• DANNO97 I am a pisces seeing a gemini man and let me tell you it might start with lust but different story after the fact what you need to understand and it will all make since is gemini and pisces are one in the same we just deal with our energys differently but we still want and crave the same thing and thats why no matter who their with or what their doing they always come back for more time and time again...

  • thats good.....i hope it works out, I just dont want to be waiting for this "special" guy and then get hurt in the end. It LITERALLY is like fate.......he thinks it and so do I.....but we dont talk, not right now anyways. I just want to find the right man and it seems he can offer that besides his gemini traits.......which could be misleading. I dont want him to get "bored" and leave.

  • hey, does anyone have any information about a male gemini/cancer cusp? One that is born June 21. I think they may not be as bad as a straight up Gemini, but i'm not sure......

  • I have been seeing my Gemini for a long time and alwys thouight that Aqua/Gemini where the most compatible.

  • I am in the exact situation now! I am a cancer and was with my gemini boyfriend for a little over a year. it felt like I was doing all the work in a relationship, by work I mean planning things and pursuing him. He did well for a bit and then went back to the same. He was very affectionate when we were together, but did not have any problems with not calling me for a week or two and then just show up. He says he wants to be friends and still has yet to make a step towards that. Its been a month and a half since I have heard from him. I personally quit contacting him now, I think he likes the chase and knows that since I am more into commitment and stability he will just be able to come back when he is ready. I am a single mom and have no time for a man that comes and goes out of our lives as he pleases (he can go places but this is just telling me "cheater" and "liar"). I am very intelligent and when he jones' for conversation he calls me.. I guess the hurt is more that I put my heart into him and he can just walk away cold... but then again is he? or is he just not showing others his feelings. He was like that our whole relationship, its just the way he is. But, guess what? This is the way I am and I have been more willing to steps out of my "comforts" (thats what you do when you are in a serious relationship) but I am seeing it needs to be reciprocated. I think the guy personally is using you for his back up plan when other things do not works out. I have been moving on and just have this sense that he will be back. But being hot and cold whenever he feels like it is not okay. I do not care what sign you are.. learn some respect for the other person in the relationship and just other people in general. 🙂

  • I have a question for every gemini out there I always hear about geminis are searching for something new and exciting and dont find themselves committed to someone for very long until they start to find something else so what does it mean when your they are still seeing you after a year?

  • While you 2 are still seeing each other, what is the atmosphere like btw you. Does he seem like he's really into you. There's time when we know but we still keep ourself in denial. So does he act like he's into you. You can pretty much be those signals. If he's still taking to you after a year, maybe he really likes you.

  • Sorry Cancermen I am not a Gemini. Aqua I am.......

  • worthy1248 is we are still together but the affectiate part isnt to high but they say that you cant expect much from geminis right? He has been working alot of overtime and getting stressing over bills from what he tells me so I just wait til he calls and when he does we talk or I will go over there 🙂 hint and I dont ask any questions and I dont expect anything. So far so good I think he may want more but he doesnt want to commit right now in his life and either do I it just works but I thought I would ask if after a year we are still at it that must be something right?

  • With Gem I know they either like ot they don;t.. So for you to be there for a year and you guys are still hanging in there is a good thing. I always say Gemini need their space that is a must. If not you will have a hard time talking and getting them to see what you see. They have to have that. So, no pressure just go with it especially if you think it's worth it. They will come around in their own time, sorry. They will get gone if they fill to much pressure. Remeber its hard for them to commit right away but if they really like you they will. My advice to you is hang in there. You will have bunps there, but for me it's was worth it. I love my Gemini and it took time and it's worth it.

  • This is a very eye opening thread. Worthy1248 you know alot about geminis! I don't have anything against gemini, they are actually interesting to me (i like a little challenge, mind stimulation) ,particularly this gemini i met back in june. He came on hard at first and then of course his different sides came out. I could go into detail but I don't want to go off tangent.

    I do remember that our meeting did seem out of the ordinary, very random. We barely spoke, its like we had a unspoken communication. I was suprised when he wanted my number, but I have learned that geminis are great observers and he was watching me. He seem to be comfortable initially with opening up and talking about himself, he told me he never did that with other females including ex's.

    One thing I will say is after I met him alot of changes happen from within for me, this year has been so transformative. Although we don't speak much I seem to have great unspoken communication with him. I am able to read between the lines.

    I tried to reach out to him on many occasions bc I would have dreams or intuitive thoughts about him...sometimes I think I know what he feels more than he does. He did not respond until recently when sent a message letting him know that I will be cutting off communication with him. We talked on the phone very briefly and we are suppose to meet face to face to talk after the new year (we are both in college). But I think I have already talked enough.

    I am learning Worthy1248 said that you have to be patient with these geminis...after all these months now, why do you think he decided to speak?

    Im a leo sun (born on cusp leo-virgo), libra moon and rising, venus cancer

    He is a gemini sun (born on cusp taurus-gemini), aires moon , leo rising, venus taurus

  • Your Gemini knows that you are a good person and by him not talking to you for awhile, trust he was thinking about you. They appreciate the fasct that you gave them space, that is so very important to them. Please with his action, don't take them personal. This is how they are. I have dealt with mines for a long time and come to realize this is who the Gemini are. Most of my friends are Gem. When you get to know them they are really sweet and intellinet beings. Gemini as you knw are 2 in one body (poor things) it's even hard for them. So I like to say that it is a battle for them. Like some one told me to take it light. They like light and no pressure. So for right now go with it and he is thinking about you. That's a plus when he tells you about his personal life. Sowhat ever your doing it's working. Just remeber keep it light and allow them space to breath and think. It works......

  • Thanks for the response Worthy. Its so hard to believe that he thought about me. The thing about it is, he closed off real quick although he was open initially. There is so much that I don't know (which is killing a leo). I remember asking him basic questions and he would avoid answering a general question. I took it as he felt like he told me too much intitially, he would say, "its you with those questions again, I am not falling for it".

    I will keep that no pressure thing in mind which I have not problem with. I have been in situations where I had to be in relationships that were long distance and you are definitely taught patience. My worry is that he wants to know more about what I wanted to say through those messages...but its real heavy and deep and I want to keep it light bc he is unpredictable although I can pick up on his energy.

  • Idg1 I have been there and like you said the energy is there. I always knew we had something btw us and I have alwys felt that and I was alyws drawn to him. But it can get really hard on you emotionally and trust I have been there too. So really it is truely up to you and how much your able to tolerate from him. Try just keeping yourself busy, that's something else Ihad to do, find something else to do with my time. In the process of all this, I was learnig who he was and myself. I can say with his help he has just tone me down a lot and no more drama. He called a drama queen. I hated that. So I step away for a minute and gave him what he ask for and it worked, but it was so hard on me and I could not go with talking to him for a long period of time. That's the only way I know it was going to work is if I respected his wishes is to give him some air. Sometimes I did thing to just get under his skin, tha was not a good thing (it hurt). At the end of all that, it was so worth. So patient is what I got out of all this. We are so much closer and we can really just sit and talk. It's all good. With you telling him what you want just take one subject at a time. They want you to tell then what you want but just don't go into over load. What's the rush. Take your time, it's going to be ok. I still have issues but there not as heavy. So what is your tolerance level? There was nobody in my past that challenge me the way he did, that's what I needed in my life. I have always had people give me what ever I wanted and when he came along it was different and he told me this. His word where( I am a different breed) and it scared me. So he is the type of person I need in my life today. And he really knows that I love him for him. And it just works....

  • Yes I agree with keeping yourself busy part. The crazy thing about it is, even when I am out being social he always in the back of my mind nagging me almost...lol..Next year is suppose to be a very busy social year for me so I definitely will be busy. I don't even know how I am going to fit him in my schedule next year when we decide to meet up. Since I met him, I have become very self reflective, this year was so tranformative in a good way...at times emotionally draining, but I would not trade it for anything. I have learned to look inside for guidance and love. My tolerance level is very high, extremely high...to the point where when I am done with someone, I am through bc I know I have been patient with them. But I will admit, he is definitely a challenge. More of a challenge than any other guys I have dealt with in my past. Whatever I dish out, he threw it right back...lol. In my serious relationship from the past, I always felt like the more dominant one. But after the gem, i knew I met my match...but I don't think he knows that.

  • I wanted to add that we were never in a serious relationship (me and gem) but feelings are definitely there...at least on my end...

  • OMG, we have so much in common. Especially when you say what ever you dish out, he puts it right back in your face. I could not stand that. The feeling are probably on his end too, he's not going to share that we you. Part of game.

  • Can you share your zodiac sign? Did you say you where a Gemini?

  • Im a leo sun (born on cusp leo-virgo), libra moon and rising, venus cancer

    He is a gemini sun (born on cusp taurus-gemini), aires moon , leo rising, venus taurus

    Although I don't all about him I do know he is laid back like me...but I do have a fiesty side and he has a little agressive side too. When I do get in my moods, I can become moody and he lashes right back. I am use to the guy trying to smooth things over with me.

  • I'm one to and I'm very attracted to oe right now. But can't really step up to that cause married to a Leo.

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