• They always do come back no matter what you just have to be patient and understanding in the time being. You know that saying that says when you let something go and it comes back you know it's meant to be and if they dont you at least know Everything in this world happens for a reason to one person or another at one time or another and we are supposed to take that and apply it and learn and grow. You have to believe that it will work out and just be positive and in time he will come back and it could be greater than ever I have learned with geminis they have their own timing and they wouldnt have it any other way 🙂 mysterious and unpredictable in every sense they wouldnt be a gemini if they werent

  • I like that Cancermen, and you are so right. I love my Gemini.

  • Worthy1248, I agree with you, on all your posts.

    One thing I thought to add, I just thought of this...

    Taurgem, a long while back I dated a Taurus and it was not a great match. In fact, it ended badly. Maybe for you, individually, it would not be a good idea to date another Gemini because as I think back on my personal experience with dating a Taurus I dont know if I could date another one either (although the one i did date WAS possessive and bossy). I think it comes down to how we "wear" our hearts. Gemini's are capable of loving and loving "deeply" but admittedly it takes us a while to get there. On the surface is seems we have two hearts, that we are superficial but its not true, it just takes a strong person who loves a challenge to dig deeper to get to it. Taurus people are "real" people who look at things at face value. I understand your heart analogy and it makes sense. Sometimes heartbreaks dont heal on their own and the only way to fix it is to fill it up with a new form of love. Someone will come into your life that will stretch that broken heart and fill it with a love that is bigger and better than the previous relationship and that break wont be there anymore.

    It will happen.

    Maybe it would be better if you had Gemini people in your life as friends and not as love interests. You might see that there are redeeming qualities to Gemini's, and I think that Gemini moon (or is it your rising?) gives you a bit of the insight needed to understanding the unpredictable nature of the Gemini.

  • My Gemini is my Friend and my Lover. Like I said before we just have this special connection. By no means am I saying things are always good, NOT. But it just work. My Gemini is somethings else sometimes.

  • Worthy, thanks for the comment, I see you are an Aquarius as well so you do know where I am coming from. Its right, you can learn alot from them and Im very impatient too and he is teaching me patience. And we do talk everyday even when hes in a bad mood. So in that way he is different from other Geminis.

    As to the other people reading this pointing out all the negative traits about Geminis: One thing I have found to be absolutely essential when dealing with Geminis you have to share the same interests. My boyfriend and I are both big on music, its our main interest in life and its one thing that keeps us together because we always have something to talk about, even when times are rough.

    And I have to say to those who say they are only out for fun: I find this not to be true. I think it depends on the other influences as well, also what his Chinese sign is.

    I understand that non-air signs do not get along with Geminis too well as they are truly the weirdest of the air signs and you have to be very understanding of their crazy and weird ideas and their ever changing nature. I have a colleague who is a Pisces and she has told me that she cant stand Geminis cuz of their detached nature. However, as for me Id have problems with men who are too emotionally attached. As far as Taurus' goes, I dated a few in the past and it always ended bad because they are way too demanding and Im only an Aquarius, so for a Gemini it must be even worse.

  • tmoe, thanks for the part about Love because that is something I often doubt to be honest. I love him very much and I dont give up easily and I plan on staying with him, but the Love part is something I have my doubts about at times, you know?

    And as far as what you are saying about Taurus' goes: I could not agree with what you are saying more.

  • as far as signs go..I am a virgo and I don't see any positive or sure compatibility...lol..sooo jus going along with it...see what comes of it if anything at all.. I mean he is sweet, sexy when he wants to be..haha..charming...affectionate..etc etc...

    my ex..was a taurus: both earth signs..but it didn't work out..but I think it was more of how he was raised and we both couldn't resolve certain issues and the growing part didn't mesh well with him and somehow...I ended it..cause I couldn't take it anymore..the lies deceit the cheating you name it...and then he was callous enough to accuse me lol..so anyways..

  • Thanks you guys for your input....Much appriciated!!!! Love you all for it...but....I decided....that all the while...just tues...after my apartment burned down on tuesday and all the trauma...I realized my gem just couldn't be there for me....My Sag friend told me after remembering many tear fill nights of her gemini....that they just don' t have the capacity to be there for anyone (love interests or friends)...Especially at a super young age 22, 23....My Gem ex told me he was so jealous of my friends and connections because he had none. But, it's because he had never spent the time or the energy to make any "real friends". I told him all my 15-20 year plus friendship took alot of time and effort to foster,,,he didn't get it. I'm still baffeled???

  • Hey everyone please help me with this one...

    Here is the history: I like you Hotpookie am a taurus. I am a taurus girl with a gemini moon and my recent ex is a gemini with a cancer moon. We had been together 8 months. We have a large age difference between us as he is 23 and I am 37. Crazy huh, who would have ever have thought.... but it definitely wasn't planned. We both worked together and were in dwindling relationships, realized we had a super strong attraction to each other, (although I always knew he had a really big crush on me) ended our relationships with our significant others and decided to give it a go even though we knew the odds were stacked against us.

    Our relationship has been tremultous to say the least...we were constantly fighting about the same underlying issues...I couldn't stand how selfish and self-centered he was, and he couldn't stand that I was nervous, controlling, and overbearing. So, this sunday, after a few weeks of space I decided we should break up. The problem is I regretted it the very next day and when I tried to recant everything I had said...I had already talked him out of our relationship.

    To make matters worse I got the stomach flu during the whole break up...I was an emotional wreck. I begged and pleaded for him to give us another chance. He in turn, just restated everything I said (word for word) about the fact that we had to break the cycle now or it would just keep going and we would never have a good relationship. He said that he could never not have me in his life because I have been the kindest person he has ever had in his life and that he wanted to remain friends after a week of space and not talking.

    He said that because we still love each other its been hard to just give up and that we weren't breaking up because we don't love each other "that's not the isssue" he said its because we just don't get along. He told me that we build up a wall that's put us further apart than we were at the start and now we need to start taking the bricks down one by one by resolving the hurts and issues and then rebuilt our relationship with friendship. He said only than can we see what will happen in the future. He told me that the problem in the past has been that we fight, then we cuddle, and go on with our buisness and never really resolve the issue at hand and then when we feel hurt or slighted underhanded comments come out (on both sides) about a past issue that was never really resolved in the first place (problem is that when I have tried to talk things out to resolve them he feels I am "railing on him"). This week he stayed with me when I was terrribly sick and in horrible sorts. I made him tell me he still loved me and he said "you know how i feel about you...but I dont think it would make things better to tell you"...but then he finally told me he does love me--I know he resisted because he thought it would just make me more upset. Anyway , I did hear him murmur under his breath that he didn't want to break up at one point. In addition, he keeps saying to me "THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN" (meaning the break-up). He says if I am really angry with him and I really want to stick it to him I could never talk to him ever again and that would do it.

    Another reason he has stated for the break up was that he feels that he wasn't a good boy friend to me and that he was too over his head. He said he needs to get his life in order by going back to school, getting a better job with a better salary, and better living situation and that he can't give me what I need right now because he can barely support himself. I asked him if there would be a chance in the future like 5 years or so give it another try and he said more like 2 years after he has gotten his life in order and I have gotten more settled too. He said he would definitley consider it ....as he told his best friend before we ever got together that "I am the exact women he has always wanted to have as a wife"

    So, he promised me this last week to hang out, he honored his word and when it came to yesterday, our last day to see each other before our 1 week of transition from boyfriend/girlfriend to supposed friends (he asked for this space) I got confused and said I didn't want to hang out (I was feeling so strong, I felt I might break again if I saw him) we talked on the phone about lighthearded stuff and then I said I wanted to see him and he said no...so I didn't press the issue instead I just talked about some travels I planning to do---then he became rude,,,so I told him friends don't act like this, "Go to ****!! Do whatever your going to do!" and hung up the phone. He promptly called back and left a message apologizing for being rude and that he was just jealous because my trips sounded fun and of course he wants to be friends. Then he called one more time and I didn't answer but this time no message.

    Here is where I need help...

    1. I know he is the one, and I will not put my life on hold to wait for him to get his life in order but I do want him back, he is a genuinlely good person whom I love with all my heart,, I want him back romantically and not as a friend but I am scared to not be his friend for fear of loosing that chance of getting back as soon as he gets more settled in his life situations. Should I remain in the picture or stay out of it for a while?

    2. After he has had enough space and When does call,,,,like everyone in the forum says; should I not call back a few times so that he doesn't take it for granted that I am just hanging around waiting for him...I want him back on my terms or at least a in between.

    3. If he really loves me as he says he does....is it possible he will return sooner than later....like maybe 6 months or so?

    4. Should I break all contact at least for now?

    5. He has a slight fear that I may be pregnant...I have taken 2 test both say no....but he still wants an call or text for confirmation. He says if the queen of england wanted to have his baby right now he'd say no because he is in no position to take care of a child the way he wants to (he says this so I don't take it personally...like he just wouldn't have one with me...but we both agree we are not anywhere near ready for that). I kinda feel like even though i dont want any contact I have a responsiblity to just let him know. for piece of mind...should I just text the answer so I don't have to call.

    I know and all of this...just because I want us to have another chance...my heart is hurting so badly..

    I hope this is semi-clear , I just typed this all out and then hit the wrong key and erased the whole thing so, hope there are not too many mistakes...I'd really appriciate any advice..

    Okay sorry so long...but it's I know its hard to comment without the whole story...

  • Aqua Lad I see we have so much in common. I too can say we both like music. Wnen is your B'day mine is 1/23. It's nice to know that there is someone other tjhen myself who can unsderstand the Gemini man. He's strong,manly and very intelligent. I have dated a Leo man before and it just did not work out. They say that Leo's are suppose to be very compatible with Aqua, but of course those was sort of in my younger day and a few years back. Also to over bearing and hated to be told what to do,cannot stand that. With my Gemini I could just be me.

  • One other thing, all the Taurus I have meet or have known from child hood has never had a lasting relationship. I have a brother that is a Taurus and he jumps from one relationship to another. What's up with that? I also have a girlfriend who has had two unsuccessful marriages and is just not good w/relaionships. Maybe it stems from something in there childhood. Perhapes....

  • Look, from my perspective - I dated a Gemini man for more than 2 years. What a mess. And yes, everyone's right about the sex..its non existing when you want it, and the more you want it the less he will give it to you.

    He was extremely romantic, but it is always a game - if you are not up for it, get out, because gemini's do everything in extreme - I think they make great business people. Good luck, you will need it. The only way you will be able to handle a gemini man is through your mind, and hopefully then, you'll get his heart. But I do not think it's worth it. But each to his own, and I am a true romantic, so if he is the one, it will happen!!

  • @worthy1248 i think you're my fav specialist on gem men! So I have a question: when you say they really really really need their space what does that mean? I don't get it! I am gemini myself and although i also appreciate my space (especially after finishing a really full on relationship with an aries in which we basically suffocated each other) but when my gem guy doesn't call for a week or so provided i haven't seen him for two i can't help but think that he's actually withdrawing rather then just spending alone time (coz he isn't really sitting at home alone he has tons of friends and he is always out and about).

    At the beginning it wasn't like that we'd talk every other day and text each other every day. We'd see each other at least twice a week. Now i might not even hear from him for a week or more (if i don't bother texting him)but he still acts like he wants to see me and wants for us to continue. I'm confused ...I've been down this road with him before and i don't know whether i should actually talk about my feelings with him(we've managed to avoid any serious topic regarding the nature of our relationship for 7 months now) or just step away and see what his move is??

    If you've read my previous post on the topic i was saying that i'm enjoying the ride and the fact that i never know what's next. But the ride is getting bumpy again and it feels like history repeats itself and we are exactly where we were two years ago. I completely agree that gemini's are extreme and this is exactly how i feel now either walk away or jump in both feet.

  • Saphire, as mentioned before I dated a few Taurus' before, in fact I really started out with earth signs. 2 of my exes were virgos and I think one reason I was attracted to them is their intelligence. In a way I think Virgos and Geminis are alike probably cuz they are both ruled by the same planet. As far as Taurus' men goes, I think they are the meanest people in the world. Im sorry to say it, but its being said that Taurus' is the complete opposite sign to Aquarius and I find it to be true. One of my exes he is exactly like yours: He got married to the woman he met after me and some time along the way we talked and he tried to get back with me and he told me hes cheating on his wife. And I also figured that once you do something they dont like they will not be cool with you anymore. So maybe one reason you get along with your Gemini is as far as intelligence goes you are on the same level?

  • Worthy, My Birthday is January 26, so three days later. 😉 Yeah, I am finding that with my Gemini I can be myself, too. We do fight sometimes (in fact often, lol) but then we kiss and make up so its fine. Do you and yours fight alot? Before I dated many different signs, including a leo and as mentioned before, earth signs. But I found it never seemed to work out. Then, about 1.5 years ago I decided Id only date geminis and libras. And I found that we really gotta be friends first, its like that with all air signs. And I think thats one thing that other, especially such dominant signs like leos and taurus' dont understand. For them its more about physical attraction, but for us its much more about the mind. My Gemini and I, also our Chinese signs are compatible, so thats a plus as well. Im a snake and he is a rooster and I think its also a reason he is more grounded.

  • Yes, at one time we did fight or disagree alot. My Gemini just knew how to really make me mad. And he was the only person that really mad me angry. But that was then, and like I said in one of my comments rhings are not always going to be good and that just how it is. I have come to know my Gemini and that's the key, knowing your mate or partner. Someone ask me about giving space. I know my Gemini well, I can tell because he can be moody or I tell when hw has things on his mind, so at this point I just know he needs his space so I respect that. We all knows that they are thinkers. When he is himself he is so much fun, it jsut work between us. You know when a person is good for you. It works...... I love my Gemini

  • yeh aquarian...it might be just that...but right now he's trying to make me do all of the intelluctual work and I refues too..lol..so he might be balking at that...I dk..seriously...he is a great friend..one whom I can too w/out really being judged or anything..or sooo it seemed and now nothing..I mean he calls but for short periods like something is on his mind but unable to express it...

    yeh taurus are mean people and they just don't give a damn bout your feelings they just wanna hurt you and hurt you some more...very very selfish...so yeh and the jumping to relationship to another well thats what he's been doing...soooo...always cheating on someone..yeh he tried that w/me a couple of times..I told him when should I call so she will answer sure I can get her jealous and play the other woman..hahah..lol..and then he tried to meet me he was very demanding but it didn't work....he thinks he can do power plays....hahahha..

  • Worthy can I ask how old you two are? And I wanted to say Thank you because what you and the others who are pro-gemini on here, lol, have written has definitely helped me to understand my man better. Especially the part about them always fighting inside of themselves. I have never really seen it that way, that because there is more than one personality they always struggle with themselves. And its good to see that some people have something good to say about Geminis cuz in the books it seems theres mostly negative stuff, I think.

  • So Saphire you think you will continue seeing your Gemini? LOL. 😉 Do you know what your ascendant is and what your moon sign is?

    Wow, Im surprised you as a Virgo are saying that about Taurus'. So its not just me. At work I am working with a Gemini woman and shes a real b***h. And her moon is in Taurus and it really shows. She cant keep her mouth shut n shes always babbling bout ppl even if its not true. Thats another thing I dont like about Taurus' woman, they always talk about others. I thought every Virgo gets along with Taurus' but I see thats not right. 😉

  • I don't my moon or acsendant wished I knew cuz it might help and then right now alot of the stuff that is going on..is like totally anit virgoan..lmao...I am ending with mr gem...too much risks involved and at this point he doesn't care..so he says..he still is w/his family soooo...I told him to go back to her..but he doesn't want to or whatever but I told him why we shouldn't see each other anymore and I didn't really get a response other than a un huh so what attitidue and he's all acting like we will see each other ag..and ag...and this is sooo not gonna happen..I told him that the risks right now are not worth it...but according to him he's getting bolder..I honestly think he wants to get caught then what????

    Yeh I still don't get along w/that taurus..so nope we always don't get along I mean when we do its like smooth chocolate I dk how else to describe I mean we are like a perfect pair but when we fight..everything goes...lately though I have been calm and tried to talk to him w/out all the negativity but of course he blames me for everything that went wrong..lol...I told him I forgave him but guess that isn't gonna work...lol...but yeh once that nice place was gone all hell broke loose so now we are like bitter enemies...which happened w/a best fren actuallyl we were soo good to each other then one day an argument and we didn't talke for a long time then one day we talked and everything was ok again but not soo w/the ex....they are sooooooo stubborn and add the meanness..whew....

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