• Thank you Coona. I really needed to hear that. I had a close relationship with a gemini man. I always hoped that it would end up as something more. But in the end he withdrew, telling me he didn't feel the same way even though we did everything normal lovers would do. I finally realized that the only person he was pleasing this whole time, was himself. He always wanted me to be there for him, but he was never with me when I needed him the most....

  • I am a divorced gemini woman once married to a gemini man for 20+ years. Affection nor romance was part of the relationship. Although I knew this while we were dating, as a gemini myself, I think I partially understood and married him anyway, thinking it was part liberating for a woman to not be pawed by men. Well, I began to realize something was missing. After the sex drive was gone from the marriage, so was any show of affection. I began to believe that's how marriages become for people. After all, we had a family and busy lives. What I did not realize by denial even until after the divorce, is that he was very self centered, thrill seeking, and a cheater. Gemini's men are great at seeing different sides of things and using the most convenient perspective to justify their need for variety and avoidance of boredom. These needs are not superficial to them because they thrive on it. Also, they thrive on attention and the thrill of new relationships and new interests and toys. Gemini men without the maturity of empathy have no clue about working through problems. They just move on to the next amusement.

    My bottom line is that if your Gemini man is already showing lost of interest, know that you will have to think of a game plan to get him more interested in you than something else, or live with minimal affection and risk losing him at midlife crisis time.

    This was my experience, and seeing others come up with their experiences because of your question has really helped me to understand why he broke up our family.

    I think Gemini women are different from Gemini men. Can someone explain how gender plays a role in the character of people of the same signs?

  • to 4of us..I will surely keep that in mind..well he called and he's back to his other twin..lol..maybe I'll ask him some of the characteristics of a gemni..see what he thinks..lol..should be interesting though to see what happens...at this time though no real expectations...just passing time..lol..like I said before there are others...soooo...if this doesn't work out then oh well...


  • @4ofus --- I absolutely agree with all you have to say about a 'Gemini' male on here!! I dated one years ago and boy, was it a ride of roller coaster (am now trapped with a 'cancer' though and its equally frustrating, LoL). I have a gemini rising myself so can identify with the twin tendencies a typical gemini will show...But at the same time, Life's too short to ruin over just one person, however special he/she may be!! Irrespective of a man's sign, he's not worth it if we females know within our hearts that we're sad or unfulfilled in any way. So **** em buggers and find next 5 inthe queue !!!

  • I could not agree more, reading the comments on this forum has made me feel better about myself. I was with a Gemini man for 12 years, of which we were married for 7. In short at first it was good, we would spend night after night talking until the early hours, then after 9 months he dumped me, then after another few months he decided he could not live without me so we got back together , after a while he then started a relationship with a former girl friend so I threathened to kick him out but he decided he wanted me and not her, then a couple of years later he did the same but when I found out he begged me to let him stay and we worked though it and got married the year after. Gemini's cannot cope with the real world and when ever we tried to discuss money, or anything serious he would clam up. The affection had long gone and regardless how hard you may try it is like banging your head against a brick wall, and it was as if I had to ask permission just for a kiss and for anything else it was as if I should count myself very lucky. Gemini's always think that the grass is greener on the other side and when life gets difficult they get bored and start imagining that if they were somewhere else or with someone else there would be fun again. They cannot cope with anything confuntational. I eventually plucked up the courage and kicked him out a few weeks ago, yes it hurts but I realise now that there is so much more to life than what a Gemini male does not have to offer. Like 4ofus says beware of the mid life crisis. If he is losing interest I would just count your losses and move on, you CANNOT change a Gemini male.

    I would not normally participate in forums but the title caught my eye and after reading the comments I thought it only fair to warm other what their future could be like if they try to hang in there.

  • well I didn't get to ask him about the characteristics...lol...but yep..agree with the comments while I knew hm as a friend its making sense now...well you live and you learn..I learned that you can not change anybody or control...so right now its just that..nothing less and nothing more..

  • somebody once told me that gemini has a twin, sometimes the not so cheery twin appears, or it is always their, until they deal with that side of their nature,

  • Trust me in the forum believe the comments. Very informative, it will enlighten you.

  • I've read alot of these comments about gemini men and at first I was inclined to believe them, but as I read on I'm starting to think that you can't tar all gemini men with the same brush. I have dated several gemini men and they have ALL been VERY VERY DIFFERENT. Obviously alot of you have had negative experiences with geminians...as have I...but really, maybe we should be thinking of these people as INDIVIDUALS and not just classed under this astrological sign. I'm just putting this forward to balance the view a bit because I can't help feeling that Geminians and cancerians are getting a bad rep on these forums lol. Live and let live!!!

    Best wishes to you all. Much love xx

  • All the comments of the forum could not be a mishap. Everyone has had the same experience with Gemin's and their personality. My friend or honey is a Gemini and I have an brother that is also a Gemini and they are a tripp. Funny my mother said out of all her childern my brother who is a Gemini is the most different out of all her kids. So that answers for me. You have to remeber they have 2 people inside. So they too deal with a lot. 2 personality OMG, that's a lot to handle with. And that would also make them unsure of themselves. Sorry............

  • I guess I have been able to see both sides I think...one is the more serious and he shows his vulnerablilities and then I see the mischievous side of him...so far nothing too evil or mean spiritied..yet...although at times you can actually see him struggling with himself..other times he's very confident this is the mischievous side..and the more serious one doubts himself and shares his fears...it would be interestingt how he merges both sides of him..hmmm...

  • Thank you leogrrrrl, i feel like i should be a freak or something, but im not. i dont know why all the gemini men that are being spoke of are so f'd up with treating a woman right. personally i just have trouble being understood a little, but COME ON.....well at least some people understand that not all men of the gemini sign are exactly alike....thanks again....

  • Gemini men ARE the worst. I had a gemini pursuing me (i'm a pisces) and when we finally hooked up he acted so weird so I stopped talking to him. Now, two years later he is stalking my facebook and trying to talk to me again. I sent him a message at the beginning of the year and he didn't respond so I don't get why he keeps trying to talk to me now. Can't they just make up their minds? I made up mine- Gemini's are trouble and I'm not going there again!

  • It takes a special women to handle a Gemini man. Once you figure them out , they are really sweet and very intelligent beings. So people have time and other don't. That is to figure them out. Give them their space and you will be fine.

  • Step away from this Gemini Man.....I too had a Gemini Man and Im a Gemini woman. Genuinely a Gemini man could be wonderful,....but alot of what they are does come from their up binging....If he does not show you the affection you need, move on darling , cause he never will. I kinow this from experience. And things will get worse , I promise...Dont even try to become independent with this man in your life...He wont have it.....heed my words...

  • yeh well I don't know if I have the time...lol..but yeh he used to kinda weird me out though cuz he would see me somewhere during the weekend and remember the exact time etc etc..whereas I didn't and then sometimes we would end up meeting somewhere and he would come over and just talk and I was trying to get away from him(my issue not his) and then there were times we just clicked and were happy to see each other...right now tho he's done a disappearing act...but I just let him be who he is...times he will call and just vent and then again he's sweet...I think he is a very intelligent person(doubts himself alot on that) and he is fairly honest...but I see the struggles he goes through...

  • Gemini men or at least the one I have been involved with are just too hard to try and figure out. I don't push, don't ask for anything, but the promises and the things that he continues to say just seem like lies. I can't make heads or tails of it, but having your heart ripped out of your chest over and over is making me ill. I have to walk away because I value myself too much. While truly sad I can't continue to waste time on what might be when he feels like he has something to give. I really believe that there is a degree of mental illness with my Gemini, everything is a game and when he doesn't have the control, he wants to reel me back in. The reason I think mental illness is I can't fathom anyone doing the things he has done and just being that heartless or evil. If your wish is to hurt people when they get close to you then he is doing a great job at that task. For me getting close to people, intimately or as friends is a important part of life and development, I just don't get the need to hurt others.

  • most "beings" are sweet and intelligent and hell who has time these days? i think it's more important to focus on finding someone you have a special connection with rather than trying to find out why you're supposedly not special enough for a gemini. A gemini is always always trying to find his other half so bless anyone who wants to put up with that kind of masochism.

  • this is my first Gemeni relationship and its exactly the same. Would love to know if this is normal. I wanna make sure I'm not being a over-emotional pisces

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