Somewhere over the rainbow

  • Watergirl!! You are soooo cute!! lol

    One day, I want to be with the man of dreams. And just be still in our love and the peace that brings!

  • Hi Taurus7 LoaP and I were just talking about you when the idea came for this thread and wondering where you disappeared to and how you are.

    LoaP maybe you should ask Marc about the spiders. I really want to go to the Muppets, it doesn't come out here till Feb 8th but my kids are not so enthusiastic. Babysitter needed....

    xxto all

  • Party rockers in the house tonight , everybody just have a good time . sorry song is in my head over and over again My Son Keeps playing it non stop . its driving me nuts i have to get it out somehow . one day left until school is back and counting . The muppets have been out here for ages now i thought my four year old would love it, but he kept wingeing that he wanted to go home .I enjoyed it anyway except for some of the music scenes it was great . I have asked Marc aboutt he spiders before , i think he said it was something to do with facing my fears not sure i will have to look up the meaning in the animal medicine card book . I know if you dream of webs it means feeling trapped .

  • i like spiders I have a couple of the wolf spiders in my home and I never kill them I catch them and let them go outside they do get pretty big but they very interesting to watch I also like the lizards and frogs

  • Lol actually as a mother of 4 girls all absolutely petrified of spiders ( all harmless here) I have had to overcome my fear because I have to fish them out of the bathtub now and again while saying awww how cute and putting them outside. I am not a spider fan.

  • I have a book I bought when i was a girl. The Secrets of Gypsy Fortunetelling. It states --- When found in the evening, a spider signifies good luck. A Rom saying " Morning, sadness. Evening, shining." (or "hope" ). The smaller the spider, the greater the good fortune. Daddy long legs are always a messengers of 'good' luck.

    The dream book I have also states- To dream of a spider is lucky. They simbolize luck and great prosperity through industry. You will soon achieve your ambition. If spidere is on a web then the good fortune will come from many different sources.

    It sounds as though they may be asking for your acknowlegement. Perhaps by accepting them you will open yourself to great fortune. I hope this helped please let me know what you think.

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