• I am a Gemini woman but I won't date a Gemini men again. They're trouble and will NEVER settle down...even if they are in a relationship...they are always looking for greener pastures....they like the idea of love but don't make a bloody effort to sustain it.

    Most gemini men I have met are VERY physically attractive, charming, social and there is a force/magnetism about them that you can't ignore. The last gemini man I was seeing was actually more reserved than the typical Gemini but regardless, he for some reason- had alot of friends and people are drawn to him without him having to talk. I also know that he does not have to do alot of pursuing/making the first move with women...they just flock to him. I was the exception where I did the initial asking out but after date1, he did the rest of the pursuing...I was very flattered as he was HOT as hell, financially successful, polite, intelligent, educated etc...I really did think he was the whole package, Then one day he dumped me out of nowhere...he didn't really have a reason...i was irate that he would suddenly seem to fickly two days after he was all over me. I ended up resenting him because we reconciled a few times and he would act like he wasn't the one constantly doing the breakups cuz he would act like nothing happened.

    I also found out through getting to know him that although Gemini men can pull the fake act by opening the car door for you, paying for everything , calling you now and then to see how you are doing....yet they are also incredible assholes when they are being insensitive to your needs or think you're causing drama when you are wanting to bring up an issue. I think they are mostly emotionless in that they can seem totally indifferent when you are crying your eyeballs about something...they can be often aloof/self centered at times.

    I also noticed that gemini men like their freedom...i am the same way but they like to place their own friends and other ppl before you. They like to have a boys night out and will make you feel like you are always placed last. Their social life is so important to them...forget about him booking days in advance of a romantic evening with just you. If you want to do something special with him....he will just invite you to come out with him and his friends instead of wanting to spend quality time with you.

    Overall, Gemini men are in a way the complete deal...very attractive, smart, independent, charming, witty....most I have met ( men and women) have a personality that stands out from the rest...I have yet to find one who is boring but I will never date one again....they are fickle as hell and don't know what they want while leaving me hurt in the end. I have also yet to meet a Gemini who has a very last longing relationship...many jump from one person to another out of boredom....they say they are picky and won't settle but I think its just an excuse because they really don't want to commit to anyone even though they claim they want to settle down. Someone with a heckly and jyde personality is enough to make you go bonkers...they aren't worth the stress!

  • Oh and I must admit that as ridiculous as it sounds...I am still angry until this day towards the last Gemini man I dated for playing games....the constant on and off pulling away from me and running after me when I would try to move on make me into a mess in the end. Just the thought of him pisses me off....it never occurred to him that it was NOT normal to have such EXTREME mood swings in short spurts was abnormal ( I am talking about wanting me back and then dumping me again the same day or the next day). Its just too bad that he is by far the best looking mad I have met....he could probably move on so quickly because he meets a new woman each month!

  • Does it still appiy if this person is an older man? I guess bad behavior is bad behavior no matter what the age is. and you are right they are very fickle. I can't stand that.

  • im a male gemini and i feel like i must be a rare male gemini cause i dont have issues expressing my love for someone i care about. i have in the past, though, had problems with certain signs trying to get close to them. for instance a taurus girl i had feelings for, i could never tell her how i felt. But now im in a relationship with a leo girl and its the most amazing connection ive ever felt and we both are very affectionate with eachother. So im not sure exactly why that is, but all of the research i have done to match up our signs says there is a great potential for a leo and a gemini. it also said there could be problems, but with a little work it can be easily fixed. I dont know if this helps at all, but i thought i would give my input since im a male gemini and i dont have exactly the same issues. i also have my moon in scorpio, dont know if that makes a difference.

  • Greenlion69, have you ever dated an Aquarius women if so how was it? I always thought that we were the most compatible out all the signs.

  • @aloha1978 oooh no most of your observations on Gemini Men really hit the nail with the guy i'm seeing. I'd disagree only about the bit that he'd invite you out only when with friends rather then spending time alone. It's totally the opposite in my case. I've been seeing him for 6 months and been out with his friends like 10 times tops (the first one was the best with his ex girlfriend there and him thinking that is an ok idea, then wondering why she doesn't want to talk to him anymore). But you are so right about their social life, guys nights out and etc.

    It's **** that he messed around with your feelings like that hope you can let go and move on soon. It took me about six months to get over mine first time he disappeared and in all honesty i'm not entirely sure that i'm even 100% over it.

    May i ask how long did your relationship continue?

  • @greenlion69 you're a keeper! You need to stay around and explain your kind we are all baffled here:)

    May i ask why was it that you could never share your feelings with the taurus girl? Btw i've also read that gemini and leo are a good match tho i have no experience in that myself.

  • hi...well he called again..and we talked for abit and he was asking me questions about this and that so I answered...he tries to act like he needs help in certain areas..which I kinda find cute(hope it doesn't become a dependency issue) I know he should know..oh well...he called again and I swear he switched back to the other twin..teasing laughing etc...I don't know....I am just taking it one day at at time..he sems pretty affectionate..I was with a taurus and they are not at all affectionate in public..sooo...but yeh..this should be interesting..now he's asking me to call him again..lol..ok...really didn't pay attention..jus living my life..in a healthy way as possible..I know he mentions his time with his buddies..which I don't mind..because I usually get together with my gfs too...but we'll see how it goes...

  • I am feuding with my Gemini friend and i hanving nothing good to say about them except his other personality has came back out and he's hard to get along with. Those damn Gemini's.

  • i have never dated an aquarius, but my best friend is an aquarius. even though hes a guy, its amazing how well we get along and we also play music together, which is amazing how well we mesh. i do think that gemini and aquarius are very compatible, but unfortunately havent experienced that. i think i had a hard time expressing my feelings for that taurus girl because we seemed to clash often. not that we didnt get along, but when i would try to get close, she would seem distant and the other way around. its like we could never stay on the same page. she also would never make the first move, and i kind of like when girls make the first move or at least kind of let me know clearly that she wants me. i think i feel that way because alot of girls are flirty with me, and i tend to feel hesitant to act; and also in the past in these situations i have been hurt by girls. maybe i just have gone for the wrong women or took the wrong approach. anyway i hope this gave some more insight into the complicated male gemini.

  • aloha_1978,

    you are absolutely RIGHT in everything you say about a gemini man!! I am the same as you - i'm a gemini and my best friend is a gemini and he is EXACTLY like that. he has never had to pursue a woman. he has this attraction about him that women just ADORE him. he's charming, sweet, and funny. and he has baggage like you wouldn't believe: 3 marriages, 3 divorces, 4 children. he can be a great guy one day, affectionate, funny, and attentive and a complete butt-hole the next. him and i are very close, you could almost say soul-mates - we know each other very well and have alot of the same likes and dislikes. but there is one thing that i think is true about most gemini men: it doesn't matter how much you know them or think you know them. you can love him and he can profess his love for you but there will always, ALWAYS be a part of himself that he will never completely give to you or anyone else... perhaps it's just their way of protecting themselves. Gemini's just want to have fun, male or female and if a person has their heart on settling with one then they better strap down their emotions and hold on for dear life because a Gemini will definitely take you on one heck of a roller coaster ride!

  • Damn spam, I have reported you Kelly110 (shifting posts past spam).

  • What make you guys act so insecur with themself and others.Even when you let them know how you feel they are still second guesting themself. That is so sad.. Why are they so insecure. It seems like the whole body of Gemini are so scared of feeling. At the end of the day we all just want to be loved. Who does no want that feeling. I am sure they are capitable of love. Aren't you?

  • It's something about Gemini's in general. My ex-wife is a Gemini and my ex-girlfriend before her is a Gemini and my mother is a Gemini. All have one thing in common no emotion. Or should I say real emotion. Cold, Cold, Cold. I'm a Libra and love attention and affection...I don't have time to play the cold heart game. People think I'm a Gemini, but I'm a real person. Gemini's are fake. Or should I say two-faced....Now when I meet some one the first thing I asked is "are you a Gemini?" if the answer is yes. Run Forest...Run!!!!

  • klinl31< I like that. But do you really think that the female are also cold. Most of my female freiends are Gemini and I don;t get that from them. Are you sure? I would get that from the males. Cold, Cold and Cold. Hey just give them there space ypu will be fine. I'm at the point where I know my Gemini frien need his space, his other personality is stating to come out again. Those Gemini's. Please give them their space.

  • I have posted my story on this board and others about Gem men. It's been 4 months since my last encounter with the Gem man I was involved with and all this time, it's been great to gain perspective on that situation. He is now with his new girlfriend and just knowing how he is and she is, they won't last. One lesson in life I am trying to really get is that everything that happens to you is good....meaning that at the time I was so mad at him and wanted to bs eat him, four months later, that was the best thing that happen to me catching him with another woman, now his girlfriend. During this time, I learned a great deal about this woman who "screwed the football team," kind of gal I wouldn't want to get involved with him risking my heatlh. My message here is simple, that everything that happens to you is a good thing.

  • im a male gemini who isnt like that at all.......im nice until your not nice to me unless there is an obvious reason.

  • i feel like alot of gemini bashing is goin on here. there are many other factors are involved in the whole being of a person. for instance the moon and rising signs. and also the year the person is born, or the exact time. everything about the moment someone is born coincides with the whole being of that person.....so were all different no matter what sign......we shouldnt segregate signs.....uhhhh....thats allll

  • lol@bashing...maybe its cuz they are or seem complicated..hahaha we talked back n forth and he asked me for a favor so it was completed..bot now nothing..but its ok..y know..jus gotta keep movin in life..can't be waiting..so hopefully everything works out well for him..I have my own life to life..and there are others out there..maybe more gemni's out there..its strange though I heard something this weekend and now I am wondering what he heard from this other person we both know..but he knows him more than I do...sooo...thats it...I thought he was an ok..balanced kinda guy now I don't know..but I try to see the best in people and not really judge them on their signs..I know that isn't everything..b/c I am not like my sign totally either..lol..so yup...not judging here..jus tryin to make some sense but maybe there isn't any ans..either..laterz..

  • This is a reply to all women on Gemini Men; whom they are dating or in a relationship with. I am a Gemini Woman and I am Very, Very, Very affectionate. I am in a relationship of 20 years with a Gemini Man. All, and I say All Gemini Men are selfish, and greedy. I am not saying this to be mean, but I am sure all of you dating Gemini Men, Know, they are this way and you are trying to not see it. I have been ignoring it for 20 years. If you want to waste your life away, Keep doing it. Gemini Men love many women. They will be with you in public and secretly try to make eye contact with a woman they are attracted to. Gemini Men are great lovers when they first meet you, after 3 months, they are finish. If you stay in a relationship with them, they will continue to do so and continue to ignore you. He will keep you as his house keeper and they person to take care of all their problems, but never love you. He will start to degrade you, if you gain a little weight; he will start shouting at you to take care of things, and then if you don't, he will tell you, he can get someone else to do it for him. He will constantly talk of his past lovers and it will never stop. If you are an independent woman and own your own; he will try to take over and control you. My advice to all women, do not let a man control or disrespect you. If all women would do this, they would not have someone else to run to. By having someone else to run to, eventually he will start to abuse them also. So, it is not just you, it is everyone he feels he can get to do what he wants, until he is tired of you. Always look at your new companion, to see if he shows that natural glow of wanting to please you and accepting the pleasure back from you. If he does this and show lots of respect toward you and for you. He will not ever want to leave you. He will always be there for you. He will always want to love and make love to you. Nothing would stop him. He will be willing to speak to you and listen to you. No one could take his feelings or his eyes away from you.

    That is a man.......

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