• Caution : This could rock your socks. I was born in 1949 on 21st of April...the CUSP

    between Aries and Taurus. I have lived in both genders full time. Born as a natal male

    but with a transgendered brain and mind.....I lived by Taurus...both male and female aspects.

    I was atypically gentle; Romantic; Intellectual; Spiritual; passion of Music.....Venus. My

    whole life was ruled by; nature; peaceful. I called it my "feminine side"

    Just this year I purchased the complete GRS...Gender Surgery to become a 100% female

    ...anatomy; legally; accepted the world over ( perhaps not in Catholic Rome).

    Very surprisingly a Female ARIES persona has appeared. The Mars..woman....Deals

    her cards; plays her cards; wins her battles; takes no prisioners. Wow....this is very

    necessary for a transsexual female play at the top of her game and not to

    victimized by the hateful and narrow-minded society....who still believe in Adam & Eve.

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