Scorpio girl has my heart, will I ever have hers?

  • I am head over heels in love with this girl. I can't explain this level of connection I feel with her, and it's only grown in intensity since I first met her. It's like I met my wife or something. Can we ever be together harmoniously? So much Sagittarius and opposite















  • What are the exact birthdates?

  • By the way, how does this girl feel about you?

  • She kept putting me through these hot/cold tests, and won't ever commit to any kind of feelings toward me or I've noticed sometime she would say one thing and mean something else completely. It's like she speaks in code almost. Sometimes she says stuff just to get me jealous then says "just kidding, I like to see you get bothered". I've been chasing her for 6 months and she only recently started opening up to me and telling me more about herself and the things close to her. I think she has these grandiose ideals of what love is supposed to be and as scary as that sounds, I am so intrigued at the thought of a real life fairy tale romance. I've always been up front about my feelings and honest about them. Even if I don't get the response I'm looking for, I won't give up, and I don't think she wants me to. Will our stars allow it?

    May 13

    November 15

  • I hope the stars allow it.

  • Rearview, you two are opposites in the zodiac and have very different attitudes and approaches to life. That can be very attractive at first, but you mustn't interpret everything this girl says and does through your own viewpoint, because she sees things differently to you. What is serious to you may be a simple flirtation to her and likewise you may not take seriously something she holds very dear. Misunderstandings can abound here.

    Issues can swirl and dance in this volatile relationship, vying for ascendancy. But the overall themes here are those of leadership and ego: the two of you will surely fight over which of you will take the lead in what areas, and whose ego will receive the most stroking. A good rule of thumb is that whoever is the least open about this goal wants it the most, making this a difficult beast to fight. Tension and struggle however can lead to great lessons in release and acceptance. This tension may be resolved if the two of you (as a couple or as friends) adopt a tone or role of leadership in relations to those around you instead of each other. In fact, your whole style can take on a 'royal' demeanor - granting audiences and favors to friends, making dramatic entrances and exits, and generally encouraging a kind of glow or buzz around yourselves. As you build up a 'mythology' about your matchup, you can even start to believe it yourselves. Fortunately or unfortunately, the relationship's inner turmoil will bring you down to earth as some of your more unsavoury characteristics emerge, reminding you two that you are mere mortals.

    Being the more adventuresome, you Rearview, are likely to take the lead in your friendship or love affair with this girl. Marriage or a live-in situation however would see a reversal of this trend, with her taking the lead in household matters and you following and complementing. You have a great deal to teach this girl as she is more reclusive than you. Yet you may find some of her possessive, jealous, secretive, and depressive tendencies hard to handle if you become a couple, as you like a certain amount of trust and freedom to be sent your way. But you can also have a very grounding influence on her when she gets overly emotional, suspicious, or unrealistic. She in turn can help you to feel more.

    You are both fixed signs and this inflexibility can cause great tension, then, but also great endurance and solidity. If you can both control your egos and keep the challenging and upsetting tendencies to a minimum, this relationship can be well-directed, educational, and understanding.

    Good luck!

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