Virgo Empath in Love with two scorpios...but who is the one?

  • Hello, my name is Stasha, I am a 33 year old empath and healer from california.

    My specialty is reuniting twin flames, lost loves, relationship and past life karma. However...I have NO barometer when it comes to my own love life, yet I have this STRONG sensation that I need to reach out to this forum today, as I am struggling with an internal issue in LOVE (the irony!)

    I have two people in my life and I have a feeling that one of them may be MY twin flame!

    #1 I have not met yet in person, but have been connected through his father, as we are all musicians and I am going to be working on a song of his. I have had intense visions of us together, and the emotions if i even see his photo send me into a frenzy, not to mention his music has totally helped me open up my heart chakra. #2 I have known a very long time & has recently come back into my life. We were never a couple, but also worked on music together and always had an INTENSE attraction. We were intimate once, and always flirted, but both had other people in our lives and it was never the right time. Suddenly he just popped back into my life and he is just so loving and sweet. I also trust him a great deal. But i am so conflicted. 😞

    I would like to know which path to take, #1 or #2 or if someone new is coming in altogether #3?!

    I spend so much time helping others with their issues, I feel that it is OK to ask for a little guidance for once. I also know that I can be quite naive and can put energy into the wrong directions, ESPECIALLY when I am heavily occupied by giving readings to other people.

    I am happy to return the favor to anyone who needs help also!


    p.s. I attached photos of #1 and #2. the eyes always help me, perhaps they will help you as well!

  • Hi Stasha. I am a musician as well, and I know that often us, musicians, we take our mutual tastes, or creative compatibility for something else. We are prone to romanticise our professional connections because we are trained to be excitable. That's why there are so many disfunctional relationships amongst musicians. The fact that you have 2 potential candidates to soulmateship indicates that probably none of them is your true love, no matter how intense is the chemistry between the two (three?) of you. Is that what you mean by twin flames - the intense chemistry ? In this case I'd say, one can have lots of "twin flames". As for real love, that's something entirely different, not based upon fantasy. Sorry for being sceptical here - I've seen this situation too many times amongst my coworkers, and have been there myself few times...

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