Captain can you help?

  • Hi Captain,

    Was wondering If you could help me out again.

    I was taking care of the elderly lady and now I do not have a job. I took your advice and applied to work at an elementary school as a teacher aide. This is what I used to do. I did not get the job and was wondering if I went down the wrong path. Is that the type of job you were referring to?

    I have applied in different places or areas of employment but just really have no idea at this point.

    Times have changed so much and now everything is done by computer. I really need a job in order to pay all my bills and survive. I realize that I have done this to myself and I don't want to make any more bad decisions when it comes to work. I want a job that I'm capable of doing and hopefully be permanent.

    My birth date is Jan 6,1961.

    Thank you very much! earthgirl6

  • Right job, wrong place. The right place will be along soon if you can wait a couple of months (March?). Until then, maybe a temp job to tide you over?

  • Okay great and Thank you again! So....teacher aide is right an elementary school right or just not at that particular school?

    I think I'll sub until then and maybe I can get "my foot in the door" somewhere.

    If I'm way off mark please let me know.

    Bless you and thanks again.

  • No that's right! Wrong particular school. 🙂

  • Captain,

    Again just want to make sure....I have been looking within my own county that I live in but I look at another county often. Do I need to keep with where I live or the other county?

    Also do you see anything else I need to know about my boyfriend dave?

    Thank you very much for all your time. 🙂

  • Yes you should look overseas as well.

    And I feel you may be outgrowing your boyfriend ie. you two are growing apart, not together.

  • Hi Captain,

    I have been wanting to ask this so here goes......Before I started dating my BF he worked at a school as a custodian and was let go after a very short period. My BF and I live about a block away from each-other(walking distance). A neighbor who I was friends with saw us together and told me I shouldn't be dating him....then one day she ask to speak to me and told me that my BF was fired from that job at school for liking high school girls. My BF tells me that he was let go due to something he said to a co-worker about a gun he had and then he said that a local sheriff came to his house and told him he (the BF) could not ever go on school property again.

    Could you tell me what is really going on?

    He is not liked hardly at all in the neighbor hood and now that I've been dating him neither am I. It seems to be better now like when we are out in the yard and such but I feel its time to get this all answered. It's been 2 years we have been dating.

    I feel he really does love me and not just for the intimacy which is not very often. He lives at his house and me at mine. I still have my 18 yr old son at home who gives me enough problems!

    He is a senior in school but thinks he's 30!

    Is he still talking and sending money to his ex? (My BF)

    Thank you for all you do for me and others.I feel like I don't really know what to think anymore.

  • I don't feel the gun story was the true reason for him getting fired. As I said, I feel you are growing apart (as you come to realise his true nature). There is a good reason other people don't like him. You need to ask around and look more into his background.

  • So would it be a safe bet to say that my relationship with him is based on his lies? You know Captain I have made so many horrible mistakes in my life. I know you are trying to put this nice and all but I need you to tell me up front......should I break up with him? Why has he stayed with me if teenage girls are what he likes? What's in this for him? Does where he works know all this?

    Am I reading between the lines right with what you are saying or trying to say to me? I don't know how to find out anymore about him, I've been trying all this time. Is he seeing someone else along with me?

    I don't know if you see this but I was married to a man for 6 months, took me 2 years to get a divorce and alot of money because I couldn't see what I was getting myself into and I don't want to do it again. Please help me again Captain.....Thank you.

  • He is very immature emotionally which is why he goes for much younger women (same emotional age). He sees you as a mother-figure who cares for him and looks after him.

  • So this isn't real love for him.....hmmm. Was I right in what I said last?

  • No I don't feel he is seeing anyone else. And he does love you, not like an equal (because he sees young girls as his equals) but as a child for a parent.

  • Wow I feel sick! So is there any way for this to work out for us? I don't have a clue what to do now.

    As you know I have so many issues of my own to work on and I really kept thinking that I need to address these before we go any further.....I really thought I'd finally met "THE" one for me. You know Captain I do love him and I kept thinking I was being so picky about stuff when it came to him and trying to just get past it.

    By the way his mother knows about all this doesn't she? And how on earth was he even married 3 times before for kinda long periods? Were they as blind as me? Oh and is he or can he be mean? How does something like this happen to him? Was he born like this or does his environment have to do with it?

  • Yes, yes, yes and it is part his upbringing that he remained so emotionally immature and partly his own weak nature. And he is quite happy with your relationship the way it is. It remains to be seen if you can be happy, now knowing what you know. Look for repeated patterns in your relationships.

  • Patterns? I'm not sure what you mean, could you clarify please? And did you answer yes to him being mean? What I want to know is if he would hurt me in any way.

    Thanks you again!

  • He may hurt you (emotionally) without meaning to - there are some things he cannot control about himself.

    Is this man anything like your ex - are you attracted to men who seem to need you, for example? There will be some sort of similarity here in your relationship choices.

  • Hi Captain, Is it possible to get a reading.. I need some guidance please.

  • AstraAngelpleasehelpme, this is Earthgirl6's personal thread. If you want answers, you must start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top of this page and I (or Astra Angel if you prefer) will help you there.

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