PLEASE, I would really appreciate a reading. THANK-YOU

  • Hello, I would really appreciate a relationship reading. My boyfriend is currently staying with me and I would like someone to do a reading on us. I would like to know his feelings,thoughts. and I would also like to know the direction its heading. I would also love any advice, as far as if theres anything i need/should do. Thank-you, 🙂

  • Hello Vettech,

    I always hesitate to read for a person without their request, so perhaps someone else can fill that part of your request on behalf of your boyfriend's feeling.

    I have done a reading for you, so let me know if you would like to proceed with that or you prefer to wait for someone else to read for you in answer to your complete request.


  • yes I woulod like to hear what you have for me. thank you

  • Hi Vettech,

    I did a simple five card reading which I find to be simple, direct and gets to the heart of the question quickly.

    The first card was the 7 cups: This card represents Illusion. It could also represent the hoping for something that is not evident. You may have blinders on in the midst of the situation. Look at it for what it is. Based on your initial question, you do have doubts about this relationship and the advice this cards offers is to remove the veil and you will see the relationship for what it is and how substantial it is.

    Devil: Indicates you are bound in this situation. Sometimes this card appears when a person has a habit that is hard to break, so this would indicate there is a level of dependency in this relationship. You are not as happy as you could be in this relationship because of feeling trapped.The living together that you mentioned may be more than you can deal with at this time.

    Ace of Swords: This card represents a new beginning. By stepping back from the emotional attachment and looking at your relationship from a logical perspective you will be able to see what needs to be done to move into a better direction in your life. Something needs to end in order for you to be happy. That can even mean there is one aspect in the relationship that brings you distress and you may need to communicate this to your partner to bring an end to the specific problem.

    Knight of cups: New emotional direction that is nourishing and healthy. If (when) you decide to make major changes in or about this relationship, there would be some doubts, of course, and maybe some fear in going in a new direction, but a major change is in store for you.

    Judgement By changing your perspective on how you see this relationship and taking steps according to what you learn, you will end up with a very new and different life with the promise of great happiness.

    Overall I could say that this relationship should end in order for you to be happy, but with this reading, you may be able to make some adjustments within the relationship and then be able to find the happiness you seek with your partner. It may be that the living situation is not a good idea at this time. There may be some financial concerns that are in the mix. Ultimately each of you have to step back and develop the tools you each need to establish a strong, loving and supportive relationship. It cannot be one-sided or it won't last. One of you will feel worn down and the other will feel abandoned. Step back and evaluate what each of you brings to the relationship and what each of you gains from the relationship. There you will find your answer.

    I hope this is helpful to you. If someone is able to provide the component you asked for about your boyfriend, you might gain more clarity with the two readings together.



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