• I am a Leo and I am very, very much IN LOVE with my Gemini. I've been married twice both were Pisces, and this is the first time I have every felt TRUE LOVE. This Gemini is so loving, affectionate, passionate, funny, and warm. He treasures the ground I walk on. There's noway God would put you here on this earth and not let you find your soulmate, and I've found mine. Good Luck to those in earth of LOVE & HAPPINESS!!!!!!


    WHY DO people dive so desperately into a relationship without KNOWING a person.

    BET U DID THE S*X Thing first date or two and expect a RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIP?

    (AS an impatient/impulsive...haha....)

    I DONT or try not venture near the unknown. YIP!! OR TAKE ON CONSEQUENCES..


    don'T 4GET...our fears? we attract them...

    how many ladies bug...the c&AP OUT OF EVERYONE DURING THE DAY....


    i have heard so many woman seeking atteNTION MAKING JUDGement, wHEN alas!!! they working... time and place for ALL things..


    Wanna ruin a FRIENDSHIP, keep it up....



    TAKE IT EASY...if you not getting out from the relationship, get out know...IMAGINE WHEN KIDDIES ARE THROWN IN? TOO LATE.



  • I'm new and just read alot of your post's by what i've read i've had a lucky escape..so to speak.

    Online dating, His first question was what floats your boat< so i said honesty for now!, my first gut instict was he's just out for self-gratifacation!

    It was mothers day so i asked him what he done and it went from there really..the strange part is that i left it for three days woke upone morning with the feeling i should email him.. well since then we emailed eachother for a while seemed to get on really well, he can talk but i put that to because he's a sale'sman too, they can talk, great sence humor cheeky bugger i wanted to kick his ass, when i said that he did say about he smiled ,and would he get a slap or spanking(he feared he'd given to much away) i chose not to acknowledge that comment.

    We talked on msn for a while, this really bugs.. he said i tell you what i want so i let him, and he more or less said the same as i would like, he had no way of knowing because we kept everything light hearted, i'm sure i never gave anything away to get that responsce.

    we had planned a date, but he text me to say his mother had a stroke the night before and he was too tired. take a rain check. i was frustrated i left it for a while text to see how things were he did text me back.. but the emailed me to say he now cannot concertrate on making new relationships freinds or otherwise (we did say if we did'nt fancy eachother at least we've made a freind) carry on looking for a man

    he did give me one great pieace of philisopy for me personally.. the hearing aid or glasses dont matter- nor should they- be happy with who you are, it didi help me that.


    i noticed no other Aries.. ive never been in a ideal of a reltionship with a gemini, before.. cause hs first post to the msn was totally no reference to sexual nature but work and his family .. also his las relationship finished six months a go ( ifelt was'nt long but he's a man) she did'nt want the commitment he did, i never asked, as we never met to get to heavy).. i liked him a lot and his profile.. i know i still want to kick his ass..as a arian i proberly will in the cold light of day

  • I also wanted to say.. that i never believed that he made it up about his mother.. i mean really thats just sick, a freind tryed to say that but come on there's easier ways to get out of a date.. i did say thow if he made that up then he's sick defentally not worth knowing.

  • I have to agree with demac. I am also a Gemini woman dealing with a Gemini man and we are so much alike that sometimes it's scary. For one when dealing with a gemini man or woman you will have to learn not to wear your heart on your sleeve. It's not the point that we are being mean or insensitive it's just sometimes at certain moments our reply may come off not exactly the way we intend it to. At times I come off harsh or insensitive and have no clue that I am doing it until someone brings it to my attention. A real mood killer for a Gemini is being too overbearing or overly emotional and I think it goes both ways for a gem man or female. I was recently involved with a Libra man, and it was the worst experience that I've ever had. He was a sweet person, but he smothered me and tried to change my true self and the way I loved, which did nothing but depress me and made me disinterested. Needless to say it ended short and bad.

    What I found out by dealing with my Gemini guy was I have to love him the way that I want and don't want to be loved. First thing is your Gemini guy will test your character in the beginning. If you are dear to him he will treat you with respect. This is how you will know if you have a good gemini guy or not, because if he cares about you he will not hurt you intentionally. Second don't wear your heart on your sleeve, because he will be very blunt, but honest with you,but you want this because you never want to wonder what a person is really thinking right? Respect his quiet time, you can hang out together and not necessarily have to discuss every topic under the sun, yes gemini's are usually chatty, but we are also thinkers and can even enjoy your company in silence it's the closeness that really matters. If it seems that he is fussing about every little thing take it with a grain of salt and ignore it if it is small, he may just be having a bad day and using it as a way to vent, if you submit to it, it may become bigger then it really is so choose your battles wisely. And of note I've have dealt with a lot of gemini men, my father is actually a gemini as well, and it is a lot more to their story. Gemini men may try to show that they have a hard exterior but it is all an act, they desire love as much as the other signs it's just that you will have to work hard to capture their heart esp, if they have been hurt in the past. When we first met we clicked, but there were times I felt he was stingy with his affection, until I really paid attention to him, because at times he left me confused. That's when I realized he was more like me then I thought, and under his ruff exterior he is actually a little teddy bear. So with my gem guy I deal more with his actions then his words or his way of expressing his feelings. For one they fear rejection, so if they are unsure of what your reaction will be they will be hesitant. Thus making you the fire starter, lol. I respect his personal space and realized that he is into a lot of activities and have many friends, so if you respect that then they will gladly come around more often willingly and actually enjoy your company. Now when we have our alone time together (it's all about our quality time together, meaning no company and no cell phones, that is our rule when we're together), that's our time when we connect and again you will have to notice signs that he may be giving you, and this is a time when you may have to be more dominant and be like Nike and just do it. So what I've noticed by just observing him is that he loves to be really close to me, so when we're at his place watching t.v. on the couch I'll grab a pillow so he can lay on my lap and I'll rub his head, he loves it. If we're cuddling laying down watching a movie or something I'll caress his stomach (did this by accident) but found it soothes him, they love to be caressed not groped. While sleeping he may toss and turn, to get comfortable so he may not hold you all night, but if he makes an attempt to make any physical body contact, example he may lay really close to you, place his foot on yours or wrap his leg around yours he is feeling you. You just have to read the signs. As far as intimacy Gemini men love a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to take it, and show him how hot she really is for him, it's a real ego booster for them, but be creative and keep him on his toes. Finally, if you show you Gemini guy that you appreciate the good and bad about him and will still be there, he will show you his softer side and be there for you through thick and thin. and will be your best friend to the end.

  • Tiffany, that is a good post and so true.It sounds like you have a real sweetheart and you have a real intimate soul connection with your Gemini guy.You know and accept his moods ,you are insync with him, which is a good thing.And that rule you have about quality is so cool,and it should apply to anybody who is in a relationship because that is how you connect with your mate.Also i think people should know that when Geminis arent talkative it doesnt mean we are moody ,it may mean we are thinking deeply about something or we just dont feel like being bothered right then because we need to rejuevenate,especially if it in the morning and you are not a morning person and you havent had your breakfast yet,Lol.Sometimes i may get quiet when i walk in the room because i feel a bad vibe from that person and i dont want their mood to effect me.I would also say that Geminis are into deep love so if a person doesnt have that for them then the relationship wont be taken serious.Also my advice to women wanting to date a Gemini man is to find out what his interest are and then show curiosity so that he can welcome you into his world ,he will love that because he is a thinker and a teacher.

  • I just had to get on here to share this: My son is a Gemini I am a Virgo He married his high school sweetheart a Pisces.& both his children are Pisces.They were together 9 years before they got married . He bought her an engagement ring when they were 16. They have one of the rare relationships. Dont get me wrong he does have the Gemini traits as far as being intolerant, needs plenty of mental stimulation or he will get frustrated. When you first meet him he shows lots of confidents & throws in his witty sarcastic humor. He is a very deeply dedicated family man. I know his wife has dealt with his Gemini sides the good the bad & the ugly. As far as saying that Gemini men show little to no emotions I have to say it is in his DNA & honestly I think I have seen him kiss his wife once & that was when they got married.

  • Tracer411,

    This is soooo normal for a gemini man and woman. I've been seeing a gemini man for the past 4 years and there is not alot of affection. When I asked him about it, he said he's affectionate. Three of my children are gemini and my father also. They are a personality that will keep you confused. They are black/white, yes/no, up/down, total opposites in one person. That is normal for them. I call them the true bipolars of the zodiac. If he's not meeting your emotional needs, they do not do emotions (they run from them), you might want to either accept what you've gotten so far is as good as it gets or decide to move on. This is a difficult sign to understand. I have friends who have geminis in their lives tell me they often feel like asking the person, "who are you today?" and mean it. I have heard my man friend switch personalities over the phone. He sees a therapist once a month to try to figure out his personality. It will keep you on your toes and off balance. If you like that kind of challenge, go for it. Just keep the emotions very, very light. Don't ever try to pin him down. It will not work. Let the relationship be on his timeline and be greatful he's allowed you in his life. You will stay discombobulated. Sorry for the discomfort but they are awesome in bed.

  • I am in a relationship with a Gemini(I am a Scorpio) for over 4 years. We have a daughter together. I loved his charm and outgoing personality at first. Then I started seen how his friends were more important than me and he wasn't affection at all. Every time we went out he had to bring his bf too. I started broke up many times but it didn't seem to affect him. Geminis know how to adapt to their surrounding. so when he left it was easy for him to find another place to live fast. I always was the one to try to make the relationship work. Well last years was my last straw. I let him go about is business, didn't ask him to come back. I started dating an Aquarius. He saw I was serious and wanted to change. To make a long story short we are back together.

    Geminis tend to be a bit childish, don't care until they are really in love or know that you are the one for them.

  • bf=best friend...lol

  • wow i can't believe how tru ur statements were! i myself had 1 past and currently 1 present relationship with a gemini man. I am also a virgo girl ! both of them are wonderful giving men who both struggle thru life in accepting emotion of any type , of course no trouble of that nature in beginning.They seem to really have a knack for the courting stage with the charming gentleman type attitude .opening doors, showering attention and whatever u fancy. u feel like a princess till midnight when the fairytale is exposed for the truth that you were a prize in a manly ego game that they have playing since the beginning of time.and all of a sudden caveman days proved to b more than just a history lesson and reality is... he wants a sweet little wifey at home to clean ,cook and b a perfect sex goddess whom doesnt disagree. If you wanted respect for independence (which is very important to most virgo women),you may have to prepare for some harsh blows to your mental and emotional realms. Sarcasm and humilation type humor comes very natural to a typical gemini man and they don't like to lose any competitive tongue slingin match. If you manage to get past this stage you will truly have the love ,communication, and even the greatest respect u have ever known existed from this world . but it is a battle none the less which can b a painful process that really hits you deep in soft loving places you never explored within u ,nor where virgo girl readily shared personal info so easily with. I say b sure you know what u need to stay focused and fully geared with proper tools for useful and creative wow factor such tactics if you plan to win any of of the above mentionables with this 1950's type guy!good luck to all.

  • Why is it that everytime you try to say goodbye or you just stop talking to geminis because your trying to move on with your life and you have realised there is nothing else to do but except the fact that they are the way they are which I have already and you have tried everything u can to make it work and it doesnt then you have to except reality and life as it is and move on I do love him but I dont know that he really does or its not enough to try to make this work. So I have been keeping myself busy and finally just doing things for me again and finally letting him go and then the calls start and the messages start and I'm waiting for him to just show up and so far so good I havent answered any but honestly its so hard its almost like they get a damn signal or something or a beep comes up on their rador either way I just dont understand he makes absolutely no effort and then I try to say maybe we should be friends but I need some time before that can happen you know and he says he understands but never explains his feelings or emotions and I have never forced or pryed my way into it if he wants to talk he'll talk but I can read his body language and his facial expressions its almost like hes scared to admit he has feelings for me just taking day by day at this point feel free to give me pointers if anyones got any advice out there

  • Guyss, this is the first time to participate in forum. but i need advice and want to talk about my gemini guy. i'm really worried to find that most traitis you mentioned are true, he's agenuin sign who 've been a womanizer before , very charismatic, funny and cute, that's why i got head over heals with him, but hoping he 's a good gem guy. I'm libra woman and knowing my gem for almost 4 years nw we were best friends, then suddenly all evolved into a hot love story, really i felt as a queen, he kept sending me hot love messages, love songs, kisses...etc. he 's amazing in emotions and feelings to extent i felt i'm nothing comparng to him eventhough i'm overly affectionate libra. now, we have been dating in a month and then engaged for 6 months nw, i thought i'm dealing with mutliple characters all in one, but most worst character is that being cold and unaffectionate and suddenly turns back again. all depends on his mood, i got confused so that i kept asking him alot "who are you today?" and i mean it :D. not to mention that i'm very moody libra sometimes i'm with him on same level, others i got bored need space and freedom but worried to take it, so he might think that i'm ignoring him. I'm quite sure he loves me but wondering why he's acting sometimes so cold like a machine that i've to ask for a kiss myself :D, really confused dont know if to continue or he would end breaking up with me and i'm madly in love with him??? i want to know if he's normal gemini or love makes me blind? taking into mind that he's not with me he's working abroad so all our contact is only online :D, besides i trust him, and i tested him finding him faithful in our relation as he promised, but as far as gemini, is it possible to cheat on me specially that i'm in another country. guys plzzzzzz help!! Thankssss

  • Cancermen in reply to both of your post I am a Capricorn. I am have more confusion than ever with the gemini man I have been involved with. He now seems very interested in me and I am waiting for the extreme swing to the other direction. After a few weeks of no contact he has returned and is trying to draw me into he spell as i call it. it is difficult but in true Capricorn form my guard is up. I typically don't get burned twice but this gemini man seems to know exactly what to say and do to keep me confused and guessing. My head is telling me no, but oh my heart!

  • First and formost understand one thing gemini will ALWAYS have friends of the opposite sex and seeing that they usually always stay in contact with old flings everything he does to you best believe he is probably doing it to someone else too!! They also are tempted with beauty thats why tey have a hard time being faithful

    Love is love it is us that confuses everything else we are the deciders of what happens and honestly I have gotten to the point in my life that if you cant treat me the way I want to be treated then honestly hunny I'm better off without u!! The constant mood swings, undecisive behavior , or even pulling away the minute they know you are offically hooked thats the charming part of them but they should be listing that as vendictive 🙂 I have a dad and had 2 boyfriends and they are all the same and they always come running back when you try to ignore them Either way ladies we are better without the gemini males I promise!!!

  • After my experience with an emotional immature Gemini man, I will never date another Gemini again! I know they are not all exactly the same, but come on! The head games, and constant swing from one face to the other, hot to cold, was just too exhausting. I give you all credit for putting up with it! I knew he could not fulfill me the way I needed to be. He did in bed, but that's where it ended. That can only sustain you for so long. He was 4 years younger than me, but behaved more like 14 years younger.

    He even had the audacity to get involved with me knowing that I was a widow, who was still grieving my husband, and that I also have a 6 year old son. It was like he didn't know what he was getting into! I really don't know what he was thinking, ever...

    I think he just ruined it for me and Gemini men. If you all can make a go of it with your guys, more power to you! I, on the other hand, will wait for an emotionally available, responsible, mature adult man to come along. I know for sure he won't be a Gemini! : )

  • I will say in defense of Geminis they are not all the same some are passionate then others and some are just damn right cold and heartless the passionate ones you will absolutely be dazed and confused and smothered at times but in the best way possible the other bastards they dont have a care in the world other then their own needs and wants and will take advantage of you at your most vulnerable moments because they couldnt have u in any other case so they always know exactly what to say to get their way and its actually disturbing in many cases but in all honesty it sounds like you know exactly what you want and your actually taking the road towards that direction so I wish you all the best of luck towards love and happiness!

  • I have a lot of gemini's in my life who im very close with, and the answer to your question like someone else mentioned is: Everything. LOL they really are freakin nuts. When it comes to relationships they just don't know what they're doing. The gemini men I know have insane tempers and are total playboys. They are also insanely self conscious even though they are both good looking, intelligent, and deep down are very good people. But MAN, can they ever NOT get it together when it comes to women! Like it just amazes me!

    I know my stepmom is always harassing my dad because he doesnt 'make her feel loved' or 'show her that he loves her' and his answer is always 'come on, i tell you all the time.' And with my brother, he also seems to be very hard edged with his girlfriends. Though they are usually so wrapped up in him that they dont complain. Ugh....dont get me started.

    Honestly, with all my experience with gemini's, I'd never date one. They really do have split personalities and i've never seen the men hold a decent relationship for long. One minute your laughing with them and the next they're exploding on you. Ugh. B

  • I have a gemini moon, and I have dated a Gemini for a very long time. i have to say in relationship wise, Gemini's are difficult to start a relationship. It took me a year to finally get his attention and I had to be blunt about it. But they are not actively looking for a relationship per say. They just take whatever they can get, but they are not really open to committment, not until much later. They are always wanting to look for something new, and can get bored easily. OH!!! And one more thing, they (including me) get irritable and very snappy easily. I love Gems though :D, I wish I could have him back, my gem was wonderful. He had a Cancer moon, so he was able to commit to me.

  • For Cancermen; I don't really think of him doing these things to me, I just believe he knows no other way. I don't take his action personally, but I get confused by the Jekell/Hyde thing. As a capricorn I have a uncanny ability to turn on a dime as well, I can be a coldhearted b***h if I need to be. Its a way i protect myself. I don't easily let my guard down but for some reason I did with this Gemini, I just can't figure out if he is playing me or I have really gotten too close and he is retreating in true gemini style. For right now he seems to want to get closer, but I have only put my toe into the water to test it out.

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