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  • there's a Gemini guy that's been showing interest & flirting with me for over a year now at work and sometimes his personality is exactly like you describe! He'll be all warm and affectionate with words one day & cold and distant for a few days. I always try to keep a positive attitude towards him, I really like him and he knows it. He seems like a good man and I'm not trying to rush him into a commited relationship. I figure when he's ready, it'll happen..if it's meant to. He's never been married, so I guess he just wants to take his time. By the way, I'm a Libra to the core!! : )

  • I am a cancerwoman and has been married with gemini man for 23 years - just legally separated this February 2009 for his infidelity to a very young girl, and it was me who had initated the separation because there is no more respect and trust in our marriage. Tho he had did it only once and he asked me if we could put everything behind and start anew, it takes two to dance the tango - whose ever fault I don't want to know, but one thing I know, the shift that shake our marriage is predestined I believed on that, it happened for a reason, and I have to move on.

    My life experiences with the gemini man is splendid life - he is loving, caring, protective, and he is everything that a wife would ask for a husband, but me as a wife is another individual who have a very strong personality, independent, good control over the family, have senses for the financial stability and economically smartwise. In a way we should not blamed the geminis it takes two to dance the tango. Man and wife must be capable to understand each other, be dependent and independent at the same time, even my ex is supportive financially, he is dependent to me since I am a working mother I don't have any problem and I go along with the flow so we don't have any problem. Just be yourself and trust yourself.

  • Hi, Iv had Gemini men in and out of my life for years... they need two women of both of extreme opposite to each other.. Geminis are forever playing mind games, they twins so they have two egos to satisfy.... Extremly hard for a Gemini man to have one women forever and ever.... To keep your gemini man interested you have to pretend you are not interested in him... you now become a target and he is all over you... Use the L*** word and he lost interest.... You got twins to entertain, hot and cold, happy, and sad..

    Good luck...

  • Hi I am an Aqua women and is involved with an Gemini man. They can be very difficult, but this person keeps me on my toes and alwys challenges me. I need a challenge to keep me interested. They can also be very sweet and kind hearted. Very smart.

  • Hello: Its very interesting all of the comments..I know a gemni..we sorta kinda work in the same area..first met him about 6 years ago..didn't really pay attention to him..I was healing from my seperation eventually divorce. He was always nice..probably the last two years we became friends I felt the attraction..but he was married then he got a seperation..like someone said we talked about everything..under sun..so we know alot about each other..I tell him of things I wouldn't share with anybody casually..you know..we probably both felt the attraction but never acted upon it..you know the usual..an innocent touch here or there..we kept that very distant..I went through some real tough circumstances and he was there..for well he's always been there..I just now realized that..so he tells me about all his women..or asks me questions about how would u feel about this or that...then about 2 weeks ago I saw him at a social event and he acted like he didn't see me..(he waves at me in passing and if I don't wave he calls and asks me why I don't wave..is he there w/you? he acts jealous like where are u stayin at his house etc) so I razzed him about it..but keep it light..nothing dramatic..well a couple of days after the event he came to see me..so we went out..n afterwards he kissed me and held me..said he never thought he would...but during our talks when he would mention his other women he always made sure to let me know that they mean nothing to him...(sure) he has been trying a little before that and now to get closer...when he does that it scares me to the core..of course I don't tell him that...and like someone said earlier I felt like I couldn't handle being personal with him and then seeing him at work..( I never felt sooo transparent) cuz he would try to steal hugs etc etc or touch me in some way of course he is careful too and sooo we keep up the appearances...lol...but I haven't ever seen the moody side of him yet...but I always try to keep things light..he's the onle always trying to get dramatic and serious..lol..I was kinda peeved at him though yesterday cuz he asked me not to call his cell so I deleted his number..he did that in early august too(throughout this time I never once initiated any of this) he called me one evening (I don't even know how I gave him my number) so we talked and he said he will check on something and get back with me so I was tired of waiting on him..this was the next day so I called him and he didn't answer so I left him a simple voice mail to call me back..well his so found it and accused him of cheating..he adimitted that he cheated on her and has another child with another women...so he kept calling me about 30x to which I was out of the area so I didn't answer so I finally called him and he told me what happened and then he asked me not to call his cell and so I didn't...about a week later he says do u have my cell number? no, well here it is so I put it back on my cell...sigh...I don't know..but like everybody else I am just going with the flow..and no I aint looking for love..actually I am more scared then ever...lol...umm he did find a new job so he will start there monday...relief..I cant tale tjos work relationship thing..sometimes I feel like he wants wayyyy more from me then I can give him right now..he keeps telling me that he has zero feelings for his so..or ex whatever..un huh? I say...I tell him well theres your other women..lol..and he says I told you they don't mean anything to me..its you..hahaha whatever..and he's the one always calling me..I don't chase him at all...I don't call him I know he needs his space and I need mine..oh by the way I am a virgo..but I don't know where this will go or how far...I think he liked me a long time ago I just now realized how much..hahaha...crazeee...

  • The statements I've read thus far about Gemini males is so true. One minute they're totally into you and the next, you're sitting at home wanting to pull every strand of your hair out. What I don't understand, is the magnetism they seem to have that just pulls you right back into their web of confusion. I too, am in love with a Gemini, and I still ask myself HOW an WHY, instead being the Aries that I'm and move on.

    It's just something about his intellect, sense of humor, and his charming personality that just makes me feel are their other males of the zodiac that can make women feel so special. Now, I'm doing my in depth research on dating a Gemini, even though my father and the whole lot of his side of the family are Geminis, I'm still puzzled as to the their mood swings. I must since reading a majority of the posts, I've come to understand them a little better. They just need love at a distance and close up. It's just part of their contradictory nature.

    But I told my Gemini I was in it for the long haul. So the saga continues......will keep you posted.....when I hear from him.

    Thanks from the NewbieAries

  • Another reason why there like that is because the are mentally draining on us and themselves. They are consistantly on mental over-laod. This is their nature, they can't help that. Remeber two personalities they battle wirh. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yup I totally agree..now thinking back when we were just friends..he was always on his best behavior...he likes to partay but lately he tells me he doesn't anymore..I am not a partyer..but I never once told him to quit..altho back then he would ask me things about a potential person and I would tell him..gotta be sober, honest, independent, healthy etc etc...but now I realize the last couple of days..he's really quiet some days times and then he goes back to being all teasing etc...sigh..I don't know..but I have my calls restricted on my cell..only way he can contact me is through work and I don't know if he will do that...ughh...I am hoping that his new job will be a great distraction and he will forget about me..lol..at least I am hoping soo cuz I am sooo not ready for this..it really surprised me how this all came about..y know cuz b/f we were just the greatest friends and now...this...hmmmmmmmmmm is all I can say.

  • So many things i read here i can see in the Gemini guy that i am seeing. I am Gemini woman and things between us are very strange. We've met in a random night out and at first i though he is the most annoying guy i've met in my life. He was winging and complaining all the time. We were all friends hanging out and i was even with some else the said night but end up ditching the guy for the Gemini who i felt the strangest attraction for. He was witty and funny and incredibly full of himself to the point of being rude. He would do the strangest things to just annoy everyone to get a reaction from people. I felt like a major inner battle regarding this individual i didn't stand him and at the same time couldn't stay away from him. After we kissed i was in love. It was so amazing to meet some that is a complete match. We often joked that we are the best kissers ever and we'd go for ages just kissing not even sleeping together.. Then we started seeing each other almost every night. We talked for ages, joked a lot and was completely playful and non serious.

    After a month we were on a bus and he was telling me how he doesn't want to get emotionally attached to anyone since he was going traveling in few months. I laughed and said to him what do you think is happening with us then.....Guess what happened next? Yes you are correct never heard from him again. For a month not a phone call ,no text. no email nothing. I was completely shattered I couldn't understand it.. By coincidence we got in contact again and start seeing each other again after couple of months. But it was more like a chase he will call and want to see me one night and i will be busy then i will call him and he will be busy. Sometimes we went on "making plans" for a month and we could never find a suitable time. Then he left for a year.

    Now i've been seeing him again for almost six months. I have no idea where he stands some times he is the kindest most tender and lovable person, sometimes i feel like i am with a stranger that i hardly know. Sometimes i can see he is seeking my attention and affection some times i feel like i am always chasing him trying to persuade him to spend time with me.

    But in all fairness from the posts i've read describing Gemini men i can see a lot of it in myself. And i begin to wonder whether i sometimes behave like a cold distant person or if i am affectionate enough with him.We still havent talked about defining our relationship as such although he has made some very funny attempts to do so which i have ignored since he seemed that he wasn't very sure himself whether he wants to go there or not.

    The last time i saw him he waited for me to wake up and 5 mins later was saying to me that the next train is in 10 mins if i wanna catch it. I sort of made a point in a very jokey way about the fact he was suggesting i leave asap then he offered me to stay for breakfast and we spend the rest of the day playing around. I still don't know whether he asked me to stay coz he felt like a jerk or because he didn't realize that i would want to stay. With him i never know when i am going to see him or what to expect when i do. If he is going to be nice and affectionate or cold and distant. But more and more i get to know him the more i start enjoying this behavior because i am never bored. On other hand tho i need more then this to take him seriously. I agree also that the Gemini Men are often testing you to see whether yu are laying games with them but i can say the same for Gemini women who don't give in very easily until convinced that the guy is for real. And i agree with a lot of people who posted here that Gemini men and women want love and commitment as much as the next person but some of them don't know how to approach this seriously and also i think they're very protective of their feelings and often use their other personalities to mask what is deep inside hence appear distant cold and two sided. I wonder if me and my Gemini man will ever cross to the line of playfulness and have a deeper more meaningful relationships or we will always be playing "catch me if you can" until some of us gets bored and meets someone else.

    I don't know how it is going to end but i sure enjoy every minute of th ride with this Gemini.

  • I like that RedGemini. Just go with it your having fun. Don't over think it.. Ride with your Gemini, you guys will be best friends and gain his trust. That will one of your best relationship. I had to learn that. Trust is really big with them. And as long as you want to play they will play. So just have fun it will get better. You GO GIRL. I am with a Gemini and over the years we have gotn't better over time, and we really enjoy each other. I love my Gemini. Just alwyas remeber they neeed their space to survive and you will be alright.

  • Yes RedGemini it is about the journey or the ride as you call it. The Gemini man I am involved with always seems to be testing me to see if I am overly attached to him, sometimes when he is really sweet and doing all the right things I am just not sure what is going on. I'm not confused by him but hesitant because in true Capricorn style I don't display my emotions unless I am really sure. We are currently in a off stage, and I haven't heard from him. Sometimes I feel it is a battle of sheer will, to see who will cave in and contact the other first. But I can be pretty patient, but it doesn't help that I love talking to him, laughing and doing whatever. So enjoy the ride when you can!

  • As a Leo women that had dated a Gem man for the last 18 yrs, I can tell you to remember that a Gem is a twin, one good, one evil. My Gem man came from a very large northern family, I'm southern through & through. He comes from welth, I'm as poor today as the day I was born. The first 8 yrs, were the best of my life. He spoiled me with love, affection, money & time. About 10 yrs ago we faced a crises & things changed. While I was in mental & physical pain, he was telling me to suck it up & get over it. I just could not erase it that fast & still have not to this day. The crises brought out a side of him that I never knew exsisted. He was MEAN & NASTY till he got what he wanted, then seemed to forget that he ever said or done anything so HURTFULL. We tried counseling, it did not work, because he told the counsler on his first visit, that he did not have any problems except for me & that he was there only to appease me, he did not need to be fixed as he was perfect & right about everthing. Our counsler told him if he truly felt that way he should just go ahead & leave the room. He did. We kept trying, although it was long distance from here. He chose to live in another part of the state & took work that keept him out of town/state from 1 week to 2 mo's. at a time. When he came in to see me, it was alway about what he wanted & needed, never about me or my needs or wants. About 3 weeks ago, after he had been in to see me after 2 mo's, he told me he had been seeing someone else for 2 mo's & intamite w/her for 2 weeks, come to find out it has been almost 5 mo's & now he is livine w/her & they may be getting married. She is everything I'm not according to him. He did not have the nerve to tell me face to face when we were together, he told me over the phone. He then ask me if I was happy for him. I said NO i'm not, what about all the plans & promises made for our future? No response except that he wanted to be friends & keep talking to me every day, 2 or 3 times a day just like we always had, but not at a time that she could hear him. I could not be happy for him & can not talk to him. I told him as much & haven't talked to him in about 2 weeks. I'm hurt, angrey & confused, I wasted the last 18 good yrs of my life on this man & this is my reward. Just remember that all the good that he gave comes back around with 10 times the evil.

    Good luck & happy future to you, my fellow Leo women.

  • WOW, that is so scary.

  • Some Geminis can be affectionate but this depends heavily on the Venus placement in his chart and in relationship to your chart. It maybe that there is some incompatibility here... also being raised in a home where affection was not displayed is probably not a desirable aspect or trait. Leos usually tend to be highly expressive and emotionally communicative and bear in mind that emotion is not always easily expressed by air signs but that is not to say that they don't feel them. I was with a Gemini who was highly affectionate in the first five years of the relationship but then something changed where he was sort of cold and sulking toward me in his behaviors. Do you happen to know what his moon sign is?

  • wow that does sound scary....I think I am seeing the other side of him...he usually is happy to see me and couple of mornings ago I saw him and he didn't wave I didn't either..I asked him why and he said you saw me and that was it..he wasn't even teasing at all...we talked at work..a bit and I gave him a ride home..he was very quiet on the way there altough I caught him staring..lately I seem to lose sight of everything when he's around ....lol...anyways he showed me around his house we kissed and he was very afectionate and I left..came back he came over later but i was trying to tease him by caressing his chin his face and he kept turing away..acted really different not at all affectionate..said he would call later from somewhere but hasn't yet..but I guess I didn't expect..its crazeeeeeeeee cuz its like he doesn't want to do whatever and yet..he's all into me again..yikes I don't know if I can handle this twin evil or otherwise..soooo if I don't hear from him..great...I can move on...I don't if he has moon in his his bday is may 29...I do miss him calling and his teasing but oh well..

  • can i just lashes, I'm a capricorn who has had an on/off obssession with a gemini man for almost 4 years. when i read your responses, it was effing chilling, the similiarities. when i met him, he put me on a pedestal but then he got obnoxious suggesting that he needed to pay to have me. i just was playing hard to get because i didn't know if i liked him, he was was nerdy and wierd. but i always enjoyed how he looked at me. one day he really made me mad, so i didnt talk to him for over a year. we met in a professional environment but didnt work together necessarily. then over the years, we attempted to meet and talk about stuff in our profession. well this recent year, i came to realize we have the same passion and that this obessession was intoxicating. he was plagued with insecurity but contacted me all the time , did what i wanted sort of within his boundaries. then when i gave in and let him "have it" --it was a very painful experience to which i was disappointed. because the twist is i am african american and he's white. i guess he worried how he stacked up and i also think there was guilt, come to question if he is a womanizer almost to the point i thought he was gay because of his fear of being intimate but talking the talk. a month later, i let him "have it" again and it was amazing. then i suppose the thrill of chase ended and we have attempted to connect a few times but those opportunities are becoming less frequent and now he is more vocal about his boundaries, which make me believe it is another woman. im pissed but moving on. because it bothers me that he had that much of a hold on me but i also think i feel deprived.

  • yeh well I haven't heard from mr gemni for 4 days now...so I dont know if he's regretting everything or if he's just too busy..but I aint calling him..cuz he was the one who said don't call my cell phone...so I am not..although I would like too just to let him know he's not the only one who's got a stake in this..but oh well..just gotta keep moving on with or w/out him...its like he wanted to badly to get close and now that he is..he completely backed away or disappeared..I don't think it wasnt fair but I didn't say anything at the time...just f-i-n-e..cuz he kept his other women's so called frenz numbers but changed the name on them...so Idk..but I aint waiting on him...either..dk how I will deal with him either..sooo far have avoided seeing him anywhere but I dk how long that will last either...gotta face him sometimes..but I hope not too soon...

  • Well Kanthony86 our situations do sound very similar, you would be amazed by the similarities. I have the chance to see him in a couple of days and I am not sure if I will act on that chance. I am not really sure how I feel anymore and not sure if it is really worth it. I just don't have the energy to figure out games or what someone else is going to do. I know being true and good to yourself is important. It is a process getting to know someone intimately the guessing game just makes it even harder!

  • well I finally heard from him...he called last night....we talked but he seemed serious...kinda keep it light hearted...joking...

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