In Need of Advise....

  • I have a situation, Im not a young person, mid Im not new to relationships....for I am married, happily, so this situation im in is really strange. I have an instructor of a class im takeing, and I have known him for a few yrs. He to is happily married. We have started a connection of talking to one another on the computer, each and everyday, that we do not see each other....and as you guessed, the feeling have come out over the conversations.....We are electric when around each other....the attraction is so obvious.. you can feel it from across the room......Although niether one of us have any concept of going anywhere with one another, or tearing up our marriages, the feelings are still so powerful, that we both cant deny them.....What would you do in this situation? Any adivice?

  • I can relate to what you are experiencing with your instructor. What I would caution you against is acting on your feelings physically for one another. Would it not be possible to bring this relationship to full fruition with the sharing of your minds and dreams ect. What happens in marriages is that we forget to discuss our passions and desires about life with our spouses and partners. Life becomes listless and dull. This instructor makes you feel alive and vibrant. You want to be a better person and you feel lush. He has tapped into your creative being, and it feels good to you. Love is a powerful expression, and people are wonderful, in fact, the world is wonderful. We need to all embrace one another and be creative in our expressions.

    If you are to have a physical affair with this person all of your pleasure will be balanced with sorrow. In the end there may even be resentment. Love without the physical expression is possible and you are left with the pleasure and no pain to muddle through.

    My two cents only... remember to tap into the lonliness that this relationship has opened and see it clearly for what it is the time for reflection and study... your own soul is calling for attention to this matter... be well... I wish you peace!

  • Lioness10....we all have intense attractions and temptations all our lives and cannot act on some. The fact you are married and have a life with another would not be wise to even think of acting on it. It's not worth the big bang and the destruction and upheavel that would come with it...Be thankful for what you have in your partner and cherish it greatly for you can bring back some excitement and fun.

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