• I am a cusp Scorpio/Sagittarius. I married a Gemini and talk about Jekyl and Hyde!! If I was distant he came running. If I was affectionate he was distant. In the bedroom it was all about him and very violent. He could be so charming that a snake would have a hard time competing!! Holidays were all about His family and friends and little consideration given to mine at all. He would spend thousands of dollars on himself and very little on anyone else. To get an inside picture,,,we were together for seven years and he never once met my mother but I was suppose to drop everything when his folks called!! He never took my advice or input but ALWAYS called his mommy and daddy to get theirs...We were in our 40's then!!! We have been divorced for 7 years and he has moved on to his next victim. NEVER again will I date a Gemini!!! Male or Female!

  • Get ready for the ride. Gemini's will take you there and you have to be prepared. They love to play games and ti test you. But, once you get their heart they can be really sweet beings. And for the mosr part please give them their space that is the most important part with a Geminin man. Please give them their SPACE.

  • Vixen 5...sounds like your describing my recent ex-boyfriend. Your description fits him too the tee!!! Wow!!! I must admitt the descriptions of Gemini men are so closely related its definitely not a coincidence. These men are really something else...and I don't mean that in a good way either.

  • Eeeek, Ive read some of the posts and I feel I need to do a little explaining for my fellow Gemini's.

    I am a Gem female and I recently experienced an end to a three year relationship with a Sag male. I can tell you that it took me a long time to be willing to commit myself to him because I love my freedom but when I did decide to do so, I was insanely loyal. The major thing for me is that my moon is in Pisces which thankfully allows me to feel and need on a physically level to balance out the mental side of being a Gem. Unfortunately, the Sag and I werent the match I thought and the only good thing about us was the "physical side" of our relationship. That said, I wouldnt ever say that I would never date another Sag again because I realize now that his being a sag mixed with an aries moon meant he and I were destined to be competitive and clash.

    Gem's are constantly changing our minds, wanting to delve into new and different projects and experiences and people.

    its hard to explain the selfishness of the Gem man that Vixen 5 experienced, I know its quite possible, some of us can get absorbed within our own lives, but at least for me, I am flexible enough and am capable of understanding anothers perspective, that if my partner expressed how family time was one-sided, I would acknowledge their feelings and want to do things on their "turf" if you will. Its that duality of the Gem, being able to see both sides of the story, that to me, makes some of us Gemini's considerate and fair. We are quite practiced at wearing other peoples shoes.

    I couldnt agree more that Gemini's, be it male or female, need their space. We also get bored very quickly. What we need most is someone to keep up with us mentally and keep us interested. It can sound like a daunting task, but those who are open and flexible and up for new and different things can easily capture and keep the attention of a Gem.

    I agree with Virgogirl at the beginning of this thread, in that I feel the moon sign is as equally as important as the Sun sign.

    Also, even though my feminist side does want to argue this next point, I find it hard to ignore the inherent differences between the sexes and that men are vastly different from women.

    I almost want to apologize for the Gem male and tell him he sucks because it is painting a bad picture for the rest of us.... but not all Gemini's are THAT bad.

  • I am in the process of ending my marriage with a Gemini man. I have had to keep broad shoulders for the last 19 years. I was always the stronger of the two. Had to make sure everything was taken care of house, finances,children, etc. This was very tring and tiring. I finally wisened up and am looking forward to the lighter load. I don't believe that all Gemini men are this self centered. Taurgem and Vixen5 have - think you both are also referring to my soon to be ex .

  • TMOE, Your comment was very interesting. I am an Aqua women and mot of my friends are Gemini's and we get along so well. My friend(male) is also a Gemini and I really had to get to know him and trust me I went thur some thing and it also taught me patient. I had none when I meet my Gemini. I always say it takes a strong women to handle a Gemini man. To me I've learned that it is so important that you give them that space. I too can relate, I love to have my space.We come back revived and easier for us to get along with our peeps. I love my space and as will private time or quite time. We need this. I very much like your comment. If you like your Geminin peeps or if u are a Gemini, it's ok Not all Gemini have a bad rap. I love the Geminin's, they are a challenge to me. Remeber they are teachers and very lovable beings. Please give them their SPACE and it will go well. Love those Gemini"s.

  • B4icu...I am sorry about your divorce-I hope you hang in there...but, like I said it just can't be a coincidence...threads all repeating the same things....same expiriences...I do hope that Gemini men get a little bit better as they age...I don't think they try to lie, I think they say what they want at the moment, and then quick as that second passes...they decide they want something else. I just with they would keep their thoughts to themselves then. I being a Taurus girl with a gemini moon need passion in a relationship...its great if its all roses at first..but I also need just a bit of challenge here or ther or I get bored too...the difference is I am extreamly giving and throw my whole being into a relationship because I believe that if I love someone...they are worth it giving my all to (time, money, love, kindness, caring, pampering, concern, etc..) I just don't get it why Gemini men can't see that all of this is important in a relationship. They love to read and learn...so, you would think they would observe how decent men relate to and treat women...and try to obtain a deeper understanding of love (like not running when things get rough, rather using each other's strengths to support each other) maybe then they wouldn't be have as bad. I still believe they want all the control, my ex-gemini was always telling me why can't you be more subservient. The thing is I am not a dominent person at all...I actually like the man to take more of the lead...but my gemini had no idea what he was doing most of the time and was all over the place...making a ton of bad decisions and I loved him so I felt I had to step in to show him the way most of the time and He took that as I was trying to control him. All I can say is I'm definitely on board with all of those individuals in this thread who said...NEVER AGAIN WILL I PUT MYSELF THROUGH THAT****! When a Taurus women gets her heart broken it's devistating because we only have 1 heart to give and we give it up completely...A Gemini has 2 hearts so when one gets slightly cracked (don't thing their hearts could ever be entirely broken..because I don't think they have the ability to feel that deeply) they can just keep truck'in along on their merry way.

  • No this is not normal for a Gemini. I am a male Gemini born 6/6/1967 and I am very affectionate. If I am feeling like my lady is acting bossy, I just grin and sometimes get turned on. I have always got along with Leos and never had a loss of conversation. But of course, you can only take this sign thing so far. You have to factor in life experience, how they were raised, ect. Basically, Someone can be a jerk without having to do with what sign they are. When it comes to being the center of attention, I am comfortable being in the background..

  • Hey dlgainersjr....I think the date of your birth within the sign's cycle can make a big difference too...i.e. whether a birthday is in the beginning, middle, or end can also affect what type of Gemini they are. For example my birthday is 5/15/72, I am a taurus 3... we very different personality traits than Taurus 1 or 2's who are born in April or at the beginning of May. Maybe the fact that you are a June Gemini...affects how you are/act ....I agree that life expiriences makes a big factor in who they are of course but some personality traits are just more strong with people according to where their birthdays are. My ex boy friend's birthday is 5/30...he was super affectionate most of the time...but it was mostly on his terms...so, I had to relish in it when he gave it to me....when I really needed it...sometimes I'd just have to suck it up if he wasn't in the mood or just plain didn't feel like giving me the affection I needed. Oh, by the way..Taurus's women have the reputation for being bossy too...my man couldn't stand it...the problem is I wasn't trying to be bossy...it just came out sounding that way sometimes.


  • WOW I read a lot of these posts and would like to put in my 2 cents.

    My son's father is a Gemini. We met in '89, he moved in in '93 with me and my then 9 yr old daughter. The first few years were GREAT! He was affectionate and good company. Then things changed drasticly. He seemed to want to spend a lot of time alone. I was okay with that at first but it started to get to me. He would act as if he was alone even when we were together. He is very mental and a great talker when he wants to talk but only on the subject he wants to talk about. I had our son in '97 and was sure it would help us. But I was wrong. I held on as long as I could. We have been seperated 2 years now. He never calls. It is sad . I still love him but am glad not to have to feel like I am alone when we were sitting on the same sofa.

  • Me too thinks it's a common gemini male trait to be distant and least expressing love and care while the female partner is looking all forward to it...Sometimes its jst upsetting, even confusing that are u dealing with two differnt people under one label...

  • Athomefornow..I've been there too...in the mornings when we get up my ex would do the same thing...watch tv, eat breakfast, and pretend I wasn't there.

  • Forum, this is there natural make-up. It takes a real women to deal or handle a Gemini Man. Please give them there SPACE. If you cannot deal, just move on. If you seen this in the begining why would you stick around or deal with this person. Every women or man cannot deal with this type of person. Remeber these beings are 2 people and they are battle to themselves. So if you know you have the time or the patient it's worth it. I know from experience they are really sweet , sensitive beings. If you have the time go back and read the whole forum on Gemini's so that you can get a better understanding of them. I love my Gemini man. Give them their SPACE and it will be weel worthy in the end.

  • worthy1248...The problem with space is my meaning of it or theirs???Its all relative....Can you explain what you mean by space???Like not talking when you see each other, or going weeks at a time not seeing each other,,,or a few hours a day....or what...what does a space actually mean for a gemini man???

  • It depends on your Gemini man. Heck it could mean a matter of hours, days or etc.... You know what your level of tolerance is. You also know when your man is just not at his best or not feeling well. You should just know you man.

  • so this gemni calls whenever on his own time schedule...lol...I am just leaving it at that...actually he was the one calling me..I never went out of my way to call him...but he did...sooo just leave it at that?

  • No, that's not whay I am saying, What you are not grasping is that my Gemin and I have a really good relationship, and part of a good realation is communication. So it;'s not about him calling when he wants too.or things are on his terms. Not all Gemini's are the same. I do know that when I know he needs his space I do respect that.. I am an Aqua and I too needs my space and love every min of it. It's all about knowing you man or mate.

  • Wow, I am new here and this is the reason I came and I am very surprised there are so many posts about Gemini Men. I have been with mine for about 10 months now and he has been in a very dark place the last few weeks due to personal reasons. I knew what I was getting into before I started dating him because I have studied my fellow air signs alot, Im an aquarius. So my question to geminis on here would be: Is it possible to make love last forever with the Gemini man?

  • I would say yes. But they can be so compiicated and hard to understand sometimes. I have known my Gemini friend for a very long time, and I have also been thur some things with him. But I felt like it was worth it. I know in my life this is the person who just knew me so well and also showed me patient. When I meet this person I no sense of patient at all and that was part of my downfall. So with him I come to know him pretty well and it came with patient and understanding. So too each it own.......You ask yourself is it worth it? Ok so much on that. Gemini really need there SPACE maybe this is why he is in a dark place right now. They need tha SPACE to think and get back o themselves, and it's nothing personal. I also had to learn this. Remeber it is nothing personal. Gemini are known too needing their SPACE. This is a need for them. I have learned so much from my Gemini friend. And please NO possessivenes, this wiil only have them run the other way. So at this time give him so SPACE and he will come back around. Trust Me.

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