Captain...My Captain!!

  • And I feel Canada holds all you could ever need.

  • I don't want to keep moving...I want to settle in Sierra Leone where we've been living. I feel so incredibly trapped here. That was the reason I orginally move back home, and being back just reaffirms those feelings. I feel like I have an existance in Canada, but in Sierra Leone I have a life. My only challenge currently is trying to sort out a job that is more suitable to family life for Callum. My orginal job there just didnt work out. The type of jobs I seem to be getting all involve managing, Bars, Restaurants , casinos, nightclubs etc...all night work. Does not work well for my relationship with Callum, I wake up intime to see him off to school in the morning, and when he gets home at 2:30, i'm getting ready to go to work. Aside from sundays really, it kinda sucks. Even with all that, i'd rather keep working nights than be in Canada. I have the luxury for a while of being able to live there and not earn any money, but would rather make money than just spend. I know its selfish, but C'est la vie. My sanity is worth being selfish for.

    Just wish things work wise would pan out the way i'd like.

  • Hi Captain.

    Me again...hope you're good. I Just applied for two jobs, wondering if you could do a reading for me. One is with Evidence for Action and the other with KPMG.


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