Captain, could you please help??

  • Hello 🙂 ... i recently got involved with a scorpio 11/13/82, i'm a virgo 08/31/77. Things seemed to be going really well, we've only seen each other a few times, one date at my place and then he invited me away to visit his friends for the weekend. We get on really well and had a great time. He recently moved down south but we stayed in touch via text, FB etc, he was very sweet and lovely in his messages and assured me he'd be back and we'd see each other again but he's been very quiet during this past week and i've sent him a couple of messages but have had no reply. As far as i'm aware i've done nothing wrong so i'm pretty confused. Can you tell me what you feel about this situation please?? Thank you 🙂

  • Though this combination can sometimes lead to marriage (a more practical than romantic matchup), you two have to survive the love affair first, which can be tough. This relationship is often based around a close circle of friends or family, which serves not only to satisfy your strong social urge together but to also provide a support group you can call on in time of need. You Virgofriend can benefit here from your partner's self-possession and independence (which you need more of) and he from your reliability and orderliness (which he needs more of).A love affair here however may lack the true spark of high passion that your friend desires to feel really fulfilled. He dislikes people who put too many demands on him or act very needy. Communication problems can occur if he feels this way - misunderstandings, painful silences of avoidance, and cut-off connections are common here, mainly due to his tendency to get involved with all the wrong people and then realize it too late. When this occurs, it is a sign that he has backed off. However, the two of you can share many activities as friends, and with other people, perhaps involving travel and entertainment - the relationship need not necessarily be romantic or physical for you two to enjoy yourselves.

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