• I "briefly" dated two gemini men and it was brief because although they can be charming, fun and witty they are also very fickle. They seem to be all about the chase and womanizing. Personally I will never date another gemini. Two was more than enough for me.

  • One thing about the Gem I was involved with is, that he wasn't a cheater. In fact he had been alone for about 3 years before he approached me. He approached me, not the other way around. He knew my situation with losing my husband, and having a small child who was now fatherless. He seemed eager to get involved with me, but I think maybe it was just the attraction that drew him to me. We had amazing chemistry in the bedroom, but didn't quite "click" anywhere else. We are from very different backgrounds, but I was just "going with the flow", being a firm believer in destiny. I thought he was going to be the right one for us. The one that would help take the pain away, and make a real difference in our lives. I guess that's why it was such a big disappointment when it didn't work out between us. He just couldn't commit to us. He couldn't even give me more than 1 day a week, after 5 months. I know, they're all about the "chase", but after what I went through, I really wasn't into playing those kind of games. Life is just too short for that crap! So for me, it's good riddance! And no more Geminis for me! Not after all I've heard about them on here, and my own experience with one...

  • I'm a Sagittarius and my Gemini boyfriend of two years recently broke up with me. We met online and things were going great. He was caring, nice, funny, he'd always tell me he loved me, told me I was beautiful everyday, he respected me... he was basically everything I always wanted and he was my first true love. He visited me in February and I visited him in May and we had a great time. Suddenly in July he began working long hours and became very distant with me. I'd ask him if he was okay, or if he was still interested in me, etc. but he would just get annoyed with me and think I was trying to argue with him which was completely not the case. I would sometimes give him a little space, but his distance with me was really bothering me, so I kept asking him. We used to talk about moving in together, but I noticed when we did, he would get very withdrawn. After giving him a little more space, he tells me he wants to break up with me, telling me he no longer feels the same about me, but he couldn't tell me why he didn't feel the same anymore. I don't know if I scared him off with my talk of commitment, or if it was me asking him if he still loved me. I honestly believe there is still hope for us, but I'd hate to mess something up and push him away from me any further. Gemini men are difficult, but I'm not ready to give up on this one.

  • Shiranai, I have always loved this Gemini man for years. We have been back and forth for years. We just have this special connection. But I will tell you that they are difficult speicies. But, I can't help but love this man. Sometimes I will go awhile without calling him, that's because I do know that they love,love their space. I am an Aquarius womam and I too love my space. Gemini, Aquarius and Libra fall under the same behavior. So, I am thinking that's why I understand ths Gemini person. I knows what get under is skin and your right they play alot of games. They also treat you the way you treat them atlease thats the Gemini I have been in contact with for years. He's tic for tac. I have just came to know him over the years and is still learning him. Hw is a challenge to me and keeps me on my toes. This is what keep me loving him. He's an older gentleman. And for the most part I am so attracted to this man and I know he's attracted to me. So that helps. He tries to be hard, but on the inside he is such a sweetie.

  • Wow Reading Some Of These Post Is Like An Open Book Session With My Relationship or Was Relationship With The Gemini Man I'm With. Everything You Guys Have Said Is EXACTLY Like My Bf/Ex.

    It Probably Makes It More Worse For Me Since I'm A Cancer And My Moodswings Are Kind Of Bad(Hence The Name) . Today Things Havent Gotten Any Better Between Me And Him Cause For No Apparent Reason He's Stopped Talking To Me And Lately We've Been Having Problems But Always Worked Them Out . Like Most of You guys Have Said We We're Friends and Then became Lovers and everything was good and out of the blue we broke up. but remianed bestfriends for seven months until this august and mannnn have things changed . so today ive decided to just say F&@?! it and go on even though i love him but i cant deal with the coldness, manipulation, etc .

  • I guess you just have to know a Gemini's ways to know how to deal with him. I've been with my Gem of a man for 22 years...married for 20 of those. He has put me through some crapstorms, to be honest, and I have wanted to beat him severly about the head and shoulders with a bat on more than one occaision. Being a Libra woman, I have weighed our relationship back and forth many, many times. My Dad was a Gemini...a very typical one at that. He was married 6 times and cheated on each and every one of those poor women...broke every one of their hearts. The man could never just be satisfied with the one he was with!!! I thought all Gem's must be like that, till I met mine. He is so lovable and sweet hearted! He tends to write poems and make handmade cards for me and also has done the same for our 3 daughters on many occaisions. He fancies himself a man's man, although he has such tender feelings. Most people who know him love him. He's funny and sincere, most of the time. I don't take any crap and put him in his place when he crosses the line. That is probably the one most important thing I can say to any woman who decides to date one of these mecurically minded guys. Don't let him get by with anything, and he IS gonna try to get by with EVERYTHING! They like to think of themselves as smarter than the average guy. I let him think he is, but, at the same time he knows I have his number. I compliment the way he looks often; that is very important to a Gemini man. He wants to know he is the best looking man in the room and if you let him think he is he won't feel the need to let other women do that for him. He also wants to know he is the best lover you've ever known. I can't tell if some of these traits are about being Gemini's or just MEN in general. Anyway, I have not always enjoyed the many personalities my man has shown me, but, for the most part, I have loved every minute of being his woman. He makes me feel like I am the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. LIAR! That is my response every time he tells me I'm beautiful. I think that is the secret with him, playfulness in the face of aggravation. Funny, in all these years this is the first time I've put that into words. Oh, yeah, the first 2 years of our relationship were frought with me asking, on any given day "Hey, wanna get married today?" with his answer being "Nah, not just yet." and then him asking and me saying no. Neither of us getting upset when the other said no. Then one Monday morning I said "Hey, what do ya think of getting married today?" him saying "Can I take the day off work?" to which I replied, "Heck yeh...It's your wedding day, fool!!" We called my brother and his sister and asked if they had time to watch us get married that day and headed to the courthouse. Light and breezy.....that's the secret. No pressure. Also, letting him know at all times that I am certainly capable of taking care of myself without him helps. Keeps him guessing. So, I guess a lot of what others on here have said is true. Getting all emotional and clingy is a definite no-no with these guys...gotta make em think you can live with them or without them. Truth be told, I wouldn't know what to do without him. Also, as for affection: when I want it, I just go get it. Sit on his lap, grab his face and lay a big fat one on him, snatch his booty now and again to let him know what's on my mind! You get the idea, right??? Bottom line....this guy isn't for everyone, but he's been perfect for me!!! Good Luck!!!!

  • Ms Geminilover all I can say you are so,so right. Like I have said earlier they will give you hell. I did notice that Gemini does not like their mate to be so clingy or emotional and I was thst girl at one time. I had to get to know this Gemini. And it is so much better not showing this part of yourself and smoother. I just love your ending,the way you have to come on to them and letting them know that they are your best lover which in may case he is.................LOVE IT. Like you said Gemini are not for everyone. My friend said you have to be a strong women to handle a Gemini. I truly love this man. Oh don't forget the mind games. Hated that part,but had to learn that about him too. I consider that a test and they will test you.

  • I'm a Libra and I have been with a Gemini man for over a year now. I actually and the type of person that gets bored with people after a while and I haven't gotten bored...the attraction is still there after more than a year of dating. He is the first Gemini that I've ever been with. Initially I was attracted to him because of his looks (a first for me because normally I am attracted by the personality). It was funny because I told all of my friends that I was having "impure thoughts" about him in the beginning. But as I got to know him, I found out that we have so much in common.

    Just like everyone here has said, he has always been the type that liked to have his space. Although initially he was very romantic and was really into the courtship and wooing me, I learned early on that he likes to have his independence and likes to have his space. The good thing is that I like to have my space too so I am okay with it when he draws away because it gives me the chance to have some time to myself.

    I have never been the type to cling or call much and have always taken the attitude that if a man wanted to be with me, he has to chase me...not the other way around. And in the beginning I think the fact that I didn't chase him took him by surprise. He would complain to me that I was not like other girls in that I didn't call him or try to visit him all the time but at the same time he would maintain contact and call and visit me...basically I let him do the work of pursuing me.

    With him, it is like I understand why he acts the way that he does and I really believe that he gets me too. I joke that he is a bit "spoiled", but he knows that he won't be spoiled by me which is why I think he likes me. I feel like I can be myself with him and show him my warts and all. Regardless of where this relationship ends, I think that we will probably remain friends above all.

    He has a job that requires quite a bit of travel, and I think that it suits his personality. I actually like to travel quite a bit also so most of the time we both have very full lives. The cute thing is that even in all of the travel and the time away, he always finds time to call me everyday to find out how my day has been and what I've been up to. This wasn't something he always did but as we continued to date and gotten to know one another he has become increasingly loving.

    One piece of advice I would give to anyone dating a Gemini would be to give them their space and to just go with the flow not pushing for more in the relationship early on. Gemini's don't like to be tied down and any attempt to do that will result in them pushing away. I would also say that you should make sure that you have a full life without them so that when they do get the desire to do something on their own you are occupied with your own interests. If you will give them their space and let them push away when they need to and let them see that you will be fine and occupied when they push away and welcome them back when they return they will want to be with you even more.

  • You'd have to see where the Moon and Venus and Mars are in his chart to see if they help or intensify the Gemini coolness. Yes those are all traits. I'm a Gem woman and we live in our heads. We will never turn away from affection but sometimes our heads are not in the same space as your need for affection, so you have to initiate and just understand being extremely touchy-feely is not in our nature. Don't try to force what is not natural, but learn to work with it. Relationships take compromises. After a long week's work, I'm glad to get home and kick back and I never reject my man if he wants attention. And because something is always churning in my mind, he understands and pulls me this way and that if he wants my focus. We are not unfeeling - we just get sidetracked - a LOT. We like affection; we just don't always think of it.

  • hey iam a picses and i was dating a gemini and i feel like its hard to try and work someone out with a gemini cuz he thinking he always right he all think im cheatin on him.. but he have his sweet dayz and his mood days but i love him i cant be with him because im still and love with my picses lover he got my heart. But itshard for me to forget about him in try and make it work wit him im just tried of him leavin i feel ifhe really love me and wanna be there for me he want keep leavin me.....I feel im a damn good woman in no man gone bring me down..................But the best thing to do now is keep my head up

  • It takes a special person to handle a Gemini. Gemini's are delicate. They are like butterfies.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I have been with one and after him I did not need to go else where. He is so sexy, handsome,smart and fickle. What I love about him is that he makes me laugh. The sexiness about him is that he is smart. So therefore I can't help but love him.

  • You need to teach that man how to express his feelings---and he will learn if he desires to stay in/values a relationship with you. You may need to guide this man carefully if he is sensitive--aren't all men?? You might have to explain what you want in the relationship and how he can ago about making this a more satisfying relationship. If he doesn't wish to make the effort---Well--that your decision.

  • Don't people in relationships start as friends first and go from there,and don't couples eventually reveal all their secrets --or they come out anyway. You both may know alot of stuff about each other---which is normal in relationships---so just let the energy flow and see where it goes--and stop worrying. Enjoy the time and the relastio nship---they way it is and was.

  • Buffers,

    I am sorry to here that there mught be a battle for some independance--but i thought that might come from insecurity or something,however I believe most women have the "b---s" to handle this situation and can dish it out also. I think it also helps the family if a little more dollars comes in--either to help the family or to help the community you live in. It is possible I believe to have loving family situations with children and provide services to the community you live in --or work for a better community. I would always want to take care of the community I live in--as they take care of us too!!

  • Cancermen,

    Sounds like a person that had problems with past relationships---so see if you can't go with the flow. Be friends and go do things together. Maybe he'll warm up eventually if you just go along and then he might not feel threatened. What have you got to lose if you care for the person?

  • Gemini's are hard to nab, but they are so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Gemini's personally, I've been in a long relationship with one and they are the best!

  • I don't get you RISINGLEO. Are you angrey? You had so many comments. Are you encourging this relationship?

  • Worthy 1248''

    sorry--I was replying to others comments and I didn't put down the folks I was trying to reply to. Not out here too long in this chat stuff. Hope the folks know/ or can figure out.

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