here you may find yourself worshipping at your partner's 'altar'. Once he feels he is in the driver's seat, he may not hesitate to exert dominant control over you. His influence should not be destructive however - in fact, both your attitudes to the relationship tends toward the devotional.

    A love affair or marriage here is likely to be sexually exciting. Both of you are stirred by your love to the very depths of your being, and these feelings tend to endure over time. Once your relationship is firmly established, your partner may make himself responsible for maintaining the home base and providing a stable foundation for the relationship while you are out in the world overcoming obstacles and attaining success. On the domestic front, you generally appear to be the boss, but your partner will be the real power behind the throne of your home. Despite his deep connection to the home however, he will also need to make a name for himself out in the world to be completely happy. If you exercise patience and care with each other and keep your emotions and aggressions on an even keel, things can go very well here for the longterm.

    You love drama and your friend hates to be bored so you should share some exciting times together. You might get fed up with the way your partner likes to take care of everyone around him, and yet at times he can get frustrated by the responsibilities of a relationship and will withdraw into his shell. There will be times he can be so self-protective when other people demand too much of him that he will go incommunicado and disappear on everyone, just to rest and refresh himself from the pressures of the world or of his loved ones.

    I hope this helps. Blessings!

  • Thanks for reply. made me feel better. would you mind checking out my other post on Tarot "what am I doing wrong?" so you get a better sense of whats going on.

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