• Seems like I see more and more postings on here about Gemini men. I have experience with a Gemini man and I agree with the postings on here. He would say one thing and the next minute it would be the total opposite. I notice that it's all about the pleasure or what he can get at that moment and didn't ever want to work for something special. I am just staying clear of him and other Gemini men. I would be insane to do that again.

  • hi everyone ,iam 22 ,i have been dating a gemini for 20months ,after 2months together we broke up i mean that he broke up with me ,i loved him so i have tried to get him back and after 2weeks we got back together last june he broke up again with me after 18months for another girl ,i mean i love to be with someone affectionate ,who shoes me and make me feel like i represent something for him ,but with him it was one day nice 2days cold ,he was having bad moods frequently without me understanding why,i felt like he didnt love me and everytime i was asking what he feels for me he was not replying ,i was feeling bad sometimes about that one side love ,and i was thinking if i try more may be he s going to see that and start loving me ,but i always has the feeling that it wasnt enough ...so after he broke up with me last june i really had a tough time ,i was cailling him and then i thought it wasnt a good idea i stopped ,and he start calling me ,we kept in touch ,my friend told me to stop any contact with him but it hard when you love someone and secretly hope he comes back,...two days ago i met him and he told me he wanted to have sex with me ,i felt very offended because he knew my feelings for him he knew how he hurted me ,now he is having a new girlfriend he left me for her so why he wanna do that?i really wanna take him out of my mind for good but i cant stop thinking about him its even harder because iam foreign student in china he is also not chinese but we are not from the same country,when i just came to china i just stayed 1month and we started to date ,so i almost spend all my time here with him,having comon friends ,my familly is far ,i feel so lonely i think its also why its hard for me to forget him but for sure this time iam not gonna chase him or have a sex base relationship with him no way.but i dont know how to stop thinking of him ,so please if someone has some advises i will be more than happy,thanks

  • Hi. My situation with a Gemini man is the same as yours. We dated for a few months. To me, everything was great. Then all of a sudden I asked him to express how he really feel about me and it went down hill from there. Im still stunned because he won't return any phone calls or texts. I've even seen him in public twice and he ignored me. Like you, there was no reason that he could find. I wished i had read about Gemini's before we took it to the next level, then i would've known what their traits are. Im a Libra woman and we are more balanced. Their not. I think there more afraid of commitment and expressing themselve.

  • Oh my god. I couldn't agree with you more. This is my first time dating a Gemini man and i have been more confused than i have ever been. Im like you, im staying clear from them.

  • In my experience with the Gemini man that I was with, it was 6 years on again, off again situation and it was one -sided. I cared for him and wanted it deeper but he would just give me so much to keep me hanging on and hopeful. I caught him with another woman and I called that woman and she was so nice. She didn't know about me and we compared notes and it all boiled down to that he plays too many games and it was one sided. He will never find another quality woman like me EVER and if he couldn't figure that one out -- he never will. I figure that he didn't marry the mother to his two children so why marry me? Then when he doesn't have anyone in his life, he is deeply depressed and can't figure out why everyone left him.

  • This is the first time I've ever posted on a Forum! However, once I saw the topic, I had to respond. I've been unhappily married to a Gemini man for 17 years, and am making plans to divorce him. I've made jokes with people along the lines of, "Yeah, I married a man with 2 personalities, and I don't like either one of them!" Everything you've all posted has been right on the money -- the sex has been non-existent, there is no physical affection and his humor is biting and sarcastic. He's not even kind.

    We were good friends and we tried to turn it into a romantic relationship ... it just didn't work, and it's taken this long to get to a point where our child is grown up enough to handle a divorce, and our finances will be able to cover 2 households. The irony is that everyone on the outside adores him, but they don't have to live with him. I also think that once the drama of the divorce is over, we'll actually get along much better, and be able to co-parent our child on good terms.

  • Aw... I don't think leos r good with geminis in the first place. My mother is a Leo n I'm a Gemini. She is the most touchy feely person I kno. Geminis r not like that. Freaks me out with all that affection. My boyfriend is a capricorn. I love him dearly, but he is the one that shows more physically love. I don't even like making kissy noises on the phone cuz it embarress me n I'm not feeling it. Yeah geminis can be cold n indifferent. Try getting in a fight with us. I always end up making him cry n I just sit there detached. It's really hard to be with someone opposite than u feelings get hurt quickly n unintentually.

  • it is true we love chases. No chase no glory. It's very captivating, must be a mind thing. Then when I had caught our prize we get bored. Start doubti g the whole thing n maybe want something new. I can believe the person above married from friendship with a Gemini. No wonder it didn't turn out well.

  • Aw, that's so sad. Don't give into that Gemini man. He's a creep. Now he has someone he wants u on the side. See? They just love chasing. Iol I should kno. Don't see him anymore n go out n meet someone new. Hang out with some friends go to rock show. Lots of ppl there that r nice n interesting!! If u treat this Gemini man like he was nothing n let him kno u've got better plans he'll leave u alone. Just be mean to him n put him down like he doesn't matter.

  • hi i am a Gemini so is my husban of 30yrs. we are all different ,we just need to quit trying to change people .and be happie with the way we are .if you do not like a gemini man leave and do not come back because you will not change a gemini man or woman,So be happy.

  • Butterflies 'n' pins never will be natural partners.

    Leos can work exceptionally well with us (as long as the Leo stays faithful of course...) - I've had 2 x 10yr+ partnerships...

    Please could all of you spurned lovers stop painting all Geminis (men) as the same - isn't it about time you realised that it's the Man that's the problem, not the star sign 8·((


  • If you don't like what you are reading, then don't read it.

  • by the way gemini men are very loving ,kind giving ,and funnie,and some are short temperted ,but in most part they are realy great guys to be with.Also gemini weman are the same way .

  • so just be sure which one is here today .we love you all

  • I have yet to meet an unstable a personality as that of a Gemini. I mean reading your problem sounds as if I'm reading about the Gem guy I know. It's as frustrating as trying to pin down air. What's making him laugh yesterday will piss him off today. I couldn't function in this maze of a person until I needed to know what was what and he said quite coldly while continuing to do something else that we're nothing. When I tried to get to the bottom of our constant arguing, he stone walled - he refused to answer and continued quite casually to work. I thought we were friends. He would come around, he'd flirt, he would do such sweet tender things some times. Other times, he'd just walk past like I was a houseplant or just yell when I asked him anything. I cut him off eventually because emotionally it was just too much to deal with. I mean I still miss him but I do not miss the Jekyll and Hydeness. At the end of the day, you are the one responsible for you mental and emotional well being and people are not allowed to treat people like that.

  • hi everyone ,reading your posts is giving to myself a bit of hope that i can finally and definitly get over him ,now iam trying the best i can to cut all contacts with him ,i hope its gonna help...

  • I just left a post on about the course I just taken on Calling in the One. It's from a book that Katherine Woodward Thomas wrote and I can't say enough about it because the course takes you through a journey of seeing what you are doing wrong and helping you attract the right one. The Gemini man that I was involved with was wrong for me. Most recently last week I got a call from the police dept at 11:30 p.m. questioning me if I was impersonating her on the internet. The Gemini and his new woman are harrassing me. For reason? I don't know but this is even more conformation that I did the right thing. New and great opportunities are coming my way since I cut my ties with him and just trust the when one door closes, another one will open. You are worth it!

  • i have been married to a gemini man for over 6 years and we live in sepasrate places. he comes to my house more often than he used to but now he feels he needs his "space" again. i reacted and now he says he wants to end the relationship. he told me to my face he didnt love me anymore and that he knows ill be happier without him. what i dont get is how someone could be that close with someone and out of the blue say something like that. i cryed alot last nite. then this morning when he called i asked him about where we stood and said we are split arent we? and his answer was "i can change my mind cant i? i think this is pure bullshit myself.

  • I never fell in love with a Gemini so I wouldn't know for sure how they behave in a relationship. I had a few Geminis telling their friends they had a crush on me. Both were when I was in college, in my 20s. They seemed to have a lot of girl friends so I ignored what they said. At times their friends were teasing one of them, when we were sitting close. I usually smiled and they would smile back without further action, I don't really like that kind of man. he is probably shy, and I am a shy person at times so I don't think it would work.

    The other one had more courage, coming to me saying his feelings quite a few times and kept coming to my home even if I ignored him. Then one day I happened to ask him about some registration things and he snapped LOL what the hell ! So I don't want to even be his friend. One day he probably heard I had a crush on someone and he asked me if I fell for him and I said "no, I never did fall for you" I think he is prideful but got nothing to be proud about.

    I know another Gemini man at work, always upset and yes prideful too. He had a gf and had hots for an Aquarian who was married and she didn't return it. We didn't get along at work and he tried to make it seem like it was my fault LOL but that's really common not only Geminis do that. I found another job and quit that place. I don't need immature person harrassing me about my height/weight when he didn't do a good job at work himself. Don't get me wrong, Leos can be just as prideful. I can't stand Leo males at work either, but none of them ever harrassed me about my look. They were too busy 'climbing to the top'.

  • I just read all the posts above and most of the time it says that they like the chase. wow the only one I ever chased in my life is my Cap hubby LOL I know Geminis can be foul mouth there were a few like them I knew in school too. they were surprised I became class champ and they only came 2nd despite of all the remarks they made.

    Message for any leo females, NEVER forget to love yourself. Among all signs, we are the ones that should know that better. But for everyone, please don't forget to love yourself too. If the person you love don't love you back, CUT them off. If you can't love yourself, you can't love anyone anyway. Don't be afraid about loneliness. You won't be lonely if you have a lot to do for yourself, and you will, if you separate from leeches that have been taking so much of your time. If loving yourself makes these leeches call you 'selfish and tyrant' tell them you like shellfish and they should try some LOL

    Love yourself. first and foremost.

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