Somewhere over the rainbow

  • A place to chat about anything and share your dreams .

    Someday i want to grow old in peace with no worries ,. and have plenty of money to live on .

    wouldnt it be nice.

  • One day soon, I would like to see love, peace and respect for all of human kind.


  • Thanks for joining in scorpwolf , i have been doing creative visulization trying to attract these things into my life .

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Dmick ,

    I felt that you were a young energy you give off playful vibes , i would like to lose some weight ss well i still have a pregnant looking tummy , i used to be a toothpick , and now after having 3 kids i am so out of shape .

  • LOL according to my BMI I am overweight by a couple of kilos so I am working on it but my kids call me all warm and cuddly so it must be good for something lol.

  • What is a BMI Sheelagh ? I dont mind being over weight but i do mind looking preggers when i am not I will never ever say to anyone that looks pregnant so when is your due date ?

  • My dream is to own alot of land. Have it zoned as animal conservation. and live in the middle. 4-5 big Irish hounds. a horse if I need to go to town. Of corse knowing my luck my poor Irish Hounds would bring home a stray evey few days. Look at me with that loving puppy look as if saying "can we keep him??? We promise to feed him and walk him and call him george." I would have to break their hearts on a regular baise and tell them " the Pooor human just got lost and I am sure that they already have a home and family that loves them."

    Just thought I would check out page. Sounds like Widzard of Oz. I was born in Kansas.

  • Hey Savannah Spider

    I love the wizard of oz , its a tiimeless classic we wanted to start a happy thread paddifluff and i so she suggested rainbows and i always think of Dorothy singing somewhere over the rainbow , when i think of rainbows .So do you like spiders? i am aracnaphobic big time .,Its the big ones the frighten the life out of me yet they are not poisonous its the little ones you have to watch out for where i am in Australia they are very poisinous .

  • I love spiders. I always try to keep a spider alive. But if they are aggressive and poisionious. Welllll. I have stepped on those. I have several house spiders sharing my house right now. They are not poisionious and some times very intertaning to watch. Plus the keep the flys to a minum. I just have to clear webs once to twice a week. But they seem to enjoy rebulding them cause they will stay in the same spot.

  • My dream is to be really good at dance in spite of current injuries and limitations. Maybe be good enough to teach, if I wanted to. Free from emotional and physical limitations. And I hope to be sharing this dream and my life with a wonderful man.

    LOAP - hope you're doing good! Been a while:)

  • Yup LoaP I like to think there is a rainbow from my garden to yours and that we are the much sought after pors of gold.

    Had a moment of illumination this afternoon. The answers are always right in front of our noses.

    BMI is body mass index, you can google it for an explanation. A pregnant looking tummy is the result of poor posture and not overweight, so I am told and if I stand up straight mine disappears so it must be true.


  • Hey ladies - Just "popping in" to say hello! 🙂

  • That's me in the lower right-hand corner, by the way 😉

  • This post is deleted!

  • I will google that Bmi it sounds interesting . I love the rainbow in the garden Sheelagh i wish i could get on it right now and slide over to you garden and get away from the heat for a while .

    I wish i was one of those penguins right now nice and cool waddling on the ice . It reminds me that I want to see happy feet 2 before the kids go back . I took my kids to see the muppets and they didnt like it at all . I love the muppets.


  • Sorry kids hijacked computer on me

    Hi Danceur, long time no see i hope all is well

    Savannah Spider ,

    There is no way i could let spiders wander in my house freely id have a heartattack , i do see misty images of them upon awakening during the night its like my cieling is covered in them , a few times i have screamned and they just vanish ,Have you ever heard of this before ?

  • Hello

    My dreams are to learn Hypnosis and Reiki healing, after I have hopefully, successfully, completed and obtained my Diploma In Therapeutic Counselling.

    One day I would love my own practice, where I am offering support, help and comfort ,to those in need.

    I will have a spiritual, good, healthy man, get married and have healthy children.

    Oh and I will have tons of confidence in myself and have a big old house with an extension for my mum and step dad to live.

    Oh I feel lovely now sharing my dreams with you all, THANK YOU.

    Love and Light LL.

  • watergirl18 - I am creased, that pic is funny!

    And sweethearts, I forgot to mention in my post that I too want to lose some weight.

  • watergirl18- LOVE the self portrait LOVE the look on the face like HAHA here I am

    LivingonaPrayer- I would hate to speclate but I have often heard spiders are messangers. I have always heard and lived by never Killing a spider expecally outside. I have always been facinated with all living things I can sit and watch ants till the sun goes down.

    I understand fear. Mine is snakes. I am still working hard every day on that one. When I was a little girl never had that fear. I find it helps to Look into snakes of my aera. Prehaps you can do the same for spiders there. It may be simply that they are asking for your understanding. Bring thierselves foward so that you might know them better.

    I do not know how deep your fear runs but learning which spiders near you are poisionious never hurt anyone. You may find helper spiders out there as well. For me those little buggers are worth thier weight in gold. Always entertaining to watch, expecally jumping spiders. Those cheekey little monkeys.

    Hope this helps.

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