I need the truth about a certain situation

  • First off I want to say thank you in advance to any and all help given, I am at the end of my rope in this situation, and a little confused.

    I need to know if this person I've been talking to for years is really who he says he is, because alot of the things he says to me don't add up and I'm quite leery about it, I am desperate to know if he's true or a poser/faker/liar and who he really is. So I can decide from there on my next action to take about this situation. Thank you!

  • Have you got a photo of this guy or at least his birthdate?

  • his supposed birthday is 8-13-1982, he says he's a certain person but I'm not sure if I truly believe it.

  • What is it that he says he is?

  • I do feel there is deception here but it is not of the mean or manipulative kind - it just comes from insecurity about oneself and fear of being rejected.

  • he says he's a rockstar but yet he's always playing games online or starting up drama with my friend and I or spending all day on the phone, he says he lives in germany but he lives in michigan at the moment I am so confused. and my friend is so gullible to it and I don't know what to think about any of it anymore, he is apparently going to Florida to meet my friend but would never come meet me.

  • So this is an online friendship? What is his relationship with your friend?

    By 'rockstar', I feel he may play (or played) in a local band with some friends (without much success). He feels he must create a more successful image for people to like him. He's a pretty insecure fellow.

  • it was a romantic relationship between him and I but his relationship with my friend is that their dating. supposedly says he loves me and always will and wanted to be with me or whatever so I'm confused about all of it

  • and he's engaged to some other girl in real life, but it's not the same person, so I dunno what's going on.

  • He is playing you - his cheating actions speak louder than his pretty promises to you. He's an insecure guy who gets an ego boost from having lots of girlfriends. Dump this loser! You deserve and can do much better. Just listen to your intuition more than your emotions next time.

  • I haven't been dating him for a couple weeks. So no worries lol. I was just curious if he really is who he says he Is.

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