• I was recently involved with a Gemini male and I must say he falls into the generalizations of the sign perfectly. Quite a womanizer who is very astute at "playing the game". He really knows what to say and what buttons to hit get what he wants. I think he really is a good study of people and has the ablity to figure out the angles to draw you into his world. But as soon as I was getting hooked and interested the cold Mr. Hyde side appeared. When I tried to talk with him about defining our relationship, he told me he couldn't be feeling the same because he is a man, and of course knew nothing of the"girl feelings" I was having. Just for clarification he said " you are having girl feelings right"? Being really caught off guard I just went along with the conversation, but as soon as he said what he needed to he ended the phone call. But not before stating that when ever we happen to be in the same city he wouldn't mind seeing me for a good f*ck! I was floored but never got to express that. he also left the ball in my court saying I could call him if I still wanted to, because he considers us friends and really does enjoy talking to me. NOT A CHANCE!

  • if you dont mind me asking what sign are you lashes05? It sounds like he was an overbarring ignorant ass for sure but it sounds like you know how to stand up for yourself and not let a man get the best of you. Geminis really are never completely out of the picture unless you get ride of them yourslef and still they will tempt you with the cuitest little texts or calling you at all hours of the day nad night its ridiculous at times. But it sounds like you know what your looking for in a guy so I wish you the best in finding your true love match!

  • Take it from a gem who has dated a gem: geminis just want to have fun as soon as your actions start seeming like you want more, it's like slow down I'm just having fun. However if you don't get serious we wonder why our mojo isn't working and try harder and end up falling in love with our own lines. crazy but true.

  • Thanks for the advice sexygem hilarious but I understand thanks. I swear it works like that for everyone at one time or another where you like them but they dont like you and then when you give up on liking them and have got to the point where you want nothing to do with you they want you its so funny how people and life work..

  • yep all 12 signs fall for the same type....the one you can't have. Sad but true. Something about winning someone over feels so validating for both men and women. i guess the old saying : Got to let 'em chase YOu until YOU catch 'em, is still in effect. lol

  • You would just think after 4 years of waiting and finally receving what he been waiting for he would other hit it and quit it or at least give me a chance to be girlfriend material and in all honesty its not either we have been seeing each other for about 10 months now and I have never once forced anything he has always been the one to call or text I think I have actually texted him one time and that was to wish him a Happy Birthday other than that its been a pretty nice ride up to this point until about a month ago he started coming over almost every other night and it was alittle too much for me I'm not gonna lie but pretty much I only coinsidered him to be nothing but a booty call in all honesty he never seemed to me to be boyfriend material so I just never looked at him like that. then he was trying to ask me what I wanted in a boyfriend or if I wanted a boyfriend stuff like that which did surprise me but I told him what I thought he wanted to hear I dont want a boyfriend and I like how everything is why change something if its not broken right? Well ever since then he has been alittle withdrawn still calls but not as much as he was and then finally said the other day that the phone works both ways and I still havent called so yeah I'm just rolling with the waves like scorpios do at this point cause if there is something there u can ride it but if there isnt you have to pack it up and come back another day at least that sounds good for right now

  • i have been reading all these and shaking my head in agreement.

    my best friend is a guy and a gemini - i'm a cancer. so between me and my shell and him and his twins, it is quite a friendship! LOL.

    we work together and for a while he would try the suave, flirtatious thing with me but i wasn't having it as i was smart enough to notice that he plays that game with everyone. thing is, he's such a nice guy that he doesn't realize he's even doing it. it just comes naturally and i decided that i wasn't about to become one of the "posse" he has. as a cancer girl, i need much more security than that and he could never give me the reassurance that i need.

    now - we are good friends but we both still need our space. he'll go for a week without a text and then, like yesterday, yell at me to text him from the tournament. we will "ignore" each other for a week and then all of a sudden we are in each other's office talking for an hour. crazy.

    it's fine to hang cause mentally we are really great together but the thought of dating him is enough to drive me insane. actually dating him would drive me over the edge.

  • I'm in love with a cancer because of that attitude exactly, we'v known eachother for over 6 years and he's too busy being moody to notice me being fickle it makes me crazy with lust, love, and excitement. We never croud eachother cause we're both need space at times. NOt that you should give you gem a chance yall might make eachother crazy like us

  • sexygem - i am extremely attracted to him also.

    and there is a "click" everytime we are together but i just can't go there. it is waaaaay too confusing for me.

    so - friendship it is.

    see - i'm a very practical cancer who understands myself and knows that he would drive me crazy.

  • Gemini men are just not for me. Tried to date a gem for two months. He was far from a gem (LOL), he was a cold hearted sarcastic egomaniac. As soon as he would draw me in with his charm and wit, he would whack me down with his disappearing act and cold attitude. I will never even try to date a Gemini man ever again. They are more trouble than they are worth.

  • did I mention I am a Leo. if anyone wanted to know.

  • Gentlesoul, I am a Leo too and my ex is a Gem. I agree with what you have to share about your experience with a Gem man. Good thing you realized that after two months, it took me seven years! Although we weren't together that entire time it was all about him, his schedule, his orgasm, his this and that...never again. It feels good to have him out of my life.

  • 🙂 wtg Sealaskalady!!!!

  • Hey All !!Thats Unfortunate...I Gemini, shared same birthdate as my gem man only 5 years older.

    We had lotta fun....try this I GOT BORED WITH HIM? Well, I was open enuf to tell him we needed to add in FUN!!! But didn't do it....have we considered simplicity, star sign or not, maybe we should look at each relationship in sense of...WHAT WE LEARN ABOUT OURSELVES and our needs.


    'Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you will help them become waht they are capable of becoming.' Johann Wolfgang Van Geothe.

    LADIES and ME...we desserve to be loved and appreciated. HOT And COLD ...mmm, who doesn't have another side when hurt.? GOOD LUCK OUT THERE...XX Oh I am love(less) NOBODY worth the effort yet...??

  • Gemini girl dated a gemini man for almost 3 years. The first time we saw eachother we were inseperable. We physically and mentally went over board with our feelings and took eachother a little too serious. i wanted to marry this guy because he is sooo adventurous and as was i and i loved him to death. We started fighting and arguing every other day and it was becoming a difficult relationship to work with. He stopped respecting me and didnt care about how i felt. Did some rotton things that i would never do to someone i "love". The last time i saw him he threw my clothes drenched in oil n mustard and threw them out on the street.....Very angry and mean and i will never tolerate anyone like that.

  • Wow, ready this thread is like reading a textbook on the guy that I am currently dating. I am a Libra and the guy that I am dating is a Gemini. He is just like all you have described. One minute he can be the most loving guy in the world and the next minute he can go days without contact. Personally, I think that I can be undecisive and not no what I want out of the relationship too so most times when he does distance himself, I am usually okay with it and I find something else to occupy myself with.

    The thing about him that I have noticed however, is that he will go from hot to cold sometimes but he expects that he can always charm himself back into my good graces whenever he decides that he's ready to be hot and heavy again. Unfortunately, I am not always ready for him to come back because I am also enjoying my freedom by that point. What I notice he does then is he chases me really hard. It is really funny...he will go from not calling me for a week to calling me every 15 minutes trying to figure out why I'm not answering his calls.

    Our last argument was about this because I told him that I didn't appreciate the fact that I gave him the opportunity to have space when he needed time to himself, but when I still needed time to myself he expected me to just drop what I was doing and I wasn't willing to do that.

    I am finding that dating a Gemini is like dating two men. He can be emotionally distant at times, and its clear that he does not like the idea of being tied down. Honestly I haven't really figured out what I want out of this whole thing either so I'm able to deal with him. I like hanging with him so for right now, I am just enjoying the ride.

  • I am a woman who is a true Gemini because my moon sign is Gemini and i love Gemini men so i can give you all some insight on them.First of all a Gemini man may be attracted to looks but thats just superficial because that wont hold his interest.You have to appeal to him intelluctual or you wont keep his attention.Plus he is attracted to strength so let him know straight up how you are and dont be too needy or clingy because he will feel smothered unable to be his individual self.Be witty,humorous,intelligent and appeal to his sense(you need to know what appeals to his senses, you should know that by his conversations) also sexually sensual an adventourous, be willing to learn things about life,that will thrill him.Geminis are sexual but it is so visual to us so you have to pull it from that part of our mind because we are always thinking about it.And i am afraid to say if he doesnt want to have sex with you is because he is bored of the routine so spice it up and you will get blow his mind and get him back interested in it. Geminis like a little sarcasm so show some but at the right time though.And as far as being moody, well when you run accross him being like that ,just let him know that he is tripping and that you are going to spend more meaningful time doing something else instead of being bothered with his moody but and be sarcastic.He will quiclky come around because he knows you are right.As far as letting him know how you feel, be blunt and to the point but you should be that way in the beginning so he will know that you arent about game playing.Show him know that you are your own person and that if he doesnt feel that way that is fine but be more communicative instead of emotional.I saved emotion for last.I am compassionate,good listener but i am not overly emotional and i cant stand that.Gemini men are the same way dont be a drama queen or too overly emotional because that is too nerving.Be expressive but not dramatic or ovely emotional.Piesces,Libras are overly emotional that triggers a bad reaction in Geminis because it shows be over bearing and controlling.He will respect how you feel by just telling him.And lastly,either you have a good Gemini or a bad one, if he is reckless,unfaithful and real insensitive ,which you will know straight up then dis him and drop him because you cant change him, so dont think about it.But when you get a good one, i mean a real sweetheart,one that treats himself good and who is unselfish,hold on to him because once he is gone he wont be back and if he does come back it will only be too play.Hope this helps.

  • Wow... I've read all the posts here, and let me tell you, I could have written most of them! I am an Aquarius woman who was in a relationship with the most Gemini of Gemini men! Jekyll and Hyde in the modern world! He asked me to marry him, but when it came down to it, he backed out. We tried to work things out, but he always found excuses for fighting with me. I had to do some traveling for work (one weekend a year), and he flipped every time, saying I was going on vacation without him. He even refused to do anything with me because he claimed that everything we did was nothing compared to what I was doing with school... so he threw away our vacation pictures because he said they were just lame vacations anyway! After trying three times, I am done. I am a true Aquarius, and I just will not let someone rule me... even though I admit to giving in more than I should have because I wanted the relationship to work. But no matter what I did, it wasn't enough. The final straw was when I learned that he was soliciting kinky *** on line behind my back!

  • Well, this was all very enlightening! I am happy to read that I was not the only one drawn in by a charismatic Gemini Man, just to be kept at arms length when things got too intense for him! I am a Scorpian woman, with Gemini rising (so we were similar in ways), and a Libra moon. He was a Gemini, with Sag rising, and a Virgo moon. Being a Gem/Sag, the two bachelors of the zodiac so I've heard, he was very hard to deal with. I think being a Scorpio, I enjoyed the challenge. We like to decipher and dig and analyze, so he was a treat! The intimacy was very intense though, and I know that I saw into his soul in those moments. I also know that it scared the hell out of him! (He admitted that.) He was a once a week kind of guy, and very resistant about giving me more. After 5 months though, I needed more. He was also very structured, and had his regular routines, which he did not want to break. Even if it meant that he would just be sitting home alone in front of the TV! He chose that more than he chose me, which just didn't cut it for me. When he was with me though, he was all there, but as one of you said, then he was hopping out of bed, and bolting for the door! Not nice for me.

    The thing that bothered me the most was his lack of empathy. I lost my husband, best friend and soulmate last year, and this guy just sort of walked into my life one day 6 months later. I am a strong believer in fate though, and so I didn't want to pass up a chance of finding someone who I could at least be close to for awhile. I could feel us "clicking", so I gave him my number. He knew about my situation from the start, including that I have a 6 yr.old son. His lack of empathy came into play when he very willingly took it to the next level, but than couldn't follow through. We agreed that he definitely got in over his head, but that doesn't excuse his complete lack of tact and empathy when he started his game playing. It was always like figuring out a puzzle for me, and that got very tiring, especially with the grieving I've been going through.

    I know now that I shouldn't have gotten involved with anyone for at least a year, but I was very lonely and needed to feel alive, and have something to look forward to. He gave me that, but only for a few months. Then he suddenly pulled away from me, and wanted things to become more "platonic", but you just can't backtrack like that. You either forge ahead and nurture what you have, or it will wither away and die.

    We had a 3 hour talk at a park one day, about everything, and he admitted that he thought he was afraid of falling in love. Then, no contact for over a week. So I officially ended it 2 weeks ago. The only thing is that after we broke up on the phone, we talked for 2 more hours! When I saw him last (he manages my local supermarket), I still felt quite drawn to him, so I wrote him an email and told him I need to stay away for awhile. I think I wanted to test him to see if he would chase me then. So far, no contact. He is just plain confusing, just like all the other guys you all spoke of.

    I really wanted this to work, for all of us, but I had to be realistic. He was just not emotionally mature enough, or man enough to take on the challenge (and great opportunity) that was presented to him. You cannot make someone "see the forest for the trees" though. If he is incapable of being what you need him to be, then there's no point in trying to force him into that role. I will miss him though. He was very affectionate, in private and in public, and I really enjoyed that...

    If you would like to see more about Gemini men, you can read the "Scorpio Woman Falling for Gemini Man" discussion. I started that one 4 months ago. : )

  • Wow, that was long! Sorry gals/guys! I guess I needed to get that off my chest!

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