• Auaurius Lady there is age between us. The thing is he does not look his age at all. And he is very Handsome. Actually neither one of us look our age. When I tell people how old I am (not bragging) but they do not believe it. I don't smoke and I only drink on occassions. But, my baby looks gooooood and not to mention S E X Y.

  • welllllllll he didn't call and I aint calling him either so he's saved for one more day...I guess..L* just hope I don't get all weak and let him in again...lmao..that will be the day huh??? life life..cant win for nothing...

  • I find myself trying to let go of something that I really want to hold on to but he cant tell me or show me that he is interested in me and wants to try to make this work. I cant continue to hold on to something that doesnt want to be be held. He clearly isnt over his ex even though he states other wise. it just sucks all the way around he wants to be with someone that doesnt want to be with him and I want to be with him and he clearly doesnt want to be with me when does the cycle end couldnt you just ever once in a great while just get want you have been asking and hoping for? I know that everything happens for a reason but what happens if you never really got a chance to even see if it worked or didnt work. I have completely ignored his phone calls up until recently and I dont know why I give in we used to be really good friends and trhats the part I do very much miss but since we have already done the nasty well thats pretty much ruined. I want it to be like it was but I cant deny the feelings I still have for him that still run so deep which is both a friendship and love. it just doesnt seem right that I have to forget we were even friends and move on with my life I have tried to invite him over last night so we can try to get back to the way it used to be and he politely declined but he declined what the hell I am a pisces and I feel like geminis are really the only ones that keep me interested and dont get bored with there is always something. Does anyone have any advice for me?

  • don't know what to say except just hang in there but live your life and don't ever wait for a gem or anybody for that matter....it is always difficult to get back to that level of friendship but maybe you can tell him as a fren how you are feeling...aren't pisces all about feelings...I have several pisces in the family n they are a trip..can say exactly what is on their minds or the other side is to become very moody...sooo yeh...wishin u the best and if they don't work out then just move on...

  • I am very much a trip thats for sure 🙂 especially lately my moon sign is in gemini and I find myself in many ways similar to a gemini but in all honesty even though they are a communication sign they sometimes just dont know how to communicate their feelings or how to understand someone elses I listen and I can understand more than most and I always try my best to give people the best of advice I can but when two people have feelings for each other and one knows what to say but is afraid of rejection and the other doesnt know what to say or how to react to it, it all becomes a bumpy winding road to no where! It all has to do with time when the right time is or even the time it takes you to get over someone I used to believe that love conquers all and that what was meant to be will be but reality does set in eventually!!

  • i believe that im a gemini n i mean i dont like to express my feelings rite than n dere its hurts us geminis heart 2 get broke n he probably tryn to prevent that from happening.. but i undastandin u givin yo all n keep getn diss but u a good person to keep on makin it work but u made the right decision..

  • I don't know its hard to gauge maybe if you could see him face to face and ask some gentle questions it would set your mind/nerves/emotions at ease or be at peace within yourself and not have to be dependent on him for everything...this gem reminds me of a lion I don't know why..quietly purrs but don't wanna hear him roar...lol..

  • !!!

    Gem Male here- I feel compelled to reply as Gems always get a bad rap and are misunderstood. Just scanning through some of the posts and realized I can relate so perhaps here's some insight. But I can only speak for myself, although I do believe my general viewpoints are valid and typical Gem thoughts.

    1. on WOMANIZING- Let's get this straight. A) Gems are charmers and love to make ppl smile- like a Service to brighten up the world- therefore most people say it's flirting- which is true but only to a degree B) People, women tend to tell me I'm hot and want to jump me- not being narcissistic, but it is what it is. C) Its not that my intention is to get every woman into bed when being "flirty"--I just like being social. "FLIRTING"- is MENTAL stimulation for me more than it is a vehicle to get her into bed. If I realize she wants me, I still could resist- but if there isn't reason to, why NOT have a little fun and know someone a little better- make a new friend?

    2. COMMITMENT- Yes the "Greener Pastures" idealism is VERY TRUE and something that has to be worked on. A) Gems above all see life as MY life- individualistic. We try hard to always find the best "fit" for everything b/c we want to live the best possible fulfilling life in our opinion as we could-- idealists if you will. THEREFORE, the idea of COMMITMENT to ONE person is scary b/c we are never 100% sure if that person is 100% IDEAL -- and b/c Gems idea of "IDEAL" may change. COMMIT= you're asking me to Forsake all other people on Planet Earth and basically saying "It's YOU I choose above everyone else-- no one better for me than you--out of a few BILLION people"

    we may dramatize it-- but can you kinda see why it's SCARY to us?

    1. DAY n NIGHT--- here's the weird thing, maybe this only pertains to me, but being a Fraternity guy, my GOOD/EVIL traits do show up, but mainly during the Day and another at Night-- and in need to 2 DIFFERENT types of women.

    "DAY" me--- Loving, Affectionate, completely absorbed. Let's say I have a Girlfriend (meaning i must have liked her alot)-- she's usually the good looking, sweet, awesome girl next door type. My thoughts during the DAY could really care less about any girl-- NO MATTER how hot. Why? B/c I'm not MENTALLY into anyone else during the DAY other than this girl I'm with, or else I wouldn't choose to be with her in the 1st place......now NIGHT me well..

    "NIGHT" me-- thrives on ENERGY, socializing and having a Fun, no Emotions GOOD time ("NIGHT" me usually turns on during the weekends @ the Clubs) In that state-- at a good party, girls flirting with me-- I don't pay attention to being "GOOD" and loyal b/c it doesn't fit with the atmosphere of the club or party. In this atmosphere-- ONLY THEN can a Hot girl who just wants me physically be able to seduce me b/c my MENTALITY at night in the party/club is totally in fun, no emotions mode.

    That might sound bad-- but I've come to realize that- which's probably why some people say Gems need more than one girl to fit both sides. So yes, in a way, I want a nice/sweet girl to fit the good normal DAY life. Than, at the club, in NIGHT mode, it's more "No Holds Barred" have a good time socializing--- therefore needing a no strings attached, sexy girl that I DON"T WANT to have FEELINGS for, especially in the day.

    I admit to the vices and a$$holeishness of it. But does this clarify anything?

  • ImGem, yes it dose. I am Aqua and is in love with a Gem man. He can be the sweetiest person at time and other if you rub him the wrong way could be a mess. The attraction for both of us has always been there. I know this person will alwys be apart of my life. There are bumps in the road like any relationship. But, for me he is worth it. I am so attracted to his intelligence and his humor. That's the best description of my Gemini man not to mention he is Handsome....

  • Worthy, that's great. Aquarius is one of Geminis' best matches. I personally love Aquas. Key to Gemini's heart-- we like to be appreciated. The fact that you love the intelligence and humor, is golden. Because to be honest, I want people to respect my wit and intelligence more than my looks. In fact, sometimes it's very unnerving to me if a random woman stares at me too long. It makes me feel like just a piece of meat, and in my mind, I'm so much more than my looks. But yes, Aquarius and Gemini are fantastic together!

  • yup those are pretty good descriptions...but yeh its the twin personality you have to deal with...yeh he does have wit and intelligence..looks...ummm..I spose..like his cute dimple..lol..I feel like I really don't know..serious when he isn't and when I am not he is..soo don't know..just having fun right now..and seeing where it goes if anywhere...

  • I don't have a problem with my Gemini and yes they probably do have a dual personality everybody that has been reading the forum known how Gemini's are. I am crazy abouy my Gemini and has been knowing him for a long time, he's not anyone that I meet 6 mos ago. I have been knowing him for years. Everyone is different. I have come to know my Gemini and I do appreciate him. We all have faults. It takes a strong women to deal with a Gemini. If your just meeting your friend, well get ready for the ride. If you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.

  • I'm a Gemini woman myself, so take this with a pinch of salt :- Gemini men are sweet, kind and funny! Like most people, of any sign, they need to know you hold them in high esteem and affection. Truthfully, an Aquarian makes a more compatible partner for a Gemini woman, as I am glad to be able to say from experience. Always try to see the 'gem' in your gemini and you can't go far wrong. We value our freedom highly and yet make great spouses, but if you insult us, behave dishonorably and disrespectfully, we will quietly turn on our heels and leave (permanently) with no explanation given. I loathe being told what to do, confronted aggressively or sermonised, but then again, isn't that true of most of us? I personally find Librans and Pisces challenging as they seem too changeable and moody. Their inclination towards temper tantrums and vile outbursts really undo me. Kindness to all, ala the Buddhist way is paramount for all of us. When the vibe is right, everything seems easy and so it should be. Never stay in a relationship of any kind where there is trading of insults, suspicion, physical or verbal aggression. Hope this has been of some help. Laugh often, love much, Chenaya

  • I'm in a new relationship with a gem. He's sweet and nice and refined and high intelligent. Lately he's been quiet, don't know why. He asked for my b-day. Is he into astrology? I'm taking it slow.

  • I had known my gem for a long, long time and we both knew we were attracted to each other. But we avoided the feelings because we were committed to our activism. Eventually, we parted by circumstances. We both regretted this. We married other people. I've been divorced. He's not. When we saw each other after decades the feelings are still there. There's a bit of courtship going online. Don't know where this would lead. But I'm taking it slow. When we reconnected I appreciated his sincerity, sensitivity, honesty and confirming his feelings. Just a sweet guy. But the situation is tough on his side. I'm a relatively conservative cappy as far as morals are concerned. My gem, however, contrary to what I've read doesn't seem to be consistent with this guy. Who knows, however, that I have yet to see it in the long run. He just seems to be in his cave the last 2 weeks, umm.

  • I wish I could explain the whole story but for now really I would just like to know what or how do you go about apoligizng to a gemini we had an agrument due to someone else stepping into our business which is the worst it wasnt my fault basically my cousin is trying to get with the guy I'm seeing and didnt even realise anything was even going on til the other night so then I was trying to find out what was going on from both sides and of course my cousin isnmt saying anything my own blood is screwing me really? So I havent talked to him it was too dramatic that night and frankly I was just embarrassed and mortified Im hoping that as smart as geminis are he can actually figure out that I didnt have an involvment at all truth has to prevail eventually right? I'm just hurt and confused and I just dont know what to do oh it was who tried to make the move and he rejected her. So what do I do from here????? Please someone help

  • So I'm beginning to think I'm better off remaining silent and if its meant to be it will be and if its not then its not I have already thought and wished all that I can do I'm just hoping he realizes hes missing out on a good person and if cant r doesnt want to see that then in all honesty it is his loss! Love will and always will conquer and I truely believe that we will end up together eventually but maybe right now just isnt the right times in either one of our lives!!

  • Hi,

    This is crazy. I was inlove with a gemini/cancer (His birthday was June 21) and he acted so strange. First off, it was a cyber fling (but I knew who he was and i still stalk his facebook, unfortunately because I am still inlove).

    The relationship (which he started talking to me, not vice versa) went really well. He was loving and seemed to care. Then he didn't want to talk, and would act cruel if i said hi. One time he said to stop talking to him because he was so angry....since that message I tried not to talk to him and eventually we both ignored each other.

    Well 2 years later, he is still wondering about me because his facebook posts are about love and affection. He is so poetic and of course they are about me. I know this.

    Was wondering if gemini men ignore someone if they start falling for them? He seems to talk about destiny and being with (me) though he never talk to me. His friends even comment and one stated "talk to her".

  • I hear gemini men tend to fall for pisces women, but its only a lust thing (and is rare if it lasts). I am a pisces, and tend to enjoy being mysterious. I am not interested in hooking up or f**king around (which I don't at all). If i keep ignoring this guy will he love me more (especially since he never met me in person, and can only see my pics).

    Since our cyber "relation" didn't last (and I am kind of glad it didn't) he has seen other women, but they never last (tops 3 weeks). I only know this because his facebook status changes.

    It's ridiculous I am still in love with this man, but how we ended things left so many doors open. We literally just stopped talking. There was no big fight, but I could tell he was not interested. And yet, I think he was.........ouf.

  • Danno, there are lots of parallels in our experiences with our gems. If they don't break is formally it could mean that they are only taking a brief break or do not want to break for good. They would come around. It seems that gems gets stuck in their thoughts. Sometimes something you said did not sit well and they go in a spell. They say that when everything clarifies in their head about the two of you they come around and become devoted to you. Any gem that could confirm this?

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