Could someone please do a reading for me. I desperately need help.

  • Lately, one of my friends has been going through some really tough things. They have issues with depression, and lately I've been very worried about them. Can someone do a tarot spread about what's going on with them and if things will get better.

    I'd be more than happy to give a reading in return.

    Thank you so much. I'm so scared for them lately.

  • Hi, Elizabeth. I'd be more than happy to do this reading for you.

    I'm going to use a ten-card Celtic Cross spread, with the question "what will happen with Elizabeth's friend, and will things get better for him/her?"

    The first card, which represents your friend, is the Ace of Pentacles. This is a card of happiness, contenment, and monetary stability. Your friend has a good outlook, good fortune, and a good job that he or she likes.

    The card which is crossing your friend is the Ten of Swords. The Rider-Waite deck shows this card as a person laying on the ground with ten swords sticking in their back. This is what your friend is going through now. A series of painful, heavy events have lodged themselves in your friend and are weighing him or her down to the point at which they can no longer even struggle to dislodge one of the swords. This person has quit the struggle, though they cannot be blamed, for most of the problems would have been beyond their ability to control. At the moment, they're feeling defeated, weighed down, and unable to do anything to change their situation.

    The next card is the Four of Cups, and this card is the root of the situation. Sometimes called the "distant past," in this instance I believe the card speaks of something which happened relatively recently. The Four of Cups is a card of resting after a period of intense effort or indulgence. In the past, your friend either finished a long project which required intense concentration, or lost a source of indulgence - possibly the end of a relationship with a willing boyfriend/girlfriend, or being required medically or otherwise to stop drinking, or similar. This loss of either a project or an indulgence led into a period of boredom, and nothing pleases your friend any more. This is ultimately why they are depressed.

    Now comes the recent past, and it's the Ace of Swords. While normally a card of ambition and severing the bonds of the past, this card can also be a sign of being divided. This is the sword that Justice holds, but Justice never takes up her sword without taking up her scale in the other hand. Your friend has been weighing his/her situation (I've begun to think that I'm dealing with a "her", but I could be wrong) and was about to start an ambitious new undertaking, but (s)he came on too strong, swung the double-edged sword too hard, and was cut. This is likely the most recent of the swords in your friends back.

    The Two of Cups. This is the best possible outcome for the situation. This is a card of stability and harmony with another person, more often than not signifying a stable, fulfilling relationship with someone you love deeply. The Rider-Waite deck shows the Caduceus on this card (the staff with two snakes around it and often seen in hospitals and doctors' offices as a symbol of medicine), so this relationship probably happens simultaneously with a return to or continuance of good health.

    The next card is the immediate future. The Nine of Pentacles. This is a card of success and contentment. Your friend will have the opportunity to indulge in luxury, but not in the manner he/she might have indulged in in the Four of Cups. This is a responsible type of luxury, the kind many envision as what will happen after they retire. Your friend will perhaps undertake a hobby or other constructive diversion, the way many retired people do (perhaps your friend is facing retirement). However, this card is also SOLITARY luxury: the Rider-Waite deck shows a person standing alone within a walled garden. Your friend will experience this luxury alone, and may have to cast it off to find the love depicted in the Two of Cups.

    This next card is the internal factors affecting the situation. The Queen of Wands. Your friend is passionate and intense, but kind and caring, and ready, willing, and able to make what (s)he wants to happen, happen. This is what your friend is normally like, despite being currently weighed down by the swords in her back.

    Now the external influences. This can refer to family, friends, or other circumstances which are contributing to the situation. The Queen of Swords. Your friend has another friend (possibly a former boyfriend/girlfriend) who has themselves been through a lot, and is very closed off. Your friend perhaps mistook this iciness as a sign of apathy, and therefore doesn't go to this friend, even though the Queen of Swords may care about your friend deeply: she simply doesn't know how to show it. This may have led your friend to keep emotions in when they could have vented them, thus contributing to the problem.

    The next card is the Empress, and this is your friends hopes and fears. This is a card of femininity, beauty, and creation. Perhaps your friend hopes to become pregnant, and fears that she may not be able to before it is too late. This could explain the indulgence or effort in the Four of Cups. This could be another act of creation, though. Your friend may be an artisan thinking of opening a business.

    Now, the final outcome. The Four of Wands. This card is one of achievement, prosperity, completion of goals. Your friend will perhaps find the person she is looking for and meet her goals of creation (either by pregnancy or other creative act or state of being).

    In conclusion, yes. Things will get better. The swords will fall away or perhaps be carefully removed by another person - I have a vision of the Caduceus on the Two of Cups, the best possible outcome. Your friend is going to find contentment and stability, and may sacrifice wealth in order to create something with someone they will come to love deeply. I see someoen coming to their aid in this time of need, with distinct overtones of love and creative forces.

    I hope I could help.


  • After I finished the reading, I made a connection I hadn't made previously. Perhaps your friend will cast off their current job, which could be providing the financial stability in the Ace of Pentacles, in exchange for a romantic partner and more creative, more enjoyable occupation (suggested by the Two of Cups in the best possible outcome, and the Nine of Pentacles in the immediate future).

    Hope I helped.

    Blessed be,


  • Alex, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This meant so much to me.

    My friend is actually a young male, only 21 (A year older than me) He is very successful in his job and we are very close. However, recently, he has been telling me more and more that he cannot cope with his depression.

    I feel as if everything I've been telling him falls on deaf ears, but this gives me hope that maybe it hasn't.

  • Thank you so much. This has made me feel so much better.

  • I'm glad I could help. If you'd like, I'd be willing to do another reading about what you could do for him, if anything.

  • That would be very kind of you. I would love that.

    Is there anything I can do for you?

  • I'm going to do the reading in a few minutes, but while it's on my mind... if I wouldn't be imposing, would you be willing to do a reading for my love life?

    The second reading will be up tonight ^-^

  • I would be happy too! What is your issue regarding your love life? What it's like in general, or more specifically?

  • I'm going to do the reading for what you can do to help your friend now. I'm going to use a 7-card spread which I call a Chevron Spread, but I've heard called an Ellipse Spread.

    The first card is the Five of Pentacles, and it represents the past - that is, past events which still have an influence on the situation. This card represents being an outcast or social pariah, often because society sees you as flawed, usually because you live your life differently from most of your peers (believe me, I'm intimately acquainted with this). It also represents worry. Since the Pentacles deal with financial matters, an equally likely interpretation of this card is that your friend is going through tough times in terms of money - perhaps losing a job. This does not, of course, mean that your friend is a bad person for not being a social climber, or lazy for having financial troubles - in fact, many times someone who gets this card is "good for love, but not for money," because an earlier meaning of the card is being faithful to one's spouse, even though the financial tides may be against them. I would say that this is the root of your friend's depression, and therefore the root of the whole problem.

    Next is what's happening right now: the King of Cups Rx (Rx meaning "reversed"). A majority of the time, face cards (Prince, Knight, Queen, King) describe a person or a person's state, and in this case they represent your friend's current state. This card says that your friend is closed off, depressed, disappointed (possibly in himself), and his heart isn't in anything any more. This can cause two outcomes: one is to drown one's sorrows in guilty pleasures such as alcohol, drugs, and excessive or unfaithful sexual relations, or a state of being withdrawn, depressed, alone, and emotionally unavailable to loved ones. Both readings so far indicate the latter possibility, but the Four of Cups from the last reading combined with this card indicate a possibility of unhealthy indulgence sometime in the past (the Cups are traditionally holding wine, but this is purely figurative in many cases).

    The next card represents the future, and it is Justice Rx. This is a slightly worrying card to see in anyone's future, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing at all, just as the Death card can signal good things in the end. Justice on its own means balance, fairness, and the Threefold Law or the Law of Karma (whatever you put out, you get it back times three). When one encounters Justice, one is either punished without mercy, or rewarded without cerimony. However, Justice Rx often refers to skewed Justice: perhaps something will turn out unfair, or someone who wronged your friend will get away with it. Your friend could be withdrawn for fear of having to answer for some wrong committed in the past (very possible, if the King of Cups Rx does indeed indicate excessive indulgence). This can also mean finding personal Justice: coming to terms with something one has done wrong (this could be either your friend, or someone who's wronged your friend). He could be ashamed or humiliated. He could be the victim of prejudice, bigotry, or bias. Know that this card doesn't necessarily mean your friend will meet swift and irrevocable Justice of the kind that involves lengthy legal procedure or even lengthier jail sentences, it just means that he's human and is going to come to terms with one of his sins in the near future - quite possibly in an unusual, poetic, and ironic manner normally found only in literature. It could also mean someone suing your friend without a good cause or a good case, perhaps even managing to win.

    Next comes the card which will answer the question for which this reading is being done: what do you do now? The answer is the Five of Wands. Now, the Five of Wands is something of a negative card: it shows things which can very well happen to someone, but which one normally wouldn't wish on another person. I think it refers more to taking steps to AVOID some of the qualities of the Five of Wands. The Five of Wands in the Rider-Waite deck shows five people fighting, and the card likewise signifies a free-for-all, an every-man-for-himself situation, and a frantic battle just to escape the fray. It could also mean five parts of your self each desiring different things, and fighting strongly for these desires, leading to severe internal discord. However, the five staves of the combatants together form the beginnings of a Pentacle, which is a symbold of protection, so you may leap into the fray to protect someone else - which you might end up having to do, especially if there ends up being legal issues, one of the possibilities of Justice Rx (or even worse, another form of skewed Justice: someone out for revenge). However, another quality of this card is looking at many different options, and cultivating varying and different ideas, and not necessarily in an internally violent way. This is something else you may want to do to help your friend. Take a long look at all the different things you could do to help him, and seriously consider each and every one of them - I have a feeling you may need to use many of them, or at the very least one will jump out at you as the best course of action. At the very least, you should be prepared to jump into the fray of your friend's life and intervene on his behalf (even if it's a fury of internal conflict, rather than conflicts with other people), and be prepared to raise your staff to form the protective Pentacle your friend may need in this situation.

    Now for External Influences: the Hierophant. It represents knowledge, order, the social structure, and religion of all kinds. It mainly signifies authority, especially religious authority, and the knowledge and social mores that traditionally go along with it. This can be either a good thing or a bad thing, but in this case, it probably represents society, which may be working against you and your friend. Perhaps one of the swords in your friend's back (the Ten of Swords in the first reading) is rejection from society (further confirmed by the outcast situation of the Five of Pentacles), and you might face breaking taboos or social tradition in order to help them (for instance, he might be trying to "come out of the closet" - this is just an example, there's nothing in the cards to indicate this).

    Now for hopes and fears. The Eight of Wands. Remember your first love? That's the feeling this card implies. It speaks of getting swept off your feet and into the action, either in the arms of a lover or in the grip of a project you love just as deeply. It also signifies working swiftly, independently, and along parallel lines with someone else. In this sense, I think both you and your friend hope for the same thing - that is, to get him swept off his feet and back into the exciting and wonderful thing that life can be. I don't really see any fears in this, except for perhaps the fear of continued depression, or perhaps even fear of the possible outcomes of depression, i.e. suicide.

    The final outcome is the Sun. This is a very, very GOOD card to have in the future, especially as a final outcome. In short, it's a 'YES!' card, or even what a friend of mine calls 'the magic aha', or a so-called 'flash of genius'. Essentially, both you and your friend will come out of this darkness and into the light of the Sun. You'll both be content, happy, enlightened, and energetic. This and other problems will be solved, your friend's depression will go away, possibly for good, and you'll most likely feel like you helped the process along.

    So, in conclusion, I see nothing but good in either of your futures. As for you helping him, I say take a moment and think about all the things you COULD do, consider all of those fantasies you may have had about comforting him, and try to choose a course of action. One will probably jump out at you. When it does, take up your staff and prepare to fight for your friend, either alongside him against his internal strife, or against society for his benefit. If you do that, your hope of Eight of Wands motivation will take both you and your friend out of the darkness, and the Sun will shine on you both.

    I wish you the best, and I firmly believe that your future is very bright.

    I hope I was able to help.

    Blessed be,


  • I have a few things to say, the most important of which is to ignore the link that managed to make its way into your reading. It has absolutely no business being there, and has NOTHING to do with the reading. My apologies.

    As for the reading about my love life... around this time last year, my first and only relationship to this point (yes, I'm quite young) ended very traumatically (we're both still alive and well), and in all honesty I didn't stop having PTSD-like symptoms until the beginning of last summer (I don't want to go into detail here where anyone who stumbles in will see it). Since then, I've been trying to get back into the dating scene. I tend to be very quiet, and I'd prefer a cup of tea, a book, and Brahms to a football game or a dance party any day of the week, and therefore I have few friends and even fewer romantic interests, but I still want a relationship, and I finally feel that I'm ready again. I don't really know anyone my age well enough to try to have a romantic relationship, except for one person who's already told me she's not interested. So, I'd like a reading about how my love life is going to turn out, will I have a relationship (I know I'd be absolutely content without one, if that's the case), and what would be the signs of an impending romantic interest? If it helps, I'm a Scorpio (I'm not much into astrology). If there's anything else that would help you, ask away.

  • Thank you very much. I'll have your reading up within the next day 🙂

    I haven't mentioned this, but I've also had a closet crush on him for a long time. I have a feeling that he knows, and you're quite right, I am very scared of him committing suicide, or doing something stupid, and I feel very helpless. I keep going back and fourth about telling him my feelings, especially now when he feels this way.

  • Thanks 🙂

    In that case, based on the readings, I think you should at least consider telling him. Several of the cards (such as the Two of Cups in the last reading) show two people - maybe you're the other person 🙂 Whether you tell him or not, I wish you both the best!

  • Hey there! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you! I'm just letting you know I am about to start your reading. I've had some personal issues I've needed to take care of!

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