Deseased boyfriend ...

  • MY boyfriend passed away on febuary 11 2011 i was in yuma and he was in our hometown el centro. we were mad the night he died, i didnt find out until the morning but all night i had multiple dreams all with him all night, We were being chased but didnt know who was after us, another we were hanging out in my room and he layed on his side smiling and talking but i couldnt hear him. Now i feel like hes around and yes i talk to hiim ask him for signs but sometimes i feel like im going crazy…january 14th is our anniversary he always used to write taynsue114 that was our mark 114 and i see it everywhere especially when looking at the time. i just was somekind of guidance or advice explaination something anything cuz i feel like im losing my mind

  • Of course, he is around you - he is trying to reassure you that he's OK and is worried that you are grieving. He hears everything you say to him.

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