Whats wrong with him ? should i want him back ?

  • me and my boyfriend of nearly two years have just split up. we have just found out we where goin to have a baby . at first he was so excited and now he cant seem to forget about us quick enough. he is addicted to cannabis + i think this is part of the problem. As his temper can just flip at any moment. In the last few months he has been mentally + physically abusing me whilst i have been pregnant. Everyone is telling me to leave him for good but i can't seem to walk away even with everything he has put me through. he does these things then says sorry and doesnt know why he is doing them but refuses to stop smoking weed. Even tho he knows i hate it + it causes his mood swings.

    Should i stay with him ?? will be a good dad ? ? i have lately begun to harm myself because i dont know any other way to deal with the stress, ino i should concentrate on me and the baby but sometimes it all gets too much. please help

  • honey please go get help for yourself and stop causing harm to you and remember the baby who is totally depending on your health for it's life. can i ask how old you are?

    get help and leave his sorry a$$. IF he is a good dad, he will man up and prove it; but you definately deserve better. some men & women for that matter are just low down. no more than what you said (but too much too) leaves that impression with me...Low down snake in the grass. also that child will always love you and it needs at least it's mother healthy and whole.

    good luck-i'll check back.

  • Hi, I want to let you know that I feel for your situation. I agree totally w/ CancerCan. The sooner that you can forget and get over this guy will be one day closer to feeling better. There are a lot of girls in your same situation. Don't let someones negative behavior become your behavior. As I'm sure you know, you are a separate and unique person.

    Although you may not be Catholic, you can call your local Catholic church and they have services for pregnant girls that need help. I do not believe abortion is the answer when there is alternative help. If there is anyway I can help you find counseling in your area or help, please let me know. There are people that want to help and don't feel that you are alone.

  • If you need help, maybe someone to talk with---1-800-BABY DUE

  • oh girl please for the sake of yourself and your baby get the heck out of this relationship!!!! This man is never going to change! This is not something you want to bring a child into because the child is innocent and deserves so much better. Remember if this man is not gonna be responsible for this child then you have to be. You have to dig deep and find yourself and know that you deserve better! Our kids love us unconditionally and depend on us for so much! You have to be strong and the first step for you is to leave this man and this situation and the second step is to get some help for yourself. Listen to what others have commented on where to go to get help. My suggestion is to go to a church also and it doesnt matter what religion you are or if you dont follow any, a church wont turn you away. Most churchs have special groups and such to help in situations such as yours. I will pray for you and hope you listen to all the guidance and not to him because he will lie to keep you around. Trust me I know because Ive been in an abusive relationship and Im here to tell you that they will never change and your situation will only get worse. I will pray for you.....


  • my 24 yr. old son's father abused me severly and even though it didn't start until after he was born, when it did i took my kid and left. 6 months later the dad ends up in a fatal car accident. take care of that child and you!

  • The hardest part is to let go of someone who one minute cares for you with undying love and the next acts selfishly & completely carelessly without disregard to your feelings. It would be hard but not impossible for him to quit smoking weed. If he does, those mood swings might stop. However, being abused physically is not good, and for you to harm yourself in the course of finding an answer is not on. Let others, families & friends be your rock and to hold you in a good place. You're blessed to have a child, some of us are not so lucky.

    How old are you both?

  • Think of yourself and your unborn baby. Your baby will feel your stress and what you don't need is a stressful baby!! Get out of that relationship now...your baby will need to know its father and their father needs to provide maintenance for that child ...but at the moment you and the baby need to be chilled and happy. Life won't be easy but it will be a lot better than being physically & mentally abused. Seek help. Good luck and best wishes.

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