What are my chances of getting my ex back after over a year?

  • I was with my ex girlfriend 2yrs 3 months. She left me now 1 yr 4 months. What are my chances of getting her back. She is a Cancer and I am a Capricorn.

  • What are the exact birthdates?

  • Og, I got them off one of your previous posts.

    Sorry to say the prospects are not good for a reunion. Cancer and Capricorn are complete opposites in the zodiac and, while opposites attract at first, the big differences between you can eventually get on your nerves. This relationship often starts through work and can function for a while as a love affair, but it doesn't usually have what it takes to go longterm. Your ex has a problem with mood swings and occasional depressions and, though your dependability and responsibility can anchor her for a while, eventually she can become a little unnerved by the charged energies of your relationship. Had you married, a subtle shift would have taken place after the knot was tied. Financial matters would become more important, domestic and job pressures would increase, and cracks would start to appear in what you may have thought was a rock-solid relationship. You would find your emotionally volatile partner hard to handle and would probably show your upset with silence. This can also happen BEFORE you marry if you have been living together or seeing each other very often. You are both just too different to gel.

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